PP Chapter 39.2

    Yang Xuan came out of the tent, walked next to Feng Bo and the others, picked up a plate of skewers and asked, “Have you all eaten?”

    “Eaten, we have all eaten,” Feng Bo took another plate and handed it to him, “Brother Xuan, you can eat the rest.”

    “I say Xuan,” Wangxin Chun finally asked the half-day doubt he’s been holding back, “what’s the situation with this pool of blood on your clothes? You had a fight?”

    Yang Xuan just stood behind the grill, turned a few skewers over, and said perfunctorily, “En.”

    “You’re fucking……kidding, right?” Chen Hao couldn’t help but twist his head and say, “With the way you are, there’s another person that can deal damage like that to you?”

    Yang Xuan lowered his head to put the cooked meat skewers on the plate, “Nothing else?”

    “Are you injured?” Ying Hui asked with a nervous look on her face.

    “There aren’t any.” Yang Xuan incoherently dropped three words, and walked away with a handful of meat skewers.

    Behind them, several people chattered curiously and discussed.

    “Fuck! So whose blood is that?!”

    “Brother Xuan was not injured, so who else must be that? Why don’t you think about it for a sec?” Feng Bo sat on his butt to the side, reaching out to push Wangxin Chun’s shoulders, “Help me grill for a while, I’m tired.”

    “You just move your hands to turn a few skewers, why so dead tired ah?” Wangxin Chun said so but still got up to help him continue grilling, “Not his blood, then how did it get to his body huh? Oh right, Tang Junhe’s head did look like it was bleeding…”

    “Hey, Is Xuan gonna give that plate of skewers to that guy to eat? Chen Hao turned his head and looked at Yang Xuan’s back and said.

    Several people stared at the three-person tent for a long time, all silently turned back to look at each other, no one could not understand the situation.

    Ying Hui stood up, “I’ll go see Tang Jun He,” after speaking, she leaned down towards Feng Bo’s back and slapped him not so lightly, “You made a mess, and you’re still not going, huh?”

    “I’m not going,” said Feng Bo, straining his neck, “I didn’t ask him to go up the mountain, he went up on his own.”


    Seeing Yang Xuan appear again at the door of the tent, the already wilted eyes of Tang Junhe instantly brightened up again. He propped himself up with his hand on the mat to sit up.

    “Eat it.” Yang Xuan handed the meat skewer to Tang Junhe, then drew a tissue from the side and wiped his hands clean.

    “Did you grill it?” Tang Junhe didn’t rush to eat and looked down at the handful of meat skewers.

    “No.” Yang Xuan didn’t seem to want to talk to him much, so Tang Junhe lowered his head and ate in silence.

    As Tang Junhe was eating, Yang Xuan suddenly used his hand to lift up the hair in front of Tang Junhe’s forehead, looked at the wound, then unscrewed the bottle of hydrogen peroxide with the other hand, then took a cotton swab and dipped it a few times to wipe away the blood that later seeped out around the wound.

    Tang Junhe did not dare to move, holding a skewer of meat that was still half left, waiting for Yang Xuan to treat his wounds.

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