PP Chapter 44.2

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    In the evening, Tang Junhe finished his homework and was sitting on the sofa in the living room eating fruit when Yang Chengchuan and Yang Xuan came back.

    Yang Xuan held a black paper bag with a prominent English logo—it was probably a birthday gift he got from Yang Chengchuan. The matte embossed paper bag shows its value in a low-profile and extravagant way, as Yang Chengchuan has always been generous to his son.

    An hour ago at the dinner table, he gave Yang Xuan a suit and a watch, and pleasantly said: “Yang Xuan, you have grown up and will be 18 years old next year. Dad spent tens of thousands of dollars to send you these extraneous things, not to let you wear out to show off but just to tell you that it is time to mature a little. Dad is sorry for you, but I really hope you can develop in a good direction, don’t delay your future because of some childish ideas you have, a mature man will never solve his problems by running away.”

    Perhaps feeling the good intentions of his words, Yang Xuan unusually did not challenge his dignity as a father, and just said, “Thank you, Dad.” Seeing that he had listened to his words, Yang Chengchuan felt pleased with himself and secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

    After eating the fruit, Tang Junhe went to the bathroom, took a shower, and returned to his room, absentmindedly reciting English words while listening to the commotion outside.

    It was past ten o’clock now, and per usual, Yang Chengchuan and Tang Xiaonian were already asleep, so the footsteps coming from outside the door should be Yang Xuan’s—Tang Junhe quickly judged that Yang Xuan had gone to take a bath. He closed his English textbook and put it on his desk, then got up from the bed and sat on the corner of the bed closest to the door.

    When the footsteps sounded again, he immediately stood up, walked quickly to the door and reached out to pull it open.

    Yang Xuan had indeed just come out of the bathroom and was walking to the door of his room, trying to reach out and push the door.

    “Ge,” Tang Junhe called him in a small voice and walked up to him and said, “I’ve come to celebrate your birthday.”

    “It’s just a birthday, so no need.”  Yang Xuan’s words were straightforward enough to reject him.

    “But this is your first birthday with me,” Tang Junhe blurted out somewhat anxiously, then lowered his volume and almost begged, “Besides, I skipped class today to order the cake, you should at least open it and see……”

    “Then come in.” Yang Xuan did not insist, turned the door handle and pushed the door open.

    Tang Junhe, as if pardoned, followed him into the room. This was the first time he entered Yang Xuan’s room, and previously, when he was outside, he could only see this closed door behind him, so at this time he could not help but look left and right at this mysterious room.

    His room is very big—before the wall directly in front of the bed, stands a wooden display cabinet almost too big and somewhat exaggerated. In addition to the top two rows with dense books, every other compartment is placed with different things, basketballs, action figures, cups …… and some others.

    Tang Junhe couldn’t help but walk to the front of the display case, tilted his head to look at the two rows of books and asked, “Ge, you’ve read so many books?”

    “It’s all left by my mother.” Yang Xuan said briefly.

    “Your mother has read a lot of books…,” sighed Tang Junhe from the bottom of his heart.

    “The cake is in the freezer.” Yang Xuan used his chin to indicate the direction of the freezer.

    “Oh…” Tang Junhe sniffed, took his eyes back from the bookshelf, and walked to the freezer in the corner. He squatted down and opened the door, then carried the cake box out.

    Meanwhile, Yang Xuan sat on a single sofa in front of the balcony, fiddling with his phone, unconcerned about Tang Junhe’s actions.

    After placing the cake on the desk, Tang Junhe removed the package, took out the candles and counted seventeen of them, inserted them in order around the edge of the cake, and then looked up and searched around, then turned his head and looked at Yang Xuan, “Ge, where is your lighter?”

    Yang Xuan took the lighter on the square table next to the sofa and threw it at Tang Junhe with a wave of his hand.

    Tang Junhe stretched out both hands to catch it. Holding the lighter in one hand, his thumb scratched the cap, then flicked the roller to light the fire and lit the candles one by one. After all this was done, he ran to the door, reached down and pressed the wall switch, when the ceiling light went out, the only thing left in the large room was the faint candlelight coming from the direction of the desk.

    Yang Xuan put the phone down and gave a laugh in the dark: “So formal?”

    Tang Junhe ran back to the desk, bent down and carefully picked up the cake, and along with his steps toward Yang Xuan, the candles on the cake gently swayed. Walking two steps away from Yang Xuan, he looked at him solemnly and said, “Gege, happy birthday.”

    As the candle flame accumulated into a very bright point of light in Tang Junhe’s eyes, when Yang Xuan looked at his serious look, he suddenly had no idea what the appropriate response should be.

    “Put it here.” Yang Xuan tilted his head and gestured for him to put the cake on the square table next to the sofa.

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