PP Chapter 38.3

    “Are you cold?” Tang Junhe asked, squeezing the deflated water bottle.

    The temperature on the mountain is very low, and the night breeze is slightly cool. Yang Xuan sat beside him shirtless, making him look cold.

    Yang Xuan did not immediately answer as he looked into the distance. There was nothing to see but the dull moonlight through the gaps in the leaves, accompanied by a cool breeze that swayed gently. With the dilapidated old temple behind them and the rugged mountain road beneath their feet, the place can only be called crude and empty. The only good thing here was that there was no one else but the two of them.

    Yang Xuan wanted to stay a little longer, for a night if possible. He is not afraid of the cold, nor is he afraid of hunger. But he couldn’t do it. If he stayed any longer, the people at the foot of the mountain would be looking for him. After all, they are not the only two in this world.

    “Cold, and hungry.” Yang Xuan stood up, shook open the blood-stained T-shirt, and put it over his head. The nearly dried blood was right where his chest was, but he didn’t care, not even looking down at it.

    Seeing him stand up, Tang Junhe also supported himself on the stone steps to get up, but as soon as his right foot hit the ground, he sucked in a breath of cold air in pain.

    Yang Xuan turned his face and looked down at his ankle: “Twisted?”

    Tang Junhe sat back down, rubbed his ankle, and let out an “En” as he endured the pain.

    Yang Xuan squatted down, pulled the trouser leg of Tang Junhe to his knee, and opened the flash of the phone to take a closer look at his ankle. There was a bruise there, already swollen, ranging from a sprain to a fracture. He could not judge the severity of the injury, so he just frowned and said lightly, “I’ll carry you.” Then turned around and half squatted in front of Tang Junhe.

    The night grew darker and darker, and Tang Junhe lay on his brother Yang Xuan’s back, clutching his cell phone with the flash on to illuminate the mountain road ahead of them.

    Yang Xuan did not walk fast, but every step is very stable.

    Tang Junhe lay on his brother’s back, smelling his hair and feeling his body heat.

    He had been blown by the mountain wind for so long that he had been blown dry, and his whole body was cool from the inside out. He felt the warmth coming from his big brother’s back, it was very warm, as warm as the temperature of his hand when he was a child.

    Although his big brother always looks cold, he is warm when he is close.

    Tang Junhe involuntarily tightened his arms, his cheek pressed against Yang Xuan’s back, and his hair rubbed against the back of the other’s neck, like a puppy that had wandered for days and was suddenly picked up by a kind person.

    He could already see the lights at the foot of the mountain, and before long, Yang Xuan would put him down and perhaps ignore him again. Tang Junhe thought.

    He seemed to be back to his childhood, trying everything to attract the attention of Yang Xuan. After all, as long as he had an accident, Yang Xuan will not leave him alone. In contrast, only if he had an accident, Yang Xuan was willing to take care of him.

    “Yang Xuan.” Tang Junhe called his brother’s name, although he didn’t know what he was going to say.

    “En?” Yang Xuan responded to him in a rare moment.

    But Tang Junhe was silent, still lying on his big brother’s back, and it took an unknown amount of time before he said another word—


    The voice was low, but it was not covered by footsteps, and was heard very clearly in the silence of the mountain road, so close, as if it was hit directly on Yang Xuan’s eardrums.

    Tang Junhe felt his brother’s back stiffen for a moment, but he said nothing and remained silent as he carried him down the hill.

    Such a normal word was said, followed by too many emotions that could not be declared, rushing against his chest, Tang Junhe could not even distinguish what those emotions were, and only by instinct, he asked in a muffled voice: “Ge, do you hate me?”

    However, after asking this question, Tang Junhe immediately heard his heartbeat at an alarming rate, as if his heart was going to break through his chest to jump out.

    But he got nothing in response. As a result, it slowly returned to calm and fell back into place weakly.

    “Then why did you go and find me once again?” Calming down, he proceeded to say to himself.

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