PP Chapter 44.1

    Sure enough, as soon as he pushed the door, Tang Xiaonian poked her head out of the kitchen and walked quickly towards the door: “Back? Does the wound still hurt?” She asked with concern as she reached out and ruffled the hair in front of Tang Junhe’s forehead, “Tomorrow, I’ll take you to the hospital to see if the gauze can be removed. Keeping it covered all the time, I don’t think it’s good for the wound either.”

    While taking off his school uniform, Tang Junhe turned his head toward Yang Xuan, who saw him change his shoes and then walk toward his room with the box of cake in one hand.

    “What are you looking at?” Tang Xiaonian followed his gaze and saw the box of cake that Yang Xuan was carrying in his hand and raised her voice slightly, “I went to your school today.”

    Tang Junhe immediately turned his head and asked, “What for?”

    “I asked how you got these injuries. It was Feng Bo in your class who tripped you up, wasn’t it?” Before Yang Xuan entered the room, Tang Xiaonian said this. Waiting until Yang Xuan closed the door, she looked in that direction again, lowered her voice and sneered, “Deliberately pretending not to hear.”

    Tang Junhe knew that Tang Xiaonian had misunderstood again, frowned and explained for Yang Xuan: “Mom, it’s not what you think.”

    “Not what I think it is?” Tang Xiaonian rolled her eyes at him and lowered her voice to criticize him, “Why do you like to speak for him so much? If he sells you one day, you will still count the money for him, right? You don’t know how to avoid harm, yet you still go up to him every day. Tell me, for what reason?”

    “It has nothing to do with him,” said Tang Junhe in a cold whisper, “Feng Bo is Feng Bo, Yang Xuan is Yang Xuan, they have nothing to do with each other. Moreover, it is my own decision to run to that mountain, and has nothing to do with my brother……”

    Tang Xiaonian almost lost her temper: “Your brother!? Just who is your brother—” Before she could finish her sentence, Yang Chengchuan pushed in the door, Tang Xiaonian turned her head at the sound of his voice and gave him a scowl, before he had time to curse, Yang Chengchuan said kindly and advised. “Xiaonian, let’s skip this matter today. It’s not easy for a child to have a birthday, you have to give me some face, let’s talk about it tomorrow, okay?”

    Tang Xiaonian swallowed her anger, turned her head, and gritted her teeth, “You only have this one son, is that it?”

    Yang Chengchuan pretended that he didn’t hear it, looked towards the kitchen, pulled Tang Xiaonian’s arm and asked, “Eh? Why is Mrs. Zhou here today? You didn’t tell her we were going out to eat tonight?”

    “Who said I’m going out to eat with you,” Tang Xiaonian said, shaking off his hand, “I’ll eat at home with Junhe, just the two of us. You take your eldest son out to celebrate his birthday.”

    Yang Chengchuan frowned at the words, his tone changed slightly: “Almost 40 years old. Why do you have to be so angry with a child?”

    Tang Xiaonian looked away and spoke sarcastically, “Unlike you, who have two children, I have just this one.”

    When Yang Chengchuan saw that it was hopeless to persuade Tang Xiaonian, he stretched his arm and tried to grab Tang Junhe’s shoulder, bringing him in his direction: “Junhe is going to eat with us, right? It’s your brother’s birthday today, let’s go eat a western food and celebrate.”

    Just as his hand fell to his shoulder, Tang Junhe picked up his school bag and walked in the direction of his room, leaving him awkwardly hanging in place.

    Tang Junhe returned to his room, closed the door, sat down at his desk and began to do his homework for the night. He did not like Tang Xiaonian, who was hostile to Yang Xuan in everything, but he loathed the hypocritical Yang Chengchuan even more.

    He heard Yang Chengchuan shouting outside, “Yang Xuan, get dressed and let’s go. Immediately after, Tang Xiaonian pushed the door into his room and came over, “We do not need to eat with them, you write your homework for a while, and then we will eat.”

    Tang Junhe just gave an “En”. In fact, he actually wanted to go out with them. If he could eat with Yang Xuan, Yang Chengchuan would not be so intolerable.

    Tang Xiaonian heard the hesitation in his tone, and so she spoke unpleasantly: “What Western food? Those steaks, sashimi and whatchamacallit are not good for your wound recovery. How could Yang Chengchuan have thought of this? I purposely asked your Aunt Zhou to cook a few light dishes, and we’ll eat them at home.”

    “I didn’t say it was bad.” Tang Junhe said as he bowed his head and wrote his homework. How could he not feel Tang Xiaonian’s painstaking care for him? Besides, he couldn’t bear the thought of going out with Yang Chengchuan and leaving his mother, Tang Xiaonian, to eat alone at home—that’s too heartless.

    “Alright then,” Tang Xiaonian softened her tone, “you do your homework first, and we’ll eat later.”

    The sound of a door closing came from the living room, and it should be Yang Chengchuan taking Yang Xuan out. Tang Junhe thought with some uneasiness that if Yang Xuan had eaten another cake, would he still have a chance to celebrate his birthday afterwards?


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I’m a bit conservative about your note regarding the NC parts. Are you not going to translate them? I’ll be pretty disappointed tbh. I have been sticking with this novel for a long time waiting for them to finally start something. I hope I am misunderstanding your note.


Yes, sorry I made a typo. I meant to write I’m confused about the note on NC scenes. You said in another part that you weren’t sure what you were going to do regarding the NC scenes so I was asking if that meant you aren’t sure if you will translate them or not.


I’m kind of confused about your note regarding the NC scenes. Are you saying you won’t translate them? I really hope that’s not the case.

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