PP Chapter 48.2

    “Teacher Qiu, you’re wrong,” Feng Bo provocatively glanced at Tang Junhe, moved the corner of his mouth, and justified, “I said nothing wrong, isn’t his mother a mistress? Why should I be beaten for telling the truth?—”

    As soon as the words left his mouth, Tang Junhe immediately squeezed his fist and swung another punch at him, but Feng Bo was on guard this time and didn’t wait for Tang Junhe to strike, he immediately jumped far away and raised his voice to tell Qiu Li, “Look, Ms. Qiu! It’s not my fault!”

    Qiu Li quickly grabbed Tang Junhe’s arm to stop him from lunging at Feng Bo, then snapped at Feng Bo, “You shut up!”

    “I’m done talking, Ms. Qiu. I’ll go back.” Feng Bo reached out and grabbed the door handle and turned sideways to walk out.

    Qiu Li glared at him angrily, “You’re not allowed to leave after school at night, come find me!”

    Tang Junhe was pulled by Qiu Li at her side, like a young lion responding to a battle, his spine tense, his fists clenched tightly, his chest heaving up and down, and his breathing clearly audible.

    Although he was the one who started the fight, seeing him like this, Qiu Li on the contrary, could not bear to say the words of criticism in her mouth and simply consoled him, “Don’t lower yourself to his level, I’ll talk to him later.”

    The reason for the fight is clear, Qiu Li being somewhat soft-hearted, reached out to pat him on the back, as if comforting a child: “Okay, okay, don’t get angry ah… In the future no matter what, don’t use violence and be impulsive.  In case something happens, what will you do then? There are still a few months before the college entrance exam will begin. You have such good grades, you mustn’t make any mess ah.”

    Tang Junhe’s emotions gradually calmed down, and his explosive attitude returned to obedience. He accepted Qiu Li’s kindness and whispered, “Thank you, Ms. Qiu.”

    “Good child, go back. You can come to me if you have any problems in the future.” Qiu Li finished these words, but saw that Tang Junhe didn’t move much, still standing in the same place, so she looked up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

    Tang Junhe seemed to hesitate at first but spoke after a while, “Teacher Qiu, I want to change my seat ……”

    “Huh? Switch to where?” Changing seats was a normal request, but as far as Qiu Li knew, other than Yin Cong, Tang Junhe didn’t have any particularly close friends in the class.

    “Switch to… around Yang Xuan.” Tang Junhe said.

    Qiu Li was stunned: “Why?”

    “I want to be closer to my brother.”

    “Oh…… Do you think it will help you with your studies?”

    Tang Junhe nodded, “Yes.”

    Qiu Li thought about it and said, “Okay, you go back to the classroom to study first, I’ll think about the matter of changing seats.”

    After letting Tang Junhe go back to class, Qiu Li flipped out her parent practice book, picked up the office phone, and called Tang Xiaonian.

    When she heard that her son was fighting at school, Tang Xiaonian immediately asked questions nervously. Qiu Li naturally avoided the reason for the fight, and only said vaguely that she didn’t ask, and then indicated the reason for her call: “Mrs. Tang, you shouldn’t be too nervous. The reason for calling you to tell you about this is that I want you to pay more attention to Junhe’s psychological problems in general.”

    Tang Xiaonian immediately straightened her nerves and asked, “What is his psychological problem?”

    “I’m not referring to specific psychological problems; it’s the pressure of senior year I’m concerned about. Don’t give your child too much stress, and let him have some freedom otherwise it will be difficult to do if you rouse his rebellious side…”

    Qiu Li’s four words “rouse his rebellious side” woke up the dreamer, Tang Xiaonian. At that moment, she felt that she had caught the key problem—her own son is entering a rebellious period. She responded “I will pay attention”, but in her heart she thought she would find an opportunity to talk to Tang Junhe, and must not allow his rebelliousness to flourish.

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