PP Chapter 44.3

    Tang Junhe walked over and put the cake down. There was only a single sofa on the balcony and there was nowhere for Tang Junhe to sit, so he half squatted down in front of the square table and looked up at Yang Xuan, “Gege, make a wish and blow out the candles.”

    Yang Xuan saw the line “‘Happy 17th birthday to my brother Yang Xuan” on the cake, and immediately recognized that it was Tang Junhe’s handwriting. Although so much time had passed, his handwriting was no different from that of his childhood.

    “You wrote this?” Yang Xuan confirmed.

    Tang Junhe nodded, “En.”

    Yang Xuan looked at him and asked in a low voice, “Do good students also skip classes?”

    “Good students will do everything!” said surprisingly by Tang Junhe, with a slightly unconvincing tone.

    Yang Xuan gave a laugh at his words.

    “Ge, make a wish and blow out the candles.” Tang Junhe urged once again.

    Yang Xuan thought for a moment and said, “I have no wish.”

    Tang Junhe was a bit stunned— this was an answer he had not expected. He only thought that he could give Yang Xuan a wish, but he did not expect that Yang Xuan would say that he did not have a wish.

    “How can there be no wish?” Tang Junhe was a little anxious, and even enlightened Yang Xuan, “people will always have a wish, how can you not have one? Gege, think about it, as long as you have a wish, I will definitely help you achieve it, because that’s my birthday gift to you.”

    “Gift, you say?” Yang Xuan lost his smile a little, “But I really don’t have any.” Looking at Tang Junhe’s bleak look, Yang Xuan was a bit lost in thought. But a wish such as “to return my mother to the way she was ten years ago” is no longer a “wish” but a “miracle”, right?

    “I appreciate the sentiment,” Yang Xuan said faintly, “but let’s just forget about the wish.”

    Tang Junhe was so disoriented, how can he not think that his brother might have nothing to wish for? And so, he just muttered, “But there are still the candles…you should be able to… blow them out…”

    “You do it.” Yang Xuan said casually.

    “Then how about the wish?” Hearing him say this, Tang Junhe’s eyes lit up again and he said with anticipation, “Gege, can I make a wish for you?”

    “You can.” Yang Xuan said.

    Tang Junhe half squatted in front of the square table, closed his eyes and folded his hands reverently over the cake. Yang Xuan looked at his two slightly trembling eyelashes, and a thought suddenly came to his mind—How come he never grows up? In another ten years, he won’t be this innocent, right?

    Thinking this way, Tang Junhe suddenly opened his eyes; his gaze fell straight to Yang Xuan’s eyes.

    “Done?” Yang Xuan asked, as he looked at him.

    “Yes.” Tang Junhe nodded his head.

    “What did you wish for?”

    Tang Junhe looked at him steadily for a moment, then spoke, “I wished that my gege, Yang Xuan could live a better life than his didi, Tang Junhe every day.”

    What kind of unorthodox wish is this? Yang Xuan nearly laughed: “I didn’t want to compare this with you.”

    “I know that…” Tang Junhe looked at Yang Xuan and spoke in a stubborn tone, “but this is the wish I made for you.”

    “Then you might as well just say you wanted me to live well.” Yang Xuan facetiously pointed out the loopholes in his wish, “What if you have a bad day one day?”

    “But I don’t want us to have no relationship at all…” At first, Tang Junhe lowered his gaze with some embarrassment, but then raised his eyes again and said with an earnest look, “Gege, for this wish, I will try to live better every day from now on, so that you will always have a better life than me.”

    Yang Xuan was stunned for a moment, and then avoided his gaze. Turning his face to the side and dropping his gaze to look at the cake, he said “Don’t you know it’s forbidden to say what you wish for?”

    Tang Junhe froze, then slyly argued with certainty: “This is a wish I made for you, it doesn’t matter if I say it to you. As long as nobody else hears it, it will all be granted.”

    “Maybe,” Yang Xuan said after a moment of silence, “You blow out the candles too. Since you made the wish, you do it.”

    Tang Junhe did not refuse again, puffed up his cheeks and blew out all 17 candles in one breath, then he bent his eyes and let out a smile from the bottom of his heart and looked up at Yang Xuan, “I heard that if you can blow out the candles in one breath, your wish will definitely come true.”

Translator’s Note:

Oh wow, this is giving me nostalgia for the first 3 chapters when they’re still children (they’re so cute back then!)

Also, more sponsored chapters coming up soon!

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