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    “No more playing,” someone shouted, “it’s almost ten o’clock, it’s time to go back after a while.”

    Yang Xuan sat back on the leather sofa against the wall, picked up the bottle of beer previously placed on the table, and drank most of it down in one gulp, then leaned back heavily on the back of the sofa. Tilting his head, he closed his eyes and frowned.

    Tang Junhe turned his head to look at him and reached out to hold his hand, but Yang Xuan moved his hand away calmly.

    Ying Hui, true to her words, really sang the song “Paper Plane”; her voice is gentle and lingering. Most of the people present were also tired of the drama, so no one shouted for a while and were quiet to listen to her singing.

    The prince rides a white horse, the moon is gone

    And how silly cats are always chasing their tails

    My childhood memories are priceless

    Feng Bo turned his head to look at Yang Xuan, he did not understand how it came to the last step, he was almost there, but Yang Xuan stopped, obviously he was never such an indecisive person. However, as soon as he turned his head, he bumped into the eyes of Tang Junhe looking straight over. On the wall of the screen, the MV screen flickered and the light hit Tang Junhe’s face, making him look as white as a mannequin.

    That pair of beautiful eyes at the moment looked like a pair of black cat’s eyes, staring at him without blinking. It was cold and eerie, and for no reason a chill instantly climbed up his spine.

    Feng Bo subconsciously averted his gaze, and only after looking back was he annoyed at what he was afraid of just now—a bastard son who is not allowed to see the light of day, what is there to be afraid of? But when he turned around again, Tang Junhe had already withdrawn his gaze.

    “Ge,” Tang Junhe turned his head to look at Yang Xuan and whispered, “Let’s go back.”

    Yang Xuan opened his eyes, leaned back on the back of the chair and turned his head to look at him. His eyes that were particularly deep because of the slight concavity were clearly bloodshot in those few short minutes, and his voice sounded alarmingly hoarse: “En, let’s go.”

    Seeing Yang Xuan with Tang Junhe push the door out, Feng Bo stifled his neck and did not make a sound, but Wangxin Chun turned his head and asked him, “Eh? Xuan, you’re leaving already?”

    “Yeah, we’ll go first, you guys have fun.” He looked out of shape, not the kind of hostility that comes with fighting or the kind of irritability that comes with running out of patience. It was an inexplicable look that made him look like a different person.

    “What’s wrong with him?” Wangxin Chun pointed to the closed door and mouthed the question to Feng Bo.

    Feng Bo shrugged his shoulders, looking like he didn’t want to say much.


    Out of the door, Yang Xuan turned to the left and walked to the elevator with Tang Junhe. Both sides of the elevator are rising, in front of the elevator door stood a pair of men and women hugging together. Due to the cold winter, the woman with heavy makeup wore fur on the upper half of her body, but only wore a leather skirt on the lower half of her body. She looked like she was drunk and was leaning on the man’s arms, softly pouting.

    They remained silent for a while, waiting for the elevator to go up and come down. Yang Xuan took two steps toward the side and leaned on the side of the windowsill. He looked at Tang Junhe, who was standing in front of the elevator, and stretched out his hand towards the trash can, loosened his palm, and the greenish-blue cigarette, which he had clenched and deformed and pinched into several pieces, fell into it without a sound.

    “Ding—” the elevator came. Tang Junhe turned his head to look at Yang Xuan, Yang Xuan walked toward him and got on the elevator with him. The elevator is a bit crowded—the pair is standing next to Tang Junhe. When the door is closed, the heavy smell of alcohol has nowhere to escape, and it is all blocked in this closed space.

    This unexpected change caused Tang Junhe to look up at Yang Xuan with some surprise, but Yang Xuan just looked sideways at the jumping floor numbers on the small screen, and did not look at him. Tang Junhe unconsciously leaned toward Yang Xuan, Yang Xuan looked at him, and suddenly stretched out his arms around his shoulders and brought him into his arms for a moment.

    They stepped down from the elevator, and Yang Xuan withdrew his arm and once again put that hand back in his pocket. The lobby was filled with rhythmic electronic dance music, and couples of men and women, nearly drunk, staggered past them.

    Pushing the door out of the KTV, the cold wind outside hit Tang Junhe and at the same time, not far away, a drunken man crashed into him. Yang Xuan reached out and held Tang Junhe’s wrist and took him towards the curb. He was just about to reach out and stop a cab, standing aside, when Tang Junhe suddenly spoke up: “Ge, I want to go to the bathroom.”

    Yang Xuan turned his head to look at him, “Need me to go with you?”

    “No, it’s fine,” Tang Junhe pulled his wrist out of Yang Xuan’s hand, “Gege, wait for me here, I’ll be back soon.” Without waiting for Yang Xuan to say anything, he ran away at a fast pace.

    Looking at the figure of Tang Junhe running into the KTV, Yang Xuan let out a long breath of white air. Looking through the glass door toward the hall of the KTV, the men and women in it were dancing wildly, and he suddenly remembered Feng Bo’s words—”Just throw him anywhere and see if anyone comes to pick him up.”

    His mind swept through the look of Tang Junhe crouching in front of him that night, and the way he looked when he just lit a cigarette. There is no doubt that if he really did that, his brother would have been picked up by someone very quickly.

    When his brother was lost as a child, he panicked and ran around the center of Runcheng for an afternoon. It was difficult to find him back then but that feeling of regaining a treasure is still clear to this day. But just for a moment, he actually thought of leaving him lying around, and walked away as if it’s normal. Thinking about it, he felt fearful. If Tang Junhe had inhaled that cigarette, not only Tang Xiaonian would have collapsed, but also himself.

    Thinking about these, Yang Xuan’s feet moved toward the KTV, stood still and waited at the door. In this kind of messy environment, anything can happen and he does not want his brother to have any more accidents.


    Tang Junhe ran into the lobby, but instead of looking for the bathroom on the first floor, he ran straight to the stairway and stepped on the stairs to go up to the fourth floor at a fast pace. Turning out from the stairway, he turned his head to look and confirmed that this was the place where he had just waited for the elevator.

    He glanced toward where Yang Xuan had just stood, his eyes fell on the trash can in the corner, then walked to the hallway, and cautiously looked both ways – no one from the class came out, and he retreated to the trash can in the corner, ignoring the stares cast by the few people who were waiting for the elevator, and bent down to survey the silver-white metal trash can in front of him.

    The trash can is square and the top opening is slanted with a flip-up lid, so one needs to reach over and press the side of the lid when throwing the trash. After a few minutes looking at it, Tang Junhe stretched out his two hands to pick up the lid and the connection gap between the trash can, and tried to lift it upwards.

    “Hey! What are you doing?” A security guard came over and shouted at him. Tang Junhe looked up at the man and said, “I have something dropped in and I want to take it out to find it.”

    The man frowned in disgust: “Then you look for it, don’t break the trash can or you’ll have to pay for it.”

    Tang Junhe responded, and when he saw that the man had left, he reached out and took the lid off the trash can and put it aside. There is also a plastic container in the metal trash can, which holds a black garbage bag, and all the garbage thrown in is pocketed into that trash bag. The garbage in the bag is not too dirty, with the majority of bottles and cigarette butts, so Tang Junhe only needed a glance to see the greenish-blue pieces of cigarette that fell on top. He reached out and picked them up one by one into the palm of his other hand, finding a total of four cuts, which he gathered in his hand and examined, then put them in the pocket of his down jacket. After that he stretched out his hand and picked at the bottle on top, trying to see if there was anything left out, and then he saw a black box.

    He took the box out, looked inside, reached out and pulled out the plastic box inside, the sponge was recessed in the middle and seemed to be able to fit a cigarette. He turned the box over again, looked at the back, and then put the box in his pocket as well. After all this was done, he bent down and picked up the lid, restored the trash can to its original state, and then went to the restroom on the same floor to wash his hands, and only then hurried down the stairs.

    After waiting for a long time, Yang Xuan looked into the hall of KTV. “He only put it in his mouth, right? Going to the bathroom… surely nothing would happen, right…?”

    Thinking like this, he saw Tang Junhe coming down the stairs. “Isn’t there a bathroom on the first floor, why did he still go upstairs?” But this thought just flashed in his mind and didn’t catch his attention too much— “…maybe he didn’t find the bathroom on the first floor?” He quickly thought of an explanation. After all, his brother has had no sense of direction since he was a child.

    “Ge, let’s go.” Tang Junhe said as he pushed out the door and looked at him.

    Yang Xuan walked to the side of the road and stopped a cab, letting Tang Junhe sit in first, and leaned down after, to sit in.

    When they got home, it was not yet ten o’clock. Tang Xiaonian had already finished washing up and was sitting in the living room watching TV. Seeing Tang Junhe come back in one piece, she sighed with relief and said, “Wash up and go to bed. It’s already this late and you are still running around.” After saying that, she went back to her room to sleep.

    Tang Junhe went back to his room, pulled the box out of his jacket pocket, then took out the four cuts of cigarettes and put them one by one onto the groove in the middle of the sponge. The size is the same— there is no doubt that this slim little box is used to hold this cigarette.

    He looked carefully at the writing on the back of the box, and took out his electronic dictionary to look up the English words on there, then put the box in the drawer of his bedside table. He sat on the edge of the bed, as if contemplating for a while, before pushing open the door and going to the bathroom to take a shower.

    After showering, his hair was not yet dry, as he ran to knock on the door of Yang Xuan’s room.

    “Ge, what time will you sleep tonight?” Tang Junhe sat on Yang Xuan’s bed and asked him.

    “Go to bed after the shower.” Yang Xuan got up to go to the bathroom. Tang Junhe had something to say, but Yang Xuan had already pushed the door and went out. When he came back, he saw that Tang Junhe had taken off his slippers and was sitting on the carpet of the balcony on his bare feet, looking out of the floor-to-ceiling window at something.

    Hearing the sound of pushing the door open, Tang Junhe turned back and said, “Ge, you can see the stars in the sky tonight.”

    Yang Xuan let out an “en”, sat on the edge of the bed to take a towel and absentmindedly wiped his hair.

    “Ge, come and look.” Tang Junhe called back to him.

    “See for yourself.” Yang Xuan replied.

    Seeing that Yang Xuan did not come over, Tang Junhe crawled over from the carpet, the edge of the carpet is not far from the bed, so he knelt straight and stretched his arms to pull Yang Xuan’s wrist: “Ge, you come over and have a look with me.”

    There was a hint of begging in his tone, and he could hardly allow Yang Xuan to refuse. Yang Xuan could only put the towel aside, stand up and walk to the carpet, take off his shoes, and walk to the floor-to-ceiling window.

    Tang Junhe ran barefoot to the head of the bed, pressed out the overhead light, sat back next to Yang Xuan, and looked out the window with him at the stars in the night sky.

    The clouds in the sky were blown by the wind to float gently, the moon bent into a very thin silver hook. Looking up, the stars decorating the sky were distant and mysterious, matching the snow-capped road. The room with the lights off was not too dark, and the silver glow scattered all over the floor was trampled under their feet.

    Even though the room’s floor heating is warm, Yang Xuan still felt a bit hot, so he lit another cigarette and smoked.

    “Ge, you squat down.” Tang Junhe reached out and tugged at the legs of his pajama pants.

    “What’s wrong?” Yang Xuan half-crouched down and looked at him. Tang Junhe reached out and grabbed his wrist, his wet head coming over and carefully checking the time on his wristwatch.

    “It’s 11:55.” Tang Junhe looked at him, his gaze was bright, like it was full of starlight from the sky, “Ge, we’ll be a year older in 5 minutes.”

    Yang Xuan found it somewhat amusing that his brother always seemed to make these moments of time solemn—his birthday, as well as the New Year. But what’s the point of another five minutes? Every year is the same, and the New Year isn’t going to be anything amazing and worth celebrating either.

    Tang Junhe reached out and held the wrist of Yang Xuan holding a cigarette: “Ge, I haven’t fully learned how to smoke yet, won’t you teach me again?”

    Yang Xuan looked at him, white smoke exhaled from his lips, diffusing into the small face in front of him. Tang Junhe narrowed his eyes, and that innocent and seductive look seemed to be looming on the other’s face again. 

    Perhaps, he wanted to arouse him (get love from him) using that tricky idea…”he didn’t have to use a cigarette as his cover.” he thought in his head.

    “Ge…” Seeing that Yang Xuan did not speak, Tang Junhe called out to him again, his voice very soft. He felt that his brother’s expression suddenly became strange. His eyes were slightly narrowed, and his eyes reminded him of some kind of beast, so he unconsciously licked his lips.

    “Such a good student like you really wanted to learn how to smoke?” Yang Xuan dragged over the ashtray on the windowsill, twisted out the cigarette in his hand, then reached out and cupped Tang Junhe’s jaw, his thumb touched the piece of lower lip that had just been moistened, “How about I teach you something else?”

TN Notes:

The number of times Junhe said “Ge”: F*cking 32 times!!! XD

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