PP Chapter 42.2

    Before driving, Chen Xing couldn’t help but glance at the rearview mirror—although injured, Tang Junhe was in much better spirits than when he arrived.

    Chen Xing started the car and drove out slowly, asking with concern, “Did Junhe bump his foot too? It looks like you’re walking with a limp.”

    Tang Junhe gave an “En”.

    “What about your body? How badly did it get knocked?”

    Tang Junhe shook his head, “It’s not that serious.”

    To outsiders, the brothers are somewhat reticent, which is not at all like Vice Mayor Yang, Chen Xing thought of this and turned his head to Yang Xuan and said, “Xuan, Xuan, give your father a call. He heard that Junhe was injured and worried about it, so you should quickly report to him that he’s safe.”

    Yang Xuan responded with an “okay”, but nothing happened for half a day. Based on past experience, Chen Xing knew that this call would not happen; he sighed in his heart and intended to call Yang Xuan himself back after they arrived at the hospital.

    “Why didn’t you call me last night?” Chen Xing drove the car and said, “Knocked so badly, what if the infection is a big deal?”

    “My brother applied the salve to me.” Tang Junhe interjected.

    Chen Xing was slightly baffled, thinking that something sounded wrong, but for a moment did not distinguish where this feeling came from.

    Thinking this way, another voice suddenly came out from the back seat that wasn’t directed to him: “Ge, did they give you a birthday party last night?”

    Only to hear Yang Xuan said slowly, “What—No.”

    “I thought the camping trip was for your birthday?”

    “It has nothing to do with that.”

    Chen Xing listened to them for a few words, before reacting to the feeling that there’s definitely something amiss, and should be from the voice calling “Ge” which is quite intimate. In the past, he never seemed to hear Tang Junhe called Yang Xuan this way. There is also the tone of voice when Tang Junhe speaks. It seems that it is not the same as before and there is not a trace of indifference to be heard outside the words anymore. Chen Xing was a little surprised in his heart, but he always knew not to say much, whether it was in the face of his superior Yang Chengchuan, or in the face of these two gentry.

    The car stopped in front of a tertiary-level hospital, Yang Xuan declined the kindness of Chen Xing to follow him in and took Tang Junhe with him for an ER visit.

    “You disinfected it last night, right?” The doctor uncovered the Band-Aid on Tang Junhe’s forehead, observed the wound and stated, “It’s a little deep, but it’s not a big deal. Stitches would heal faster, but it might leave a scar, so I think it’s good to leave it unsewn.”

    Tang Junhe turned his head to look at Yang Xuan, waiting for him to make up his mind.

    “It won’t leave a scar if it’s not stitched up?” Yang Xuan asked.

    “That’s not true either. Since it’s a wound it will certainly leave scars, but if you stitch, you will also leave scars from the pinholes, which will actually fade away slowly if you don’t have severe scarring.”

    “Then don’t sew it.” Yang Xuan made a decision.

    “Okay, then I’ll bandage your wound,” the doctor took the toolbox brought by the nurse and gave Tang Junhe instructions while bandaging the wound, “Don’t let it get wet and don’t touch it with your hands either. When the wound heals naturally, it won’t leave too serious a scar.”

    “It’s okay to leave scars.” Tang Junhe suddenly said this.

    The female nurse smiled: “Don’t say that, if such a delicate little face is scarred, I can’t bear to look at it.” She said looking up at Yang Xuan, “Surely, your brother can’t bear it too, can he?”

    Yang Xuan did not make a sound, and just watched the skilled movements of the doctor’s hands.

    After wrapping Tang Junhe’s forehead, Yang Xuan said, “There are also places that have been hurt on your body, so let the doctor look at it together.”

    Only then did Tang Junhe turn his elbow toward the doctor, “Here.”

    Yang Xuan took Tang Junhe to the orthopedic department to take an X-ray, and when the doctor said there was no fracture, he led Tang Junhe out of the hospital with the medicine.

    Chen Xing drove the car and dropped them off at the downstairs of the district, and only then went back home.

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