PP Chapter 51.2

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    Yang Xuan walked over and stretched out his hand and casually rubbed the other’s hair twice: “What? You can’t bear to let me go?”

    Tang Junhe said emotionally downcast, “You won’t leave if I can’t bear to part with you?”

    “No,” Yang Xuan said, sitting next to Tang Junhe, and added, “but you can come with me.”

    Tang Junhe turned his head to look at him.

    “How about it?” Yang Xuan’s voice was bewitching, “Won’t you give it some thought?”

    Tang Junhe caught a hint of teasing in his tone, a teasing that left him with a passion and entanglement that had nowhere to land and made him a bit irritable. His emotions were eager to find a breakthrough. Following his instinct, he finally asked. “Gege, I kissed you that morning… Aren’t you gonna ask me why?” After saying this, he almost did not dare to raise his eyes to look at Yang Xuan’s expression and turned his face the other way, “I did it because I like you. When I said I liked you like Ying Hui last time, I meant it.”

    He apprehensively waited for Yang Xuan to stand up and coldly scold him for being crazy. He thought maybe that would make him feel better than listening to his thoughtless teasing he was doing just now.

    But Yang Xuan did not have the slightest overreaction, and just calmly said, “I’m your brother.”

    “So what?” Tang Junhe said softly. He did not get the expected reaction, and the restlessness in his heart did not ease in the slightest. Does Yang Xuan know that he likes him or not? Did he even take his words seriously?

    Tang Junhe suddenly squatted down from the bed, knelt in front of Yang Xuan, and reached out to touch the edge of his shorts.

    Realizing what he wanted to do, Yang Xuan’s temple palpitated suddenly. Holding his thin wrist, he pretended to be calm and asked, “What are you doing?”

    Tang Junhe lifted his v-shaped chin to look at him, his expression mixed with some seduction: “Ge… let me help you… just like you helped me last time……”

    “Last time was to teach you, not to help you.” Yang Xuan corrected him by squeezing his wrist.

    “Then I’ll help you now that I’ve learned.” Tang Junhe’s eyes were a little stubborn, and the hand that was being squeezed was still trying to drill inward.

    “I already told you, I’m your brother,” Yang Xuan’s hands used force, pulling his wrists upward, “get up.”

    “But I want to help you…” said Tang Junhe, who was pulled up and stood up reluctantly, looking down at Yang Xuan, who was sitting on the bed.

    Yang Xuan frowned slightly: “No need for you to help me with this.”

    “But it feels different when someone else helps and when you do it yourself—” Tang Junhe sat back on the bed, and carefully squinted at him. He tried to convince him with his words, and cooed in a small voice, “Gege, when you help me… it’s much more enjoyable than when I do it myself… you…don’t you want to try it?”

    Yang Xuan’s furrowed brow had not lifted yet at this point, and he coldly glanced at him: “You’ve always been like this?”

    Tang Junhe was startled by such a look, and realized that he had botched it, he panicked and hurriedly explained: “No! I can only do this to you—” before the words were finished, Yang Xuan coldly gave the eviction order: “Go back to bed.”

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