PP Chapter 39.1

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    Not far away suddenly came a sound of people, followed by several beams of blinding white light hitting them. Tang Junhe narrowed his eyes and looked up from Yang Xuan’s back— it was the boys.

    They quickly ran over, Feng Bo ran in the front, running closer before slowing down, he hunched his back, propped his hands on his knees and shouted. “Brother Xuan, you finally returned! Otherwise, everything will be eaten—” halfway through his sentence, Feng Bo saw the puddle of blood on Yang Xuan’s chest—he was so appalled that he lost his voice. In addition, he saw Tang Junhe behind Yang Xuan and was unable to say a word.

    “Why did you come up?” Yang Xuan raised his eyes to look at him, in the pool of dark red blood, his brow showed the hostility that only appears when fighting.

    “You haven’t come back yet, so we’re worried something will happen……” Feng Bo, unable to figure out the situation, said while glancing at Tang Junhe. Unexpectedly, Tang Junhe was also looking at him, those eyes looked even darker in the dim night, and for no reason, Feng Bo felt that those eyes resembled a cat—the kind that often appears in TV dramas as a somewhat spooky Demon Cat.

    Yang Xuan’s thin lips spit out a few words coldly: “What can happen to me.”

    Wang Xingchun also followed the climb up, gasping for breath as he asked: “Xuan, you came down from where… eh?” Just after asking, he also saw the blood on Yang Xuan’s chest, then blurted out: “Crap! Isn’t that blood? What’s going on?”

    Yang Xuan ignored the second half of his speech and simply replied, “The top of the mountain.”

    “Oh.” Wangxin Chun restrained his inner curiosity and asked again, “He really went to the top of the mountain ah…… what exactly does that “marriage temple” look like?”

    Yang Xuan was brief and concise: “Broken.”

    Several people surrounded Yang Xuan down the mountain, but none of them asked Tang Junhe’s injury—apparently, they saw the blood that later seeped out of his forehead, and also inferred from the fact that Yang Xuan carried him down the mountain that his leg was injured, but before clarifying the situation, they all chose to be silent in a tacit agreement.

    Perhaps because he knew he went overboard, Feng Bo’s attitude became more attentive than usual, and before they reached the foot of the mountain, he ran down first: “Brother Xuan, the barbecue left for you is cold, I’ll go and grill it for you again.”

    Yang Xuan carried Tang Junhe all the way to the foot of the mountain, turned his face sideways and asked him, “Is your tent set up?”

    “It’s done.” Tang Junhe said sullenly, lying on his back. In his mind, maybe Yang Xuan wanted to put him back in the tent and ignore him again.

    Yang Xuan walked over to the travel bag with the gray jacket on it and asked him, “Yours?”

    Tang Junhe gave a low “en”.

    “Help me get his things, jacket and travel bag.” Yang Xuan turned around and said to Wangxin Chun.

    Wangxin Chun responded, picked up the travel bag and jacket on the ground, put them in front of the tent, said hello and left.

    Li Li, who was bending over in the tent to sort things out, turned his head to see that Yang Xuan came in with a person on his back, and he hurriedly got up to give a hand: “You’re back? Is Junhe alright?”

    “Got some injuries,” Yang Xuan silently refused his assistance, half squatting down to put Tang Junhe on the moisture-proof pad, “you have hydrogen peroxide?”

    “Oh… yes, yes—” Li Li fished out a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a packet of cotton swabs from his school bag and handed them to Yang Xuan, and then went over to look at Tang Junhe, “Did you break your head? Phew thankfully, my mother asked me to bring this before leaving ……”

    Yang Xuan said thank you to him, put the hydrogen peroxide next to Tang Junhe, then got up and left. Before leaving the tent, Tang Junhe called out behind him, “Ge—”

    He turned back and saw a flash of panic in Tang Junhe’s eyes. Not knowing why, as soon as he touched his gaze, Yang Xuan understood what he wanted to say. But he just reached over and took the gray jacket by the door and threw it on Tang Junhe, then said nothing and continued to walk out.

    Tang Junhe’s eyes instantly dimmed.

    When Yang Xuan went away, Li Li sat on the other side and sighed curiously, “So you really do call him brother.”

    Tang Junhe couldn’t help but say back, “He was originally my brother.”

    At that, Li Li looked at him with some surprise, and seeing that Tang Junhe did not want to continue to talk to him, he sagely did not continue to ask.

    Since there was nothing extra to gossip about with Tang Junhe, Li Li packed up his things and went out of the tent to chat with other students.

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