PP Chapter 42.1

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    In accordance with the route Yang Xuan said, Chen Xing drove a Buick halfway up the mountain road. He is not much younger than Yang Chengchuan, is a veteran, and was introduced by relatives to Yang Chengchuan as a driver after coming out of the army, a few years back.

    Before coming, he called Yang Chengchuan to explain the situation on the phone, Yang Chengchuan just gave a sentence “see them and let Yang Xuan call me back” and hung up without saying anything more.

    Although Yang Chengchuan, the vice mayor of Runcheng, has no outstanding political achievements in the past two years, he has received a lot of attention from the people of Runcheng once he took office because of his youth and good image. In front of the camera, he has always been graceful and courteous, but once he returns to his private life, the vice mayor’s doings can’t be put into the open to mention. 

    Chen Xing has been a driver to Yang Chengchuan for several years now, and knows all about his private life, but he has never thought to tell others about these things, even to his own wife—he has never revealed the slightest.

    As the car drove up the mountain, the sun was just popping out from behind, hanging vibrantly in the east. A long way away, Chen Xing saw two people standing at the halfway point, one tall and one shorter by half a head. He stepped on the gas a little heavier, picking up speed slightly, then let his foot off the gas when he was almost close to the two boys and pulled the car over to the side of the road.

    Chen Xing got down from the car and jogged over to help them carry their travel bags, the two brothers saw him coming and both politely shouted “Uncle Chen”.

    “Knocked?” Chen Xing looked at the wound on Tang Junhe’s forehead, “ouch, it’s been a night, yet it’s still seeping blood. I guess you have to get stitches. Even your clothes… looks like these…… go go, get in the car and you can tell me more about it.” he said, snatching up two travel bags, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it, you guys get in.”

    Following the position the brothers sat in when they arrived, Chen Xing pulled open the back door of the car seat and was about to put the two travel bags in the back row on the right side when the younger one suddenly opened up behind him, “Uncle Chen, I’ll sit here.”

    “You can sit on the left.” Chen Xing turned back to him and said kindly.

    “My brother is also going to sit in the back row.” Tang Junhe looked at him seriously and said.

    Chen Xing froze for a moment, and then looked over toward Yang Xuan.

    Yang Xuan had already pulled open the door on the front passenger side of the car, but did not rush to sit in. When he saw Chen Xing looking at him, he simply reached out his hand to Chen Xing, seeing that the other did not move, he opened his mouth to remind him, “Uncle Chen, hand me the bag.”

    “Oh, okay,” Chen Xing responded, handing the two travel bags in turn to Yang Xuan, “then you all sit in the back row.”

    Yang Xuan picked up the two travel bags, put them on the front passenger seat, then closed the door and sat in the back row.

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