PP Chapter 42.3

    As soon as he pushed open the door, Tang Xiaonian, who was sitting on the sofa by the door, immediately stood up and came over. Without waiting for Tang Junhe to change his shoes, he pulled him over with a frown and asked, “What’s wrong, so careless?”

    Tang Junhe did not say anything, and just allowed Tang Xiaonian to pull himself to look left and right. After looking at the forehead and body, she also pulled open his tattered T-shirt to check it out, and did not dare to touch it with her hands.

    “Why did you get knocked like that?” Tang Xiaonian was both heartbroken and angry, looking at Tang Junhe with tears, “Does it hurt? Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you tell me on the phone last night?”

    “It’s okay,” Tang Junhe pulled down his T-shirt, “it doesn’t hurt.”

    “Can it not hurt? I should have known! I should not have let you go, those ……” Tang Xiaonian wiped her tears and looked at Yang Xuan, who was changing his shoes, swallowed the rest of the sentence and asked Tang Junhe, “Did you knock yourself or did someone else trip you up?”

    “I knocked myself.” Tang Junhe said, followed by comforting Tang Xiaonian as if nothing had happened, “Mom, it really doesn’t hurt.”

    “And the forehead here… another cut.” Tang Xiaonian was angry when she mentioned this, when the 5-year-old Tang Junhe was sent back, she scolded Yang Chengchuan severely. Yang Xuan, who was 6 years old at the time, left her son behind, and now you’re telling her that he’s knocked on the very same spot? With old grudges stacked on top of new ones, Tang Xiaonian turned her head and yelled at the room, “Yang Chengchuan, come out and see what your son has done! I just told you to follow Xiao Chen over to see, and you said everything is fine? Hah! Nothing is fine!

    Yang Chengchuan was in the room alone. Hearing this, he rushed out and ran into Yang Xuan, who had changed his shoes and was walking toward his room. “Didn’t I ask you to take care of your brother?”

    “Look at his forehead. It was knocked here before, and finally got lighter but got knocked here again,” said Tang Xiaonian while lifting up Tang Junhe’s T-shirt and pulling him to turn his back towards Yang Chengchuan, “Look at his back. How can it be like this? It was fine but now it’s riddled with scars…… and on the leg…, his… knee is also bruised……” said Tang Xiaonian, who was about to drop tears, and the words were mixed into the crying cadence.

    After all, he is their precious little son so Yang Chengchuan came closer to take a look. He was a little distressed and turned his head to ask Yang Xuan: “Yang Xuan, you tell me how your brother is knocked? Before leaving the door I specifically instructed you to watch your brother, did you even listen to it?”

    Before Yang Xuan could speak, Tang Junhe opened his mouth first and murmured, “My brother has nothing to do with it.”

    As soon as the words left his mouth, Tang Xiaonian looked up at him almost incredulously, “What did you say?!”

    “I knocked myself out.” Against Tang Xiaonian’s nearly shocked gaze, Tang Junhe continued.

    Tang Xiaonian sensitively heard the implication of “trying to cover up” in Tang Junhe’s tone, and for a moment tears were frozen in her eyes, her heart leapt up with a surge of anger and resentment, and she looked at him with a tense face.

    Tang Junhe first opened his eyes and pretended to stare at her calmly, but after a few moments, he felt weak and looked away from her. He could never mention Feng Bo, he knew in his heart that as long as he was mentioned, Tang Xiaonian would have to pull the matter to Yang Xuan.

    Tang Xiaonian saw him avert his gaze and said hatefully, “You knocked yourself? You tell me where you got knocked? How come no one else got hurt but you?”

    Yang Xuan watched all this with cold eyes, from the beginning to the end; not one moment did he open his mouth.

    Yang Chengchuan frowned and looked sideways at Yang Xuan: “Your brother won’t say anything, you say it.”

    “No one needs to say anything,” Tang Xiaonian said as she reached up to wipe away her tears and stood up, “I’ll figure it out myself.”

    “What are you up to again?” Yang Chengchuan was afraid that Tang Xiaonian would do something terrible again—this woman was stubborn when she was young, and now evolved into madness; he felt that sooner or later he would be destroyed by this mother and son. Seeing Yang Xuan turn around and go back to his room, he lowered his tone to advise Tang Xiaonian, “That’s enough. Can you hear yourself? Are you saying since Junhe fell then the others should fall too? He got hurt so the whole class should get hurt together too? Don’t make up your conspiracy theory.”

    “Just a… fall?” Tang Xiaonian instantly raised her voice, “I shall make sure you see if it’s just a fall!!!”

    Tang Xiaonian is determined to get to the bottom of things, and no one can stop her. The next day, once school started after the holidays, Tang Xiaonian took the afternoon off to go to Runcheng First High School and found Qiu Li, the class teacher of Science Class 3.

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TX the protective mom.

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