PP Chapter 51.1

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    Thinking about the future, Tang Junhe has some vague uneasiness.

    Even before, he never thought deeply about the future, for him, his future is to leave Runcheng, leave Tang Xiaonian’s airtight concern, and leave this monstrous home together with the hypocritical Yang Chengchuan. But now it’s different, he wants to be with Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan can hardly admit that he is his brother, and if they are separated again, according to Yang Xuan’s nature, they will most likely no longer be in contact.

    However, he could not go abroad with Yang Xuan. Leaving aside the fact that Tang Xiaonian would not agree, he himself could never accept such funding from Yang Chengchuan. Would Yang Xuan, who had gone abroad, be with someone else? Will they kiss each other, hug, and do things like they did that morning?

    Thinking about it, Tang Junhe was filled with panic from the bottom of his heart. Yang Xuan was his brother, he could not accept him with someone else, and could not imagine himself having an intimate relationship with anyone else either.

    Tang Junhe’s thoughts wavered as he absentmindedly worked on the math problems in his hands, and when Tang Xiaonian and Yang Chengchuan went to bed, he grabbed the language review materials and went to Yang Xuan’s room.

    Tonight Yang Xuan was not reading, so he opened the door for Tang Junhe and then walked back to sit at his desk. In his hand, he held a gel pen and occasionally made a note on the thick exercise book on the table.

    Tang Junhe approached and stood next to the desk, looking at the completely unfamiliar exercise book. It was not the usual reports or test papers they did in class, even the type of questions were very different. “Gege, what kind of questions are you working on?” Tang Junhe asked, in a bewildered and curious manner.

    Yang Xuan seemed to have no intention of hiding it and replied briefly, “TOEFL.”

    This word sounded strange and familiar, before transferring to Runcheng First High School, Tang Junhe had never heard of it, but since being at the same table with Yin Cong, this word started to burrow into his ears frequently. “Will you go abroad?” He asked, looking at Yang Xuan.

    Yang Xuan didn’t raise his head: “Yes.”

    His tone sounded serious and definite—for a moment Tang Junhe was a little stunned.  

    After a while, Yang Xuan saw that Tang Junhe had been standing silent next to him, so he looked up at him and met his gaze fixed on him, he smiled a little: “What’s wrong?”

    Tang Junhe’s gaze dropped, he shook his head, turned around and walked to Yang Xuan’s bedside to sit down. 

    Seeing that he did not say anything more, Yang Xuan did not ask more questions, and lowered his head to continue the questions in his hands. After a set of questions, he simply checked his answers, then got up and went to the bathroom to take a shower. When he returned to the bedroom, as soon as he pushed the door, he saw Tang Junhe still sitting on the edge of the bed, looking down at the review materials in his hand, with listlessness written all over his body.

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