Category You Plan To Kill Me With Meng

YPKM Chapter 3.2

    After checking Oddis’ health in the morning, it was Alexander’s turn in the afternoon.     Although this little guy’s physical condition has shown very good, but who asked him to have a good temper?     The staff really enjoys…

YPKM Chapter 2.2

  ”…” The alive sea fish waved its fish tail in Qiao Qixi’s mouth. Then, Qiao Qixi who seemed to have decided something launched his two hind legs upward and suddenly there was a rumble. The crumbling wall beneath him unexpectedly…

YPKM Chapter 1

  In recent years, as the global temperature rises year by year, the issue of the living environment of the animals in the North and South Poles has become a hot topic.   And as a soon-to-be graduate in Geology, was fortunate…
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