Category Rebirth Plan To Save Leader

RPSL Chapter 23

    “No.”     From the quiet alley around the corner came a low, hoarse voice, like an evil spirit from hell, cold and frightening.     With the sudden reply, several people present were stunned.     Zhang Man heard the familiar…

RPSL Chapter 22

    After the National Day performance, the long holiday of November also ended. The short-lived summer is starting to leave, and the cicadas’ chirping is dying down.     This year, N City officially entered early autumn in early October.    …

RPSL Chapter 20

    On October 7, Zhang Man arrived at the N City Auditorium early in the morning.     Since N City High School is the leading provincial school, it attaches great importance to the multi-faceted development of students, and this kind of performance…

RPSL Chapter 17

    When she came out of the music classroom, Zhang Man walked down the corridor connecting the two school buildings with her guitar, a cold wind blew past her so she tightened her uniform jacket, shivering a little.     Just like last…

RPSL Chapter 15

    Zhang Man was standing right behind him, very close to him while listening to his gentle voice, calling another girl.     —Zhang Man’s heart ached.     She kept trying to convince herself that maybe that girl was just Li…
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