PP Chapter 48.3

    Feng Bo returned to his seat and was bobbing his head on his headphones while working on his English test sheet when he noticed someone stopping in front of him, he looked up and saw Tang Junhe standing in front of him, his lips moving a few times. He took off one side of his headphones and asked with a frown, “What the fuck did you just say?”

    Tang Junhe did not speak immediately, reached out and took off his other headset as well, looked at him with a calm expression and said, “I said, this matter is not over.” Although the voice was not high, but because the classroom was very quiet, many people heard his words and looked up in their direction.

    Feng Bo stuffed back the headphones and said with a mixed smile, “Of course it’s not over.”

    Ignoring the stares around him, Tang Junhe went around back to his seat and sat down, continuing to work on the test papers at hand. The people in the class looked at each other and talked to each other for a moment, then returned their energy to the test papers of each subject.

    After finishing the questions on the paper, Feng Bo remembered the look on Tang Junhe’s face when he just said that, and gave a disdainful grunt, then put down his pen and walked toward the classroom door. After descending the stairs, he walked over to the basketball court and squatted down to chat with a senior brother for a couple of minutes, and when he saw that Yang Xuan’s group of dribbling drills were over, he put his two hands together around his mouth, “Brother Xuan!”

    Yang Xuan threw the basketball to another player not far away and walked toward him: “Something wrong?” Before the words left his mouth, he glanced at the swollen left side of his face and couldn’t help but take a longer look.

Feng Bo noticed his line of sight and reached out to cover the left side of his face, “Fuck, Brother Xuan, I got bitten by a rabid dog.”

    Yang Xuan asked, “Who?”

    “That who is none other than Tang Junhe,” Feng Bo gritted his teeth, “Isn’t his mother the mistress? That fucker… What? Can’t I tell the truth?”

    Yang Xuan raised his eyebrows in surprise: “He hit you?”

    “En.” Feng Bo swallowed his anger and briefly described the situation, “The last time his mother came to the class teacher, Yu Tianyu saw her, so he asked me a few questions today. I also told the truth that his mother is a mistress…” His lip curled as he said, “Let’s be honest, my words may have been a bit ugly, but they are the truth aren’t they? What his mother did is equivalent to selling her body. Brother Xuan, don’t you think so too?”

    Yang Xuan did not answer positively, but only asked, “He heard it?”

    “Yeah, I… Fuck! At that time I thought someone was shooting me from behind, and when I turned around, he threw a punch at me. He was crazy, grabbed my arm and wouldn’t let go, so I kicked him hard in anger. I guess he’s getting internal injuries from my kicking… that fucker deserves it….” Feng Bo is still not relieved and went on to say, “If not for the homeroom teacher who happened to go to the classroom to change the test papers and saw it, I would have punched him hard on the ground! But the key point is, after we both came out of the office, he actually told me that the matter is not over? Hah! The nerve–“

    Yang Xuan thoughtfully made a “heh—” sound.

    “Hah! Who the hell is he bluffing with! Let’s just see who’s not over with whom…… Originally I wanted to hire a few people to beat him up, but then I thought that’s too cheap for him. Then, a bright idea came to me, Brother Xuan!” Feng Bo paused here, as if hanging on to his appetite.

    “What is it?” Yang Xuan glanced at him.

    “I won’t tell it to you for now but I’m going to need your help on this, Brother Xuan. If it really worked, not only he won’t be able to live and die, but it’ll also make his mother collapse to death ……” Feng Bo looked at Yang Xuan eagerly, “Hey Brother Xuan, wasn’t your mother too mentally unstable at that time because of the matter of Thirdy’s son? Let’s give her a taste of retribution and let her experience what it means to be insane…”


    Friday basketball team practice ended early, and in the evening after school, Yang Xuan leaned on the basketball court wire frame and waited for Tang Junhe to come downstairs.

    As soon as Tang Junhe appeared at the door of the school building, Yang Xuan noticed that his school uniform had been torn. In the past, his school uniform was always zipped up to the neck, but now it was loosely open, and the whole man’s docile temperament suddenly gave way to a rebellious teenage feeling.

    Fighting for Tang Xiaonian? Yang Xuan narrowed his eyes, then straightened up his body from the wire frame and pulled off the school uniform hanging on it over his shoulder.

    Yang Xuan did not ask, and Tang Junhe did not say anything either. Two people walked in silence one after the other toward the parking lot, the sunset lengthened their shadows dragged in the large campus.

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