PP Chapter 48.1

    Since that unpleasant dinner, an unspoken cold war between Tang Junhe and Tang Xiaonian has started.

    For half a month in a row, the cold war did not show any signs of easing, but rather the battle continued to escalate. The first time a cold war like this happened was at the beginning of the year, when Tang Xiaonian announced her intention to marry Yang Chengchuan in a strong manner at the dinner table.

    Compared to Tang Xiaonian’s stubbornness, Tang Junhe had more than enough, so one did not show goodwill while the other did not seek peace, and the relationship between mother and son dropped steeply to a freezing point.

    Tang Xiaonian is furious, she has suffered so much over the years, so how can she raise such a thing who betrays or turned against one’s benefactor? These days, not only is he turning his elbows the wrong way, but he’s also openly throwing shade at her for that said “outsider”.

    On the other hand, Tang Junhe stubbornly thought that Yang Xuan had lost the opportunity to go to the provincial team for him, and that Yang Xuan’s mother’s death was indeed his mother’s cause, but why did Tang Xiaonian always refuse to relent? If she did not want him to call Yang Xuan “brother,” then why did she ignore his objections and stubbornly marry that man?

    In half a month, the two words that Tang Xiaonian said most to Tang Junhe were “dinner” and ignored everything else, even her attitude towards Yang Chengchuan was warmer than that of her own son.

    Tang Xiaonian made up her mind to take this opportunity to make Tang Junhe understand whether she, the mother who worries and works for him all day long, or the brother who has some kind of sneaky idea is more important.

    However, soon after she made up her mind in the morning, near the end of the day, a phone call from Ms. Qiu Li, her son’s homeroom teacher, immediately made her surrender—her son, whom she was always proud of, had gotten into a fight at school!


    “Hurry up and say why you two fought, if not you two can go back and write a review of three thousand words each.” Qiu Li looked at Tang Junhe and Feng Bo who were standing in front of her and felt a surge of anger come up, provoking her to the point where her teeth ached a little.

    Feng Bo’s left side of the face is vaguely swollen—Tang Junhe just now threw a punch at him with all of his strength.  At that moment, he hadn’t had enough time to react. He only felt someone tapping his shoulder behind him, and when he turned his face, he didn’t expect to receive a sucker-punch.

    Tang Junhe’s face was clean, but there were several shoe marks on his body, and the zipper of his school uniform was torn, loosely resting on his chest, revealing the white shirt inside.

    Feng Bo received a beating, but he still did not change the playful look on his face. Hanging around to look at the west, he talked back, “I won’t do it, he hit me first.”

    Compared to Feng Bo, Tang Junhe’s attitude was much better, he stood in front of Qiu Li with his hands behind his back with his head slightly bowed, looking obedient and harmless.

    But Qiu Li knows in her heart that these two bear children are neither better than the other. Moreover, compared to Feng Bo’s apparent lack of cooperation, Tang Junhe’s submissive attitude is more of a headache.

    Qiu Li discovered early on that, compared to the others in her class, Tang Junhe who had outstanding grades, was too withdrawn. But as a senior homeroom teacher, she can only focus on the children’s grades and has little energy to deal with each person’s personality issues. Besides, the problem of personality is not something she can solve, and Qiu Li can’t think of any other tricks besides making the students around Tang Junhe a little warmer to him.

    But after his senior year, Tang Junhe ignored discipline more and more. He skipped evening study, skipped classes, and got into fights, growing more and more like Yang Xuan. This thought suddenly appeared in Qiu Li’s mind, and she then looked at Tang Junhe, who did not say a word in front of her, and a trait that she often sees on Yang Xuan immediately popped up to her mind: “Very stubborn!”

    “You’re in elementary school, right? And I am the elementary school homeroom teacher? It’s senior year already, yet you two still want me to mediate the relationship between classmates?” Qiu Li took a few deep breaths, barely calming her anger and said. “If you don’t want to talk about it, I can’t carry you two over and beat you up, so just go back and write a review, three thousand words a person.” When Feng Bo looked like he was going to object, she immediately pointed at him and yelled, “Talk back again and I’ll make you write five thousand words!”

    “Teacher Qiu, you’re wrong,” Feng Bo provocatively glanced at Tang Junhe, moved the corner of his mouth, and justified, “I said nothing wrong, isn’t his mother a mistress? Why should I be beaten for telling the truth?—”

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