Hi everyone, you can call me Mei.

I’m Japanese language student that decided to translate Chinese Novels during the pandemic. Not a native English speaker so kindly lower your expectations on the translations. If I find a Japanese Novel that I like I might also do that in the future since it would be much easier for me.

I translate using MTL sites like google translate, yandex etc., I have no knowledge on Chinese language at all so suggestions to improve translations will be highly appreciated. 

I choose novels at random, it may be BL this time but it can be Romance next.

Lastly, I hope you’ll enjoy reading!

Hey Dear Readers! It’s MayO!

A reader who turned into a translator on a whim. Love reading novels online, no matter the genre as long as its interesting.

I decided to move my translations here since Mei is the one helping me translate when I’m busy and it will be much more easier posting it here 😀

EDIT: I’ll be super busy so I probably wont be back for long 🙁

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