PP Chapter 51.3

    After Tang Junhe left, Yang Xuan got up from the bed and paced back and forth twice in front of it. He realized that he had a reaction, and that said reaction made him feel anxious. Tang Junhe was his half-brother, and although they had not grown up together, they were indeed biological brothers.

    Having a reaction to my own younger brother at that!? This made him feel absurd! If that morning’s action was out of teasing, then the reaction just now was completely out of instinct, the body’s most primitive instinct.

    He remembered his brother’s innocent and seductive look when he just knelt down in front of him… Where the f*ck did he learnt that from? Wasn’t he Tang Xiaonian’s dutiful son? A good student of Science Class 3???

    Turning off the lights, the restlessness in the young man’s vigorous body had not yet calmed down, so Yang Xuan sat up slightly against the edge of bed and hastily solved his needs with his left hand. Although he intentionally avoided thinking of Tang Junhe during the process, yet in the moment of climax, that innocent and seductive look of his, flashed uncontrollably in his mind.

    This was the first time he had received such naked hints about sex. Admittedly, as the basketball team’s small forward and face of the team, Yang Xuan was the center of attention at Runcheng First High School, and there were countless girls who had their hearts set on him, so much so that he was somewhat numb to the good intentions of others. But so far, the boldest gesture of affection he had received had only been a verbal confession, and for that reason, the blunt and seductive gesture that had appeared to Tang Junhe earlier caused him to lose his composure.

    Perhaps the absurdity began that morning, when he seduced his brother first—even though that was not his intention at the time… 

    Yang Xuan went back to bed and closed his eyes to think.

    Runcheng’s first snow came rushing, enough for most of the night. The next morning the ground was covered with a thick layer of snow. The roadside pine trees are covered in silver, and when the wind blows, the snow on the tops of the trees rustles as it falls.

    Yang Chengchuan sat at the dinner table and said, “The snow is so thick on the road, you can’t ride a bike, let Uncle Chen send you two to school this morning.

    Tang Xiaonian began to rummage through the closet early in the morning, turning out the down jacket and scarf, and wrapped Tang Junhe up tightly, revealing only his two dark eyes.

    Walking to the elevator, Tang Junhe followed behind Yang Xuan, pulled the scarf down on his face, tucked it behind his chin, and looked at Yang Xuan to say something.

    Yang Xuan leaned against the wall of the elevator and pressed the first floor button. Tang Junhe leaned over toward him and asked in a low voice: “Gege…are you going to ignore me again?”

    Yang Xuan looked at him blankly.

    “But… it was you who did it to me first, so I thought you weren’t disgusted……I didn’t even ignore you,” said Tang Junhe while saying the script he composed last night, and while observing Yang Xuan’s expression, “So, you can’t ignore me either…”

    These words almost made Yang Xuan laugh; he didn’t expect his brother to backtrack like this. “Then you ignore me.” Yang Xuan replied.

    “You are my brother, I can’t ignore you.” Tang Junhe squarely said. When he saw that Yang Xuan’s face did not have traces of previous indifference, he leaned toward Yang Xuan again, “Gege, don’t you ignore me, okay?”

    Yang Xuan looked at his face that was mostly covered by the scarf, the innocent and seductive look that appeared on his face last night swept through his mind again, and he narrowed his eyes and said, “I didn’t say I would ignore you.”

Translator’s Note:

This was played by yt recommendations while I was translating and I immediately thought of Junhe lol

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