PP Chapter 39.3

    Yang Xuan threw a used cotton swab, and took a new one, dipped his head in hydrogen peroxide, and said carelessly, “Eat up.”

    “Have you eaten?” Tang Junhe asked, looking at him steadily.

    Yang Xuan did not answer, just raised his head, and pressed the cotton swab to the wound again. The cold and stinging touch made Tang Junhe suck back a breath.

    Yang Xuan lowered his eyes to look at him: “Hurts?”

    “Well.” Tang Junhe did not talk tough this time, thought about it and said, “If you blow on it, it won’t hurt anymore.”

    Yang Xuan retracted his eyes and replaced a cotton swab: “You do it yourself.”

    “I can’t blow it.” Tang Junhe said, eyes looking upwards, and really tried to blow it up himself. He blew a small handful of forehead hair up, and then said, “I can only blow the hair away.” His cheeks were dusty when he fell on the mountain, and when he puffed up, his eyebrows were filled with the shadows of his youth, except that the baby fat had faded a lot exposing a sharp chin.

    He saw Yang Xuan pull the corners of his mouth, seemingly making an almost inaudible laugh, so he tried it again and passed the meat skewer in his hand halfway to Yang Xuan’s mouth: “Gege, you eat this.”

    Yang Xuan slightly deflected his face: “I’ll eat later.”

    “You try it first.” Tang Junhe held up the half-eaten skewer and refused to move his hand.

    Yang Xuan raised his eyes to look at him, his dark eyes fell into the eyes of Tang Junhe, who refused to move away first. In the next few moments, Yang Xuan raised his hand to hold the wrist of Tang Junhe, and ate a bite on his hand.

    Tang Junhe still looked at him steadily.

    Yang Xuan’s patience ran out, he was just about to speak when a sudden rattling came from the door, he turned his head and saw that Ying Hui came over.

    Ying Hui saw the scene just now and was a little stunned, then recovered her composure and said, “I came to see if there is anything I can do to help.”

    Before Yang Xuan could say anything, Tang Junhe opened his mouth first: “Thank you but there’s nothing to worry about.”

    “Oh…… then I’ll go over there.” Ying Hui responded, and as she walked out, she couldn’t help but review the scene she had just bumped into in her head again – how is their relationship now? Ying Hui felt a little confused.

    In the meantime, Yang Xuan then proceeded with the application of hydrogen peroxide to the elbow scrapes of Tang Junhe, then covered the cap and got up to walk out of the tent.

    “Gege.” Tang Junhe called him again.

    Yang Xuan did not intend to turn back, but hearing his next words, his action paused for a moment.

    “I’m not trying to screw you over with me for being gay.” Tang Junhe said so, and when he saw that Yang Xuan did not speak, he added, “I’m really, really sorry.”

    Yang Xuan felt that the anxiety at the bottom of his heart changed its tone, mixed with something else, but he was unable to say what it was exactly.

    “En.” He said nonchalantly, still not turning around.

    “Gege,” Tang Junhe called out again, and before Yang Xuan went out, he timidly said, “I don’t want to sleep in the same tent with them.”—In the end, he did not dare to say the words “can I sleep with you?”

    But this time, Yang Xuan did not even leave him an “en”.

    Out of the tent, Yang Xuan lit a cigarette and smoked it, then walked over in the direction of the grill.

    There were not many skewers left, and Yang Xuan ate them all in a short time, and then chatted with a few other people for a while.

    After a while, Yang Xuan lit another cigarette and when he finished smoking, he asked out loud, “How many tents are still there?”

    “More than one, I see a few more over there.” Wangxin Chun lifted his chin to one side.

    “Then tonight,” Yang Xuan dragged a used tinfoil tray over, knocked the ashes and said, “I won’t sleep with you guys.”

    “Huh? Is something the matter?” Wangxin Chun said in surprise.

    Feng Bo also turned his head back from the poker game in front of him, “Why?”

    Yang Xuan sat on the ground, his back leaning against the trunk, at first he did not speak, but slightly tilted his chin to smoke one mouthful after another. It took a long time before he said flatly, “Nothing.”

Translator’s Note:

I like how I can infer from reading this chapter that Yang Xuan is clearly avoiding Feng Bo lol.

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Thank you for the translation! ♥️


He must be going to accompany TJH in his tent?

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