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    Tang Junhe’s eyes widened, and the fear in his eyes became more and more intense. Such a reaction is more interesting than what Yang Xuan expected. He then moved his hand away from Tang Junhe’s thigh, into the quilt, and touched a small piece of Tang Junhe’s exposed belly, which was warm and soft, and then his hand continued down, resting on the edge of the cotton pajama pants.

    “Ge……” Tang Junhe squeezed this word out of his throat, thin as a cat’s cry, with a pleading tone.

    Outside the door, Tang Xiaonian was late in getting a response from Tang Junhe, and was so angry that she slammed the door twice, then walked impatiently back and forth in the living room, her footsteps clearly reaching Yang Xuan’s room.

    Tang Junhe resisted and longed. With both hands clutching the corner of the quilt, he bit his lip unconsciously, with a mixture of agitation, panic and helplessness in his eyes.

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Yang Xuan took in his emotional changes, and this was indeed the reaction he wanted—Tang Junhe’s indecisive and retreating state at the moment made him and Tang Xiaonian a tie for the time being. But he wasn’t just satisfied with the tie so his hand dug into Tang Junhe’s pajama pants and touched the part that was still a bit raised.

Almost at the moment of touching, that untouched part immediately hardened up. Unable to say which of the physical pleasure and psychological stimulation prevailed, Tang Junhe’s entire body gave a jolt and his grunts came out, and then were stiffly suppressed in his throat again.

As soon as he touched the private part of Tang Junhe’s body, Yang Xuan’s heart was flooded with a strange feeling, but as soon as this feeling emerged, it gave way to his inner desire for control. After all, such a strong and sensitive reaction appeared in Tang Junhe, even Yang Xuan himself was surprised by it, and for a moment he smiled, “Such a big reaction?”

Tang Junhe, whose head was overwhelmed by desire, is now feeling dizzy, and the only thing left in his ears is Yang Xuan’s low voice and the sound of Tang Xiaonian’s footsteps outside the door.

“Ge… ngghh… gently…… ugh… be gentle ……,” those watery eyes looked at Yang Xuan in panic and fascination. Tang Junhe said in a pitiful small voice, “I… I-I haven’t… hahhh… done… ughh… this before–“

Hearing these words, Yang Xuan was slightly stunned for a moment, and subconsciously intended to stop. But when he was about to pull out his hand, he didn’t expect Tang Junhe to reach out and grab his hand. With pleading eyes, he called out to Yang Xuan: “Ge… help me……”

His calloused hand touched Tang Junhe’s sensitive and fragile desire ‘and it hardly needed any extra movement to send a shiver down his spine.

    Yang Xuan looked at his flushed cheeks, and the involuntary sensitive reaction on his body, and suddenly realized that his brother was easier to control than he thought, just like now, as long as he used a little skill, he might be able to make him scream out of control. Yet he was a little hesitant to do so.

    Outside the door, Tang Xiaonian walked back and forth in the living room a few times, and then turned to the study, bedroom, utility room and bathroom all over again. Finally, she stood with a sullen face in the living room for a while and walked toward Yang Xuan’s room.

    She clenched her fist and raised it to the door, and just as she wanted to drop it, she raised it again, hesitated, and knocked. “Xiao Xuan,” said Tang Xiaonian, trying her best to be pleasant as she suppressed the fire in her heart, “Are you in there?”

    Hearing the voice of Tang Xiaonian near his ears, Tang Junhe immediately broke free from his desire, and his eyes sobered up almost immediately, he looked nervously at the door, and then turned his head to look at Yang Xuan and swallowed a gulp.

    Yang Xuan suddenly extended the index finger of his other hand and made a silent motion to him.

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The thumb hidden in the shadows moved slightly and traced the tip, followed by a sudden increase in movement of his hand.

The intense pleasure instantly shot up from his lower body to his head, and Tang Junhe was caught unprepared as the explosion of sensual stimulation caused his spine to tense abruptly. “Hnghh……” As soon as a moan came out, Junhe instinctively raised his arm and bit it between his two rows of teeth, blocking out the shameful sounds he couldn’t control. With a broken nasal voice and a sharp gasp, as well as the knocking sound in his eardrums, he was caught off guard in a state of extreme tension and came in the hand of Yang Xuan.

    Not getting a response, Tang Xiaonian’s surprise was even greater. From what she could tell, Yang Xuan must be in his room unless he went out in the middle of the night. She stopped outside Yang Xuan’s room and leaned in close to hear what was going on inside, but after hearing nothing, she thought about it for a minute and then lifted her hand and continued to knock on the door.

    The first time he tasted such a huge stimulus, Tang Junhe was lost in thought for a moment, and in the few seconds when the knocking stopped, he gasped sharply, his brain was empty, and he watched in awe as Yang Xuan pulled his hand out of the quilt and drew a few sheets of tissue from the bed, wiping the white liquid from his hand, and then threw the paper ball into the waste paper basket by the bed.

    The air was filled with a faint fishy smell, and before Tang Junhe could fully wake up from the pleasure, the knock on the door sounded again.

    Knock, knock, knock.

    This time the force was obviously a little heavier than the previous two times, followed by Tang Xiaonian’s voice: “Xiao Xuan, open the door. Auntie has something to ask to you.”

    Tang Junhe panicked once more and subconsciously turned his head toward Yang Xuan. In a helpless voice, he asked, “Gege, what should I do…” He knew Tang Xiaonian very well, if Yang Xuan refused to open the door, she would keep knocking like this. But if Yang Xuan opened the door, the consequences must be unthinkable if Tang Xiaonian found himself sleeping in Yang Xuan’s room.

    Yang Xuan listened to the knock on the door and thought about it and said, “Either go out,” looking at Tang Junhe’s tearful expression, he then said, “or hide.”

    “Where to hide?” Those words reminded Tang Junhe, whose brain was chaotic at this time that there really is such a way. And he immediately looked around at Yang Xuan’s room, searching for a good place to hide, “…in the closet?”

    “Passable.” Yang Xuan finished and smiled.

    This is the only way that can be thought of at the moment, and after thinking it through, Tang Junhe immediately got up from the bed, moved as lightly as possible, and opened the closet to hide inside.

    Watching the closet door close, Yang Xuan answered the knock on the door, “I’m coming.” Then he got out of bed, walked unhurriedly to the balcony, picked up a lighter and lit a cigarette in his hand, and only then walked to the door and opened it.

    Once the door was opened, Tang Xiaonian was almost smothered by the smell of smoke, she raised her hand to cover her mouth and coughed a few times, frowning at Yang Xuan.

    Yang Xuan looked at her expressionlessly.

    “Xiao Xuan ah, that… cough …Do you know where Junhe went?” Tang Xiaonian said, while trying to turn her head toward the inside of the room to look. But Yang Xuan was too tall, blocking almost all of her vision.

    “I don’t know.” Yang Xuan finished coldly, pulled the door completely open, turned sideways, leaned his back against the door, and let her look at it graciously.

    When he did so, Tang Xiaonian felt uncomfortable—the curtains in the room had not been opened, and it was unusually dim. Perhaps it was because Yang Xuan was sleeping and she woke him up from bed that he had no patience to open the door for her immediately after knocking so many times. Tang Xiaonian’s fire went down a bit. A bit calmer, she smiled uncomfortably at Yang Xuan: “Did Auntie wake you up just now?”

    “Is there anything else?” Yang Xuan’s words were interspersed with a little impatience.

    “It’s okay, you can go back to sleep,” Tang Xiaonian took a step back, and before Yang Xuan can close the door, she added, “Smoking is not good for your body. You’re still young, don’t always smoke.” After saying this, she finally stopped and went back to her room, and did not continue to go around the other rooms.

    Yang Xuan nonchalantly let out an “en”, closed the door, and then put out the cigarette that had not been smoked. He went to the balcony, pulled the curtains all the way open, and left the windows open to disperse all the smoke and fishy smell in the air.

    Hearing the fading footsteps outside the door, Tang Junhe opened a small crack in the closet door and peeked inside to look out.

    “She’s gone. Come out.” Yang Xuan said, walking over from the balcony.

    Tang Junhe then opened the closet door, peeked out and looked at Yang Xuan, calling out softly, “Ge……”

    Compared to Yang Xuan’s face, which was calm as if nothing had happened, Tang Junhe’s reaction was written all over his face. After realizing what happened just now, his face burned red in the closet. And at present, looking like a ripe tomato, his wide open pair of clear eyes focused on Yang Xuan—his eyes red with shame and enthusiasm.

    Yang Xuan’s eyes swept over him, “Hmm?”

    “Gege, this…” Tang Junhe whispered, “It’s like we’re having a secret love affair…”

    Yang Xuan paused, and walked to the closet. He bowed down and rummaged through the clothes while saying, “We are on a secret love affair?” Taking the clothes he found in his hands, he was about to exit, but unexpectedly Tang Junhe suddenly stretched his arms and wrapped them around his neck.

    Yang Xuan frowned slightly, he was just about to ask “What’s wrong?” when Tang Junhe suddenly raised his body, and quickly pressed himself towards him. The face in front of him suddenly came closer—lips touching lips. Yang Xuan froze for a moment, and before he could respond, Tang Junhe spread his hands and ran out on his bare feet. Taking advantage of the fact that Tang Xiaonian had not yet come out, he hurriedly dodged into his room.

    The expression on Yang Xuan’s face seemed to be in deep thought. Upon raising his hand to touch his lips, only then did he smell the faint fishy smell on his hand. A few moments later, he threw the T-shirt in his hand onto the bed, walked out of the room and went to the bathroom to wash his hands. After returning to the bedroom, he went to the balcony, picked up the cigarette that he had just extinguished, lit it once again, and smoked it one puff after another.

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