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    Suddenly receiving a summons from the class teacher, class president Li Li put aside the pen in his hand and hurriedly jogged towards the office.

    “Teacher Qiu.” He pushed the door open and faced the direction of the class teacher’s desk.

    “Come here.” Qiu Li waved at him, and then turned to Tang Xiaonian and introduced him, “This is our class president Li Li, I wasn’t there that day, so you can ask him. Li Li, come and sit down,” Qiu Li pulled a chair from the side, “This is Tang Junhe’s mother, she came here today especially to find out what happened to Junhe’s bruises, do you know? If you know, tell us the truth.”

    “I’m not really sure,” Li Li reached out and scratched his head, his face was embarrassed, “I wasn’t there, I walked behind them……”

    “No idea at all?” Tang Xiaonian looked at him, “Even if you don’t know the cause and effect, you will always know a little about what happened, right?”

    After seeing that Tang Xiaonian was somewhat aggressive, Qiu Li was intent on protecting Li Li and looked at him and said, “Tell us how much you know.”

    Li Li felt the pressure of Tang Xiaonian’s gaze, and stammered: “It seems to be related to Feng Bo… is what I’m guessing. They… uh probably played some kind of bet, and Tang Junhe… he gambled and lost so he ran to the top of the mountain to find a temple… I just heard others say so… I really don’t know much about the exact details of what happened…”

    “Feng Bo?” Tang Xiaonian thought the name sounded familiar, searched her brain and was sure she had heard the name from Yang Chengchuan before so she asked sensitively, “Feng Bo has a good relationship with Yang Xuan, right?”

    Li Li glanced at the class teacher, licked his lips, and hesitantly said, “En…”

    Tang Xiaonian turned her face away and sighed.

    “Okay, you go back.” Qiu Li reached out and patted Li Li’s shoulder, “The camping thing, I’ll settle the score with you guys later at the class meeting.”

    “Wait,” Tang Xiaonian pulled Li Li’s arm, “little classmate, I want to ask something more from you. He… has Junhe been bullied in class?”

    “That’s not true.” Li Li denied it.

    “Is he being isolated then?” Tang Xiaonian remembered that day when those children went to their home, it seemed that they obviously revolved around Yang Xuan, but did not pay much attention to Tang Junhe.

    “Being isolated… doesn’t seem to be the case either,” Li Li deliberated his words and said hesitantly, “To be honest, rather than people isolating him, Tang Junhe… is the one who doesn’t really like to engage with us. As far as I know, Yin Cong and Ying Hui are quite good to him and they will call on him if there are activities in the class. Isolation or something like that, I can’t say for sure.”

    “So it’s like this……” Tang Xiaonian said half-heartedly, “Thank you.”

    “You’re welcome, Auntie.” Li Li secretly breathed a sigh of relief, bowed his head and quickly walked out of the office.

    Seeing that Tang Xiaonian seemed to be in deep thought, Qiu Li was just about to politely ask her to go back when she suddenly looked up and said, “Teacher Qiu, can you call Feng Bo here so I can ask him in person?”

    Qiu Li’s eyelids jumped and a bad feeling welled up in her heart. Putting aside the fact that Tang Xiaonian’s words seem unforgiving, with just Feng Bo’s dandy attitude, if these two people confront each other, there’s no telling if a student and parent fight in the office will be exposed to the news tomorrow.

    The class teacher Qiu Li, who was caught in the middle, raised her wrist to look at her watch and said, “Mrs. Tang, there will be a class meeting soon, I’m really sorry but I should go back to the classroom.  As for Feng Bo, if it’s really related to him, I promise to give him a hard time and let him write a review and send it to you, would that be okay with you?”

    According to Tang Xiaonian’s nature, she would definitely not give up easily, but when she thought about the fact that Qiu Li was Tang Junhe’s class teacher, what if she offended her and she gave Tang Junhe troubles in the class in the future? What could she do then? Everyone says teachers serve as models for others, yet an animal like Zhou Lin can be mixed into this group as well. Who can say that this class teacher is just as proper?—— Tang Xiaonian thought so, but still put up with the anger in her heart, thanked Qiu Li and went home by herself.

    After sending Tang Xiaonian out of the office, Qiu Li let out a long breath. It must be said that despite her nearly twenty years of experience as a classroom teacher, she was really scared from the bottom of her heart when faced with the emotional Tang Xiaonian.

    This is not the first time she has seen Tang Xiaonian. At the last parents’ meeting, she couldn’t help but take a look at her. Unlike the imaginary “third party” and “vixen”, Tang Xiaonian almost looks plain from the outside, she doesn’t wear much makeup and her long black hair is simply tied at the back of her neck with a hair tie.

    It is also because of this that when Tang Xiaonian sat quietly under the podium listening to the parents’ meeting, she looked quiet and gentle, and it is not difficult to imagine why Yang Chengchuan would marry such a woman to renew his marriage. But when she opened her mouth to speak just now, Qiu Li suddenly had a strong sense of contrast from within.

    With this in mind, Qiu Li packed up her materials from her desk and walked quickly towards Science Class 3. When she reached the door of the class, she frowned and took a deep breath— these bear kids, they are in their third year of high school and still don’t stay at home to study, but actually took the opportunity to go camping in November?! What utter nonsense! Is this the way a graduate-to-be should behave?!

    As she walked up to the podium, she looked around the class with a sullen face: “It looks like everyone had a good November, right? Even dared to go out for camping—” The conversation had just started when her eyes turned to the window row and saw at a glance that there was an empty seat—Tang Junhe was not there. She frowned and asked, “Where is Tang Junhe?”

    No one made a sound, half looked back over, and the other half shook their heads numbly.

    Qiu Li drew up a breath, then asked in a stern voice: “Where is Yang Xuan?

    “The basketball court……” someone answered weakly.

    “Zhou Qi, see if Yang Xuan is there on the basketball court.” Qiu Li turned her head to a short boy by the window and ordered.

    The boy stood up and walked to the window, probed towards the basketball court and looked back and replied, “Teacher, Yang Xuan is training on the basketball court.”

    “Okay, sit down.” Qiu Li looked at the empty seat again, picked up the board eraser and heavily tapped the board twice, “It’s senior year and all of you went camping, right? What’s more, some of you are even skipping class now? Hah! How dare they skip class meetings? Hehehe…… Do all of you really think that no one can control you? Let me tell you ah, every year on the college entrance examination, there are countless people crying out. Not until the moment the results come out, no one can guarantee that you will be able to perform properly, the importance of the senior year, need me to emphasize a few more hundred times?”

    No one expected that just as Qiu Li was talking and spitting facts on the podium, Tang Junhe was sitting in a cake store, watching the cake he had ordered gradually take shape under the hands of the cake maker.

    “Aren’t you going to school?” The cake maker wore a chef’s hat and a mask, leaving only one pair of eyes on the outside of his entire face. He asked Tang Junhe through the mask without stopping his hands.

    “Skipped class.” Tang Junhe naturally replied.

    “Huh?” The cake maker raised his eyes at him, “Won’t the teacher care?”

    “I got good grades.” Tang Junhe said. The words were said in a lackluster way, but the tone was normal, as if the person saying this was just stating a perfectly ordinary thing.

    The cake maker laughed dumbly and shook his head helplessly. A moment later he added, “There is still one last step to go, what do you want to write?”

    “Write…” said Tang Junhe, cocking his head in thought for a moment, “…just write ‘Happy 17th birthday’ to my brother Yang Xuan. “

    “To my brother… you say” The man narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Such good feelings, your brother must be very good to you then?”

    Tang Junhe nodded without hesitation, and when he saw that he was going to start writing with an icing pen, he suddenly asked, “Can I write it myself?”

    “Hmm?” The man stopped moving, “Sure.”

    Tang Junhe jumped down from the high stool, stood in front of the counter, took the pen and wrote down the words stroke by stroke.

    His handwriting was taught by Yang Xuan at that time, and when he helped him write the Tian Zi Ge Paper as a child, Yang Xuan was on the sidelines directing him to write. The words were written horizontally and vertically, looking a little childish, but not too ugly.

    After writing, he handed the pen to the cake maker and waited for him to wrap the cake before saying thank you and carrying it in his hand out of the cake store.

    This cake is a birthday gift that he intended to give to Yang Xuan. Since childhood, except for Tang Xiaonian and the ill-intentioned Zhou Lin, no one has ever celebrated his birthday, and he has never given anyone a birthday gift either. However, for Yang Xuan’s birthday, he absolutely must send a gift. But what to send, he could not decide—Yang Xuan seemed to have everything, and not only that, his things even looked worth a lot of money. What’s more, his friends gave him a wide variety of gifts, all kinds of gifts, and if he were to compete for gifts, with the meager part-time pay he earned over the summer, he would not have any advantage at all.

    After thinking about it, Tang Junhe felt that his only advantage was being near the water like some kind of pavilion. Others could not spend their birthday with Yang Xuan on Monday night, but only he could, which was his one and only advantage.

    “How about granting Yang Xuan a wish?”, thought Tang Junhe, as long as it is his brother’s wish, he will find a way to help him achieve it no matter what.

    As soon as the school bell rang, Feng Bo carried his backpack and walked to the edge of the basketball court to wait for Yang Xuan to finish playing a practice game.

    “Brother Xuan, why are you still training? You’re not on the provincial team, so what’s the point of playing again?” While Yang Xuan tilted his head to drink water, Feng Bo stood to the side and asked.

    “Playing basketball is not about getting on the provincial team,” said Yang Xuan, holding a mineral water bottle, “Didn’t I say so?”

    “What’s the purpose then…” asked Feng Bo, puzzled.

    Yang Xuan said in an offhand way, “In order not to study.”

    “…Huh? Oh right! Brother Xuan, did you know that during the last study session, that brat actually skipped class? Our class teacher was so angry… guess he’ll have a hard time tomorrow.”

    “Skipped class?” Yang Xuan picked up the school uniform hitched to the basketball hoop, threw it over his shoulder and walked toward the exit of the basketball court, “Where did he go?”

    “Who knows, don’t you think his whereabouts are weird?” Feng Bo said as he followed behind him.

    “You’re not going to study in the evening?” Yang Xuan asked casually.

    “Don’t want to go…… the class teacher also asked me to go to her office tomorrow during the first period, I think it’s about the camping thing, talk about you know who, so annoying.”

    “Regarding that,” Yang Xuan walked to the parking lot and bent down to unlock the bike, “you did go a little overboard.”

    “But I…” Feng Bo said in defense, “I did not expect him to run so fast, I was not even finished when he ran away. Brother Xuan, I really think there is something strange about him, if he likes Ying Hui, he seems to have nothing else to show, if he doesn’t like Ying Hui, why did he react so strongly at that time? When we were climbing the mountain, I felt that he always seemed to look in our direction, so if he didn’t like Ying Hui, he wouldn’t like you, right?”

    Yang Xuan glanced at him coldly: “What nonsense.”

    Feng Bo laughed dryly a few times, and joked, “Then what if it’s true though?” Seeing that Yang Xuan did not laugh, he said somewhat awkwardly, “What kind of person he is, no one can say for sure. Have you forgotten the guy who got hit and died? At that time, his eyes, when I think about it, kinda look like—”

    Yang Xuan interrupted him, “That has nothing to do with him.”

    “That’s true……” Feng Bo said after thinking about it. When he looked up, Yang Xuan had already stepped onto his bike and rode out of the school.

    Tang Junhe carried the square cake box and took the bus back home. According to the usual experience, Tang Xiaonian likes to go to the nearby shopping mall after work, so she usually arrives home after six o’clock. By taking advantage of the time before she arrives home, Tang Junhe can secretly carry the cake home.

    Yet, when he reached the door, took out the key from his school bag and was just about to unlock the door, he suddenly heard the faint sound of talking coming from inside the door.

    Although the voice coming out of the door was extremely faint and it was almost impossible to distinguish the gender of the speakers, Tang Junhe could immediately tell that Tang Xiaonian had gone home—if it was only the cooking auntie or Tang Xiaonian herself who was at home, there would be no sound of conversation.

    Tang Junhe’s hand with the key paused as he thought about how he could hide the cake from Tang Xiaonian and send it back to the room—if he went in now, there was no doubt that his mother, Tang Xiaonian, would immediately welcome him and then wonder where the cake came from and what it was for. After all, Yang Chengchuan mentioned at dinner this morning that it was Yang Xuan’s birthday.

    “Where should I hide it?” Tang Junhe stood in the doorway and looked around, searching for a place to put the cake temporarily.

    With a twinkle in his eye, he saw Yang Xuan walking out of the elevator. Four eyes met, and Tang Junhe instinctively hid the cake behind him.

    Yang Xuan looked at him, without saying anything, pulled out a set of keys from his pocket, and was about to lean down to open the door, when Tang Junhe reached out and grabbed his wrist, whispering, “Ge, don’t open the door first.”

    Yang Xuan stopped moving and looked at him.

    Tang Junhe slowly moved the cake out from behind him and held it in his hands—obviously, with the size of the cake box, even if he didn’t show it, Yang Xuan had already seen the box of cake.

    Yang Xuan stood up straight and looked at the box of cake in Tang Junhe’s hands: “For me?”

    Tang Junhe nodded and looked a little embarrassed, “Yeah, but not right now.”

    Yang Xuan heard the words, and let out a subtle smile: “Is that going to be…?”

    “Ge, can you help me take it back first? I mean, it’s still mine for now, it’s just temporarily deposited to you. I’ll give it to you afterwards……” Tang Junhe explained somewhat incoherently, “However, if you want it now, I can also give it to you now—”

    Not waiting for him to finish, Yang Xuan reached out and picked up the box of cake he was holding in his arms, stepped back and said, “You open the door.”

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