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    Not far away, the girls came together in a circle and were singing Twins’ love songs together, singing “There Are No Tears in Moscow” and “Love is bigger than the sky“.

    Tang Junhe stayed alone in the tent, listening to the distant singing, looking at a small piece of starry sky shining through the top of the tent with mixed feelings. To this day, he still doesn’t know if his brother Yang Xuan hates him or not. If he hated him, then why did he carry him down from the top of the mountain again and help him clean his wounds? If he doesn’t, then why does he always show impatience towards himself? Could it be that he did all this just because of their blood ties, because he wanted to do his duty as a brother, or because he wanted to fulfill Yang Chengchuan’s instructions before leaving home?

    In fact, he lied to Yang Xuan earlier. Not only was his forehead, elbows and ankles broken, but there were also a lot of scrapes on his legs and back, and his whole body hurts like falling apart, and as long as he moves, he can’t help but frown in pain— but he did not dare to let Yang Xuan know, for fear that Yang Xuan would think he was being troublesome.

    Dazed, Tang Junhe fell asleep. He slept poorly, and scenes from his childhood and the present appeared in his dreams, and in the end, he actually dreamed of Zhou Lin again, in which he was not dead, but hiding, trying to get close to him pervasively, and that sickening gaze returned to him in an intensified manner.

    He struggled to wake up from the dream, his chest rose and fell sharply, and when he opened his eyes, he met the gaze of Yang Xuan in front of him. Yang Xuan came in at some point, and was looking at him, his gaze was not warm, but Tang Junhe quickly calmed down after seeing it.

    “Having a nightmare?” Yang Xuan asked, looking at him.

    Tang Junhe nodded as he lay. He was a little hesitant to tell Yang Xuan about the dream he just had, and if he did, would that uncover a scar that Yang Xuan didn’t want to mention? After all, he lost his qualification for the provincial team for this reason. After thinking about it, he decided not to say it.

    “Get up,” said Yang Xuan, “I found a tent for you.”

    Hearing him say this, Tang Junhe immediately got up, instantly forgetting the emotions he had just felt in his dream, and almost leaping a little, “I don’t have to sleep here with them?”

    “Well, didn’t you say you didn’t want to sleep with them?” Yang Xuan lifted his bulging travel bag and looked at his burning eyes, adding, “Then you’ll sleep by yourself.”

    Sure enough, that look on Tang Junhe’s face instantly turned to dismay, but also mixed with a little loss. Yang Xuan slightly tilted his face, the corners of his mouth moved slightly on the side hidden in the darkness.

    “Can you walk off the ground?” Yang Xuan looked at Tang Junhe again and asked, after settling his emotions.

    “Yes.” Tang Junhe replied sullenly as he put on his shoes, his tone unable to hide his loss.

    He was walking out and bumped into Li Li and Ding Wenying, who were going back to their tents to sleep. Li Li froze for a moment, said hello to Yang Xuan, and looked at the travel bag he was holding, “Do you want to change places?”

    “En, give him a change.” Yang Xuan side-stepped in the direction of Tang Junhe.

    “Oh …… okay.” Hearing him say this, Li Li did not ask more questions. He knew in his heart that Yang Xuan and them are not the same kind of people, and they cannot afford to mess with him, there are some questions you can ask Tang Junhe, but no one dares to mention it in front of Yang Xuan, otherwise, without waiting for Yang Xuan to react, those “subordinates” around him will be the first to get angry.

    Due to the very late time of pitching, the new tent is poorly located. It was on the farthest edge, almost next to the foot of the mountain, but there is one advantage—it is farther away from the light, and it will be more comfortable to sleep at night.

    “You go ahead.” Yang Xuan stopped and turned his head to look at Tang Junhe.

    Tang Junhe limped when he walked, as if he didn’t dare to touch the ground with his right foot. The T-shirt around the waist is also torn, loosely on the waist, and from behind he looked like a little beggar that went lame.

    The little beggar moved into the tent without saying a word, sitting on the moisture-proof pad, looking at Yang Xuan as if he wanted to say something.

    “Go to bed early.” Yang Xuan put Tang Junhe’s travel bag to the side and walked out of the tent without waiting for Tang Junhe to make a sound.

    The group of people who slept late were playing Truth or Dare around the campfire, and a burst of laughter came from time to time. Yang Xuan walked into the four-person tent, the remaining three people were playing cards with their legs crossed, and when they saw him enter, they looked up at him.

    “Brother Xuan, why would you sleep with him?” Feng Bo said as he played his cards, “Seriously…… 3 Kings.”

    “Ask yourself.” Yang Xuan bent down to pick up his travel bag and jacket.

    “Isn’t he okay……” Feng Bo remembered something, looked up at Yang Xuan and asked, “Brother Xuan, did you hit him on the head—”

    “Did you teach him to smoke?” Wangxin Chun interjected and asked.

    Yang Xuan only let out an audible “huh?”

    “Didn’t you say before that he wanted to learn how to smoke?”

    Yang Xuan remembered that there seems to be such a thing, but he only said “no”, put the travel bag on one shoulder with his head down, and went out of the tent.

    When he went to the tent near the foot of the mountain, he remembered the way Tang Junhe held the lighter to light a cigarette, the beautiful and slightly innocent face hidden behind the curling white smoke had a contrasting beauty— Needless to say, him turning bad is indeed something to look forward to.

    Tang Junhe squatted outside the tent after brushing his teeth, and poured some mineral water on the towel and was about to wipe his face, when a black shadow suddenly covered the top of his head. The shadow was getting closer and closer, and when he looked up, it was Yang Xuan who came over.

    Yang Xuan did not look at him, and went into the tent. Tang Junhe did not even bother to wipe his face, and also followed into the tent. Looking at Yang Xuan, who was half crouched on the ground, with his head down and unzipping his travel bag, he asked in a daze, “Why are you here?”

    Yang Xuan said without lifting his head, “There are too many people over there, crowded.”

    Tang Junhe suddenly could not stop the smile on his face, and for a while he simply watched Yang Xuan, giggling.

    Yang Xuan fished out a pack of band-aids from his travel bag, and looked up at him, “Come here.”

    Tang Junhe squatted down in front of him, Yang Xuan saw that his cheeks were still covered with dirt, so he took the towel from him and gave him a couple of cursory wipes. His eyes were closed, but he could not help but smile, his eyes were covered, but the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were all hung with traces of happiness, and the corners of his mouth were turned up.

    “So happy?” Yang Xuan thought, but did not make a sound, just took two Band-Aids to stick them side by side on the corner of Tang Junhe’s forehead.

    When the first Band-Aid was applied, Tang Junhe suddenly spoke up, “Gege, you also wiped my face when I was little.”

    Yang Xuan unmoved gave an “en”.

    After one Band-Aid was applied, Tang Junhe opened his eyes, reached out and touched the corner of his forehead, and added, “Actually, it hurt when you rubbed me back then.”

    “You never said that.” Yang Xuan took the second band-aid to put on him. He can’t remember the severity of his hands at the time, but he thought there would not be much gentleness. At that time, Tang Junhe was his little trinket, and he wanted to do what he wanted to do, without regard to whether he was in pain or not.

    Tang Junhe said, “I’m afraid you won’t do it if I say so.”

    Yang Xuan said after a while, “Was I not good to you when I was a kid?”

    Tang Junhe said after thinking about it, “Sometimes you’re good, sometimes you’re not.”

    Yang Xuan laughed a bit, he wanted to say that “after all that, you are still happy to come over to find abuse?” But did not open his mouth, and so Tang Junhe went on to say.

    “…But the good times were especially good,” Tang Junhe looked at him and said truthfully, “so much so that I forgot about the bad times.” After saying that, he added, “Just like now.”

    Yang Xuan looked at him with a smirk, “Am I good to you now?”

    Tang Junhe nodded seriously, “Gege, have you noticed that whenever something happens to me, you’ll treat me extra special.”

    Yang Xuan just laughed, got up from the ground, carried the travel bag to the side, and turned out the mouthwash and mineral water, and went outside the tent to wash up. When he came back, Tang Junhe was pulling the tattered T-shirt on his belly and calling Tang Xiaonian on the phone. He was mumbling into the phone and looking up at Yang Xuan with some discomfort.

    Tang Xiaonian is a no-go area for both of them to talk about, and they are tacitly aware of this.

    After hanging up the phone, the two people lay down in the tent, no one made a sound for a while, and were silent with each other. Half a second later, Tang Junhe opened his mouth and asked the question that hadn’t been answered again obstinately: “Gege, why did you look for me at the top of the mountain?”

    Seeing that Yang Xuan still did not speak, he said again, “Are you afraid that I will fall from the top of the mountain?”

    Like knowing that Yang Xuan would not answer him, he went on to say, “While sitting on the top of the mountain I thought, if I fell to my death, it might be just right.”

    Yang Xuan closed his eyelids and asked, “What just right?”

    “At that time, I was thinking that maybe you would be happy when an annoying person fell to his death.” After saying this, Tang Junhe was a little apprehensive, and he was waiting for Yang Xuan’s next sneer.

    But Yang Xuan was silent for a while and just said, “Don’t think about it, go to sleep.”

    Just a few simple words, but Tang Junhe inexplicably became happier. His right hand rustled around, touching Yang Xuan’s small arm, and then followed down to hold Yang Xuan’s hand. He felt that the calloused, slightly larger than his palm moved a little, so he held it a little tighter nervously, afraid that Yang Xuan would pull away, but Yang Xuan did not continue to move.

    “Gege,” Tang Junhe hesitated and said boldly and lowly, “from now on, don’t you ignore me, okay?” There was almost a begging tone in his voice.

    Originally, he thought that Yang Xuan would not respond to his request, but he did not expect that after a few moments, Yang Xuan’s low voice rang out in the silent darkness: “If you are obedient, I will not ignore you.”

Translator’s Note:

I’m having mixed feelings of warmth and anxiety for TJ in this chapter lol.  Anyways, thanks again for the kofis~!

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Scary… This is like a calm before storm 😓 Thank you very much for your hardwork! 🙇🙇🙇

Doytch Magient

I’m thinking.. Maybe Tang Junhe couldn’t help turning like to love his gege bcs simply there’s no one around him who showed sincere warm affection. His mom was always anxious and demanding, his dad wore fake face all the time, and friends his age were all whispering and gossiping about his family affair, alienating him :'(


This is too unfortunate but i still hope for TJ to meet many other good and kind people :’/

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