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    Tang Junhe is lying crookedly on a pillow, sleeping soundly, with his English textbook in his arms and his two feet resting on the floor.

    Yang Xuan leaned down, pulled out the textbook and put it on the bedside table, then carried him slightly away from the bed. As soon as he picked him up, the slippers hanging loosely on his brother’s feet fell to the floor one after another, making two dull thuds, which he ignored as he sent Tang Junhe to the middle of the bed, where he gently put him on the bed again.

    Tang Junhe’s eyelashes moved a few times, as if he wanted to try to open his eyes, but in the end, he couldn’t resist the sleepiness, rolled over and went back to sleep.

    Yang Xuan stared at him for a moment and reached out to rub his hair. He remembered that his brother was like this when he was a child—once he fell asleep, he would never wake up. For this reason, he enjoyed teasing him at that time. For instance, stuffing a sour grape into his mouth to sour him up, or tickling him to make him laugh and crawl up. However, except for the first time where he cried a lot, thereafter, even if he knew he was being teased, he would not get angry and would always smile and lean over and try to climb on top of him and play with him.

    Yang Xuan straightened up, walked to the other side of the bed, and raised his hand to turn off the overhead light.


    The next morning, when Tang Junhe opened his eyes, he was stunned by the environment in front of him – he slept in Yang Xuan’s room last night! Not only that, when he turned his head, he found Yang Xuan sleeping next to him, lying on his side, facing him. The distance between them was as close as a finger, and he could even feel Yang Xuan’s even breathing brushing against his face.

        His eyes that had not completely faded from sleep suddenly widened. He recalled the situation last night, when he was so sleepy that his vision was blurred and he couldn’t even see the English words in his textbook clearly, but couldn’t bear to go back to his room, so he planned to lean on the pillow and close his eyes for a while. He never thought that when he opened his eyes again, he had already slept in Yang Xuan’s bed all night.

    However, when sleeping last night, it seems that this is not the position he’s in… Tang Junhe remembered clearly that he had been sitting on the edge of the bed, and even if he later leaned on the pillows, both feet had been on the floor, so was it Yang Xuan who helped him put both legs on the bed?

    Tang Junhe was sensitive to the fact that Yang Xuan’s attitude toward him had changed a lot. Last night, when he couldn’t help but reach out and hug him, even though he was ready to be pushed away, Yang Xuan just stood still and let him hug him for so long.

    Moreover, it is clear that Yang Xuan could wake him up last night and let him go back to his room to sleep, but he did not do so, and instead let him sleep here all night, he even helped him adjust his sleeping position.

    Thinking about this, Tang Junhe was so happy that he could now be sure that Yang Xuan did not hate him at all, and even indulged him a little.

    He turned around and faced Yang Xuan, staring straight at him. They were brothers, and as long as Yang Xuan admitted he was his brother, they could always stay together.

    Most people in the world meet and get along with each other by fate. When fate is over, the relationship between the two people will be broken. But they are different, they are linked together by blood, and blood ties will never come to an end. They live as long as their hearts beat, and this relationship can last as long as they live.

    Tang Junhe looked at Yang Xuan, his heart thumping, and at that moment, he felt that his feelings for Yang Xuan were not all from this blood tie. If it was just blood, how could his heart beat this fast?

    His heart was pounding, and his brain’s judgment was almost instinctive. In this completely uncontrollable heartbeat, he could not help but want to reach out and hug Yang Xuan, want to get close to his body, and then kiss his lips.

    Perhaps aware of the beam of gaze resting on his face, at this point, Yang Xuan also woke up and opened his eyes to look at him.

    “Gege.” Tang Junhe called him in a low voice. He tried his best to maintain calm on the surface, and kept the frantic beating of his heart as unobtrusive as possible. The first beginnings of love grew wildly inside the teenager and took only a few minutes to spread to every corner of his body, clamoring foolishly, as if eager to find a breakthrough.

    “Awake?” Yang Xuan rolled over and then sat up.

    Tang Junhe’s throat is dry, he wants to say something to him, but in addition to the mind full of “I like you”, he cannot think of anything.

    “Get up if you are awake.” Yang Xuan’s voice sounded a little hoarse, and every word sounded like it was gently scratching Tang Junhe’s sensitive nerve endings.

    Yang Xuan got up from the bed, walked down and took the white shirt from the hanger and pulled the T-shirt off his head and threw it on the bed. As he put on the shirt and tied the buttons, he swept a glance toward his brother’s face: “What are you staring at me for?”

    “Don’t fuck with my head if you’re gay.” Tang Junhe subconsciously thought of these words, and immediately withdrew his gaze, sat for a moment, and also dawdled to get up.

    “Am I gay?” For the first time he began to look at the word squarely, “the same as Zhou Lin? But isn’t Zhou Lin a pervert? If I’m really gay, then will my brother ignore me again?”

    He watched Yang Xuan take off his shorts on the side and stood on the ground with a slight bow wearing the navy blue school uniform pants, his two long legs taut with strong muscular lines.

    Tang Junhe thought about it and cautiously asked out, “Ge, how do you know that I am gay?” Seeing Yang Xuan’s action paused slightly, he hurriedly added, “I don’t know if I’m one…myself.”

    Yang Xuan turned his face sideways, “Why are you suddenly asking this?”

    “When you said that last time, I thought about it constantly.” Tang Junhe was slightly relieved that Yang Xuan did not look like he was going to be angry.

    “Don’t think about it.” Yang Xuan does not seem to want to mention that “last time”.

    “But…” Tang Junhe was about to say something else when he suddenly heard a sound of footsteps from outside, followed by a knock on the door.

    “Still not up, not afraid of being late, are we?” Tang Xiaonian knocked on Tang Junhe’s room door and said,

    Hearing the voice of Tang Xiaonian, Tang Junhe’s heart jerked up and looked up at Yang Xuan in some panic. Yang Xuan also stopped moving and listened to the movement outside.

    The good thing is that Tang Xiaonian has not yet lost her anger and did not intend to enter Tang Junhe’s room, only knocking on the door a few times before leaving.

    It was a false alarm. Tang Junhe got up from the bed and said to Yang Xuan, “Ge, I’m going to my room to change my clothes.”

    Yang Xuan gave an “en”.

    Tang Junhe walked to the door and opened a small gap to check if Tang Xiaonian was not in the living room, after confirming she wasn’t, he dashed out and walked quickly back to his room.

    After breakfast, Tang Junhe brought out his school bag from his room and saw that Yang Xuan had already changed his shoes at the entrance. He rushed over, fearing that Yang Xuan would ride away on his own again. Unexpectedly, after Yang Xuan finished changing his shoes, he reached out and held the door handle, pushed the door open a little, but did not immediately go out.

    Tang Junhe, with his shoelaces tied on his hands, looked up with some surprise and his eyes collided with Yang Xuan.

    Yang Xuan was waiting for him! Tang Junhe quickly reacted. As soon as this thought came up, he immediately became too happy to contain himself, his hands shook and he fastened the laces of his shoes together incorrectly.

    Fearing that Yang Xuan would get tired of waiting, Tang Junhe fumbled to untie his shoelaces and re-tied them in some panic. He stood up, carried his school bag in his hand, suppressed the joy in his voice, and whispered to Yang Xuan, “Ge, let’s go.”

    “English textbook.” Yang Xuan spoke at his usual volume and reached out to hand it to him.

    Only then did Tang Junhe find that Yang Xuan was holding his textbook. He took it, and while following Yang Xuan outside, he opened his bag and stuffed it inside.

    After the two headed out, Tang Xiaonian came out of the room. With a very unpleasant look on her face, she looked at the closed door and gritted her teeth, “On purpose, right?” Otherwise, why didn’t he wait before, and waited for Tang Junhe to go out together today? Did he also wait at the door and let her hear him on purpose?

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