PP Chapter 48.4

    Tang Xiaonian sat on the sofa at home, and already had a belly full of script, once she saw the two men step into the door, the words in her throat were all pushed back by a surge of fire—Tang Junhe’s appearance today is exactly the same as Yang Xuan!

    Tang Xiaonian gave Tang Junhe a blank look, turned around and walked towards her room, and when she passed by Tang Junhe, she cursed in a low voice: “You are really capable!”

    All night, Tang Xiaonian also did not sleep well. The scene of Tang Junhe and Yang Xuan entering the house kept flashing in her mind. Her greatest fear happened—that her son was going to be brought down by Yang Xuan. Tang Junhe is her proud son, the whole point of her existence, and now he has the beginnings of being brought down by Yang Xuan, Tang Xiaonian is in a state of panic, tossing and turning.

    Meanwhile, Yang Xuan was playing a game on his computer in his study, while Tang Junhe watched in silence as he reaped heads with no expression on his face.

    Despite the sleepy yawn, seeing that Yang Xuan did not want to go back to his room, he also kept forcing himself not to sleep.

    After the game ended, Yang Xuan asked him, “Aren’t you going back to bed?”

    “Tomorrow is the weekend,” Tang Junhe added with some hesitation, “Gege, I want to sleep with you.”

    Yang Xuan did not speak, and just looked at him.

    “Sleeping with you will make me sleep better.” Fearing that he would refuse, Tang Junhe hurriedly explained.

    The sound effect of a new game opening came from the headset, and Yang Xuan moved his gaze to the screen and said, “Whatever.”

    Because of his words, Tang Junhe forced himself to stay with him until the early morning. Because he was afraid that Yang Xuan would throw himself in the study, he forced himself to stay awake.

    After sleeping in bed with Yang Xuan as he wished, Tang Junhe was no longer sleepy.

    He was addicted to the scent of Yang Xuan in the air, trying to restrain his desire to be near him. He found that his desire for Yang Xuan was not just a whim, but was growing more and more savage in his body. The strong desire reminded him of the AV he had watched in the early hours of the day the last time he had slept this late. Those blood-curdling images now burst into his mind, making it impossible for him to sleep peacefully.

    Almost untutored, he faced Yang Xuan and, boldly, sneaked his hand underneath himself to touch the part that was raising its head. He moved as lightly as possible, wrapped one hand around it, and tried to move it up and down a little. An intense feeling of pleasure spread quickly from there, and then he could not wait to move a second time.

    He almost obsessively looked at Yang Xuan’s silhouette in the darkness. Just as he was about to quietly practice masturbation for the first time in his life, Yang Xuan suddenly moved, and Tang Junhe suddenly froze in fear, wrapping his lower body with a hand that did not dare to move.

    In the past, Yang Xuan would soon fall asleep after lying down, but tonight he sat up from the bed, walked to the water dispenser and picked up a glass of water, stood and drank it all before going back to bed and lying down.

    Did Yang Xuan notice just now? Was his act of getting out of bed and drinking water just now a warning? Tang Junhe didn’t dare to move for a while, with all sorts of speculation swirling around in his head. The hard, stiff thing held in his hand was wilted by his own fear and gradually shrank in his hand. After a while, Tang Junhe felt that half of his body was going numb before he dared to pull out his hand and carefully roll over.

    Tang Xiaonian did not sleep well all night and woke up early the next day, intending to wait for Tang Junhe to wake up and have a long heart-to-heart talk with him to say whatever it takes to pull him back from the trend of becoming bad.

    But until 9:00, Tang Junhe did not come out of the room.

    Tang Junhe woke up, but he had not remembered it yet, so he stayed in bed and asked Yang Xuan in a whisper, “Gege, are you awake?”

    Yang Xuan closed his eyes and gave an “en”.

    Tang Junhe remembered what happened last night and couldn’t help but blush a little, but since Yang Xuan wasn’t angry, it’s likely that he wasn’t caught in the bag yet.

    He looked at the sunlight seeping through the cracks in the curtains, and turned to Yang Xuan: “Gege, do you remember what happened when you were a child?” When he saw Yang Xuan being quiet, he went on to say, “When I was a child, you took me to the river and taught me to fold paper planes. Gege, do you still remember the 12 ways of folding?”

    After a while, Yang Xuan, with his eyes still closed, snorted carelessly: “What paper plane folds are you thinking about in this age? If you want to learn, I can teach you how to shoot the plane instead.”

    Once the words came out, Tang Junhe suddenly made a big red face—last night Yang Xuan really saw?

    Tang Junhe was not sure what to say when a knock on the door suddenly sounded from outside, and Tang Xiaonian’s voice then came in through the door indistinctly: “Get up, you’re in your third year of high school and you’re still sleeping at this time?!”

    –Tang Xiaonian was knocking on the door of his room!

    Realizing this, Tang Junhe reflexively bounced up from the bed and looked at the door in panic, praying in his heart that Tang Xiaonian would still be like last time, knocking on the door and then leaving to do something else.

    But Tang Xiaonian obviously did not intend to do so, when she did not get a response, she continued to knock on the door a few times more: “Hurry up, or I’m going in ah.”

    Tang Junhe’s heart was in his throat, and his hands gripped the quilt.

    Yang Xuan also opened his eyes at this time, slowly sat up and glanced at Tang Junhe. The flush that had just risen had not completely dispersed, and Tang Junhe looked a little cute and a little pitiful.

    Tang Junhe had no time to care about Yang Xuan’s expression, concentrating his ears on listening to the movement of Tang Xiaonian outside.

    Tang Xiaonian said she wanted to enter the room, so she really reached out to turn the door handle, but after trying, she didn’t expect the door to not open as soon as she turned it—it was locked. She turned the door twice but failed to open it, and shouted angrily, “Who are you locking the door against?!”

    Tang Junhe almost jumped off the bed, but as soon as he did, Yang Xuan reached out his hand and pressed his thigh through the quilt, and Tang Junhe looked at him in shock and confusion.

    Yang Xuan suddenly looked at him with interest and asked, in that husky tone typical in the morning, “What were you doing before you went to bed last night?”

    The knocking outside became heavier and heavier, and Tang Junhe looked at Yang Xuan with near panic.

    Yang Xuan hooked his lips, lowered his voice and said, “I suddenly feel that I can fulfill the duties of being an older brother.”

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