PP Chapter 41.2

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    The next morning, Yang Xuan first woke up. When he opened his eyes, Tang Junhe was lying on his side like a wombat, and his arm was on the dark red blood on his chest, which made him breathless.

    He lowered his eyes and saw that his brother was sleeping on his shoulder, his heavy breath sweeping over his skin one after another, making him feel a little itchy.

    At that moment, Yang Xuan had the illusion that they had grown up together, as if in a dream spanning a decade, his brother had grown from a glutinous rice ball ten years ago to becoming the lithe teenager in front of him.

    But then he felt some discomfort in his lower body—for a vigorous 17-year-old, morning erection is a perfectly normal thing, but what made it a little awkward was that at the moment, the place that should have been aroused happened to be pressed down by the leg that was resting on it.

    Yang Xuan restrained the urge to lift his brother off of him directly and reached out to hold his calf, trying to take him off of his body. But to his surprise, as soon as the force was applied, Tang Junhe opened his eyes in a daze and looked at him innocently with a confused look on his face: “Mnn……Gege?”

    Yang Xuan looked at him blankly: “Get up.”

    Tang Junhe, who was still half-asleep, reached out and rubbed his eyes, as if he didn’t understand. “What?” Immediately after, he rubbed two times on Yang Xuan as if stretching his muscles and bones.

    Yang Xuan simply had to suspect that he was doing it on purpose, almost gritting his teeth to control his emotions: “Stay away from me.”

    Sensing the threat in Yang Xuan’s tone, Tang Junhe reacted and hurriedly withdrew his arms and legs from Yang Xuan’s body. Then he found that he had a morning erection— since that dream, he had a morning erection almost every morning.

    In physiology class, it was said that boys will have morning erections when they reach puberty. Thinking about this, Tang Junhe couldn’t help but glance surreptitiously at Yang Xuan’s lower body, and then he noticed that his brother also had a morning erection, and it looked more pronounced than his own.

    Yang Xuan sat up, and wanted to ask Tang Junhe if he wanted to get up too. Yet upon lowering his eyes, his brother, who has a strange brain circuit, was staring at his lower body in a daze.

    Yang Xuan’s face instantly sank: “……What are you looking at?”

    “Ah, I……” Tang Junhe hurriedly retracted his eyes and was momentarily speechless, stammering a few times before saying the whole thing, “I just wanted to see if I was being normal……”

    Hearing the meaning of his words, Yang Xuan’s eyes moved from his face, to his lower body, and then he saw that his brother’s light gray sweatpants, which had been scuffed beyond recognition, were visibly bulging in the middle.

    It looks small, but it has grown up, Yang Xuan thought in his head. He couldn’t help but glance again at his brother, whose reddened face was embedded with a pair of round eyes that were ducking to look in another direction.

    “It’s only abnormal if you don’t have a morning erection when you’re this old.” Speaking rather as a brother, Yang Xuan gave him a late physiology lesson.

    For the first time in his life, he discussed this kind of issue with others, and Tang Junhe blushed a little. He reached out to rub his eyes, using this to hide how unnatural he was.

    But Yang Xuan suddenly leaned over towards him, ruffled his forehead hair with his fingers, and stared at the wound from last night’s bump—the Band-Aid was half soaked with blood, and it seemed that the wound was more serious than he thought, and perhaps needed stitches, Yang Xuan thought, then opened his mouth and urged him, “Get up, I’ll take you to the hospital later.”

    “Oh.” Tang Junhe dawdled to sit up, the lower half of his scratched T-shirt was rubbed up against him in the night, and he reached out to pull it down. Yang Xuan’s eyes swept toward him, and saw that there was a long scrape on the white side of his back, extending from one side of the waist to the other, across the middle of the spine. Although it was not a deep injury, at first glance it looked very appalling.

    He reached out and stopped the hand that Tang Junhe was pulling down his T-shirt and said in a dumb voice, “Why didn’t you say it?”

    Tang Junhe understood the point of his words and reached out to touch the scrape: “I don’t think it’s too serious……”

    “Don’t touch,” Yang Xuan held his wrist and took his hand away, “go to the hospital together later.”

    Pulling down the T-shirt carefully for him, Yang Xuan took out his cell phone to call Uncle Chen. He described the route they took without a second thought to the phone.

    Hanging up the phone, he looked at Tang Junhe who was staring at him in a daze with a questioning look, “What’s wrong?”

    Tang Junhe asked, almost with some admiration, “Gege, how did you remember the route so well?”

    Yang Xuan raised his eyebrows slightly: “Is this to be remembered?”

    Tang Junhe remembered that when they were young, it was always Yang Xuan pulling him to go here and there, no matter how far away he went, Yang Xuan was able to take him back to his home with unerring accuracy. This is his brother’s gift, Tang Junhe thought, even if they are brothers; they are also different in one way or another.

    Yang Xuan washed up sharply and walked toward another tent. Wangxin Chun woke up very early and was squatting by the tent watching the sunrise. He seemed to be in a good mood and raised his arm to say good morning to Yang Xuan.

    “I called my dad’s driver to come over,” Yang Xuan said, “I’m not taking the bus later.”

    “What’s wrong?” Wangxin Chun wondered, “Eh? I thought we’d go back later and have lunch together at noon?”

    “The wound is a little serious,” Yang Xuan frowned, “need to go to the hospital.”

    “Okay,” Wangxin Chun responded and asked, “Your father and mother won’t find fault with you again when you get back, will they?”

    “Heh. Look for what exactly?” Yang Xuan looked disinterested.

    “Feng Bo was too fucking stupid to do that yesterday,” Wangxin Chun scolded, and after a pause, he spoke up for him, “Xuan, don’t blame him too much. He probably got into the mess of his family and let it out to him as a substitute to vent out. You know—”

    “En.” Yang Xuan cut him off, “You tell them all, I’ll go first.”

Translator’s rant:

Kinda spoiler-ish?
Who in their right mind vent out their anger to someone not related to his own mess? Sure, Feng Bo also has an illegitimate sibling in his family but who is he to take action on Junhe? Even YX knows that’s going overboard but he keeps on doing it like some kind of dumbass. Go screw over your own sibling, F*cking Bo! 

PS: This is not FB’s last attempt at dealing with TJ. The guy has some screw loose on his head, alright.

Thank you for the kofi~~~

A sleeping wombat
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A sleeping wombat looked so cute aahʕ≧ᴥ≦ʔ


Feng Bo is just stupid and annoying as hell. Period. No need for justification.

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