PP Chapter 41.1

    After ten years, he slept with Yang Xuan again, but the feeling was very different from when he was a child. At that time, once the lights were turned off, Yang Xuan would start telling ghost stories, scaring Tang Junhe to the point of trembling, hanging on to him with his arms and legs, clinging to him like a koala, and even when Yang Xuan wanted to go to the bathroom, Tang Junhe had to follow him and grab his pajamas, and stand beside him while rushing to urinate.

    ”If I hang on to Yang Xuan like when I was a child, will Yang Xuan lift me off? “Tang Junhe deliberated for a moment, and advanced: “Gege, can you tell me a ghost story?”

    Yang Xuan only closed his eyes and did not answer him, breathing evenly, sounding like he was asleep.

    Tang Junhe did not get an answer and did not care; he turned his head toward Yang Xuan with his eyes open, recklessly staring at the side of his brother because of the darkness. He found his brother really good-looking, good-looking as a child and still good-looking now. He looks good when he’s fierce, and he looks good when he’s not. Following the line that runs from his forehead to his jaw, he traced it over and over again in his brain and couldn’t help but think, “Do I look like this from the side as well?” After all, a number of people have said they look a bit alike. And as to where exactly it looks like, they can’t say. But no matter what, Tang Junhe was happy to look like Yang Xuan, because it would remind him that this relationship, rooted in his blood, could not be changed in any way.

    Tang Junhe was thinking about this with his eyes open, when Yang Xuan suddenly spoke up and said one word: “Sleep.”

    Caught unaware, Tang Junhe hurriedly closed his eyes, he remembered that Yang Xuan told him to be obedient a few minutes ago, and now that he told him to sleep, he was obedient and closed his eyes.

    His back hurts so much that it is uncomfortable to lie on his back, so Tang Junhe turned to Yang Xuan. He grabbed Yang Xuan’s hand, his brain cells were unusually active, and he couldn’t help but start thinking about all sorts of things.

    He then remembered the dream that he had before—the dream that Yang Xuan entered him. Why did he have a dream like that? Did he really have a sexual ‘desire’ for Yang Xuan? He could not help but narrow his eyes a little and stare at Yang Xuan.

    This time, without waiting for Yang Xuan to remind him, he closed his eyes tightly – he found that once he got up to this idea, the scene in the dream overflowed like a tsunami, leaving him no energy to think about anything else, and his mind was full of inappropriate images for children.

    He did not dare to think further, forcing himself to stop the images in his head. After all, when he said “I might like” last time, Yang Xuan did not pay attention to him for more than a month. If he knew what he was thinking in his head now, maybe Yang Xuan would disappear in front of his eyes from now on.

    After a mess of nonsense, Tang Junhe finally fell asleep.

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