PP Chapter 38.1

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    Yang Xuan closed his eyes, the tight strings in his head suddenly loosened and he took a long breath.

    He saw the dark figure move, straightening up his upper body as he looked towards him. Apparently, his little brother recognized him too.

    Yang Xuan’s hand let go of the trunk and he walked toward his little brother’s side, when he finally got to him, he stood still and looked down at him, his dark eyes deeper than the night.

    Glittering white moonlight cast down through the gaps in the leaves, Yang Xuan saw his brother’s forehead bleeding, the stream of blood snaking down the side of his face, it was dark red and had been dried up and solidified on the skin.

    He stared at the bloodstain, stroking it gently with his thumb, but not daring to meet the gaze that was close at hand.

    Yang Xuan knew that his little brother was staring at him, the two onyx-like eyes steeply lit up, like two pieces of flint containing fire at the moment, searingly gazing at him. The eyes that landed on his face seemed to have a temperature—hot and burning, almost lighting up the dreary night. Even he himself, standing in front of him, seemed to be lit up by this gaze all together.

    At that very moment, Yang Xuan’s heart surged with a kind of resistance, mixed with a touch of panic—he did not want to be ignited by him.

    He moved his hand away from the blood on Tang Junhe’s cheek, spreading his palm and covering those eyes, the two dark lashes fluttering slightly in his hand made him feel there were two fireflies fluttering in the dark.

    Yang Xuan felt those two searing, blazing eyes fall on his palm, making him feel a little hot and almost burned.

    “Close your eyes.” He opened his mouth, the knot of his throat sliding up and down, his voice mingled with a hoarseness that even he hadn’t expected.

    Eyelashes brushed his hand, covering the burning gaze. Only then did Yang Xuan dare to take his hand off, he felt the phone from his pocket, turned on the flash, held it up and shined it on Tang Junhe’s face.

    The porcelain white skin in the harsh light is creepily white, lined with the winding and twisted dark red bloodstain, making it particularly shocking. Yang Xuan stretched out his hand and covered Tang Junhe’s forehead, his fingers inserted into the other’s hair, and then lifted it up to reveal his bare forehead. His eyes fell on the wound that was knocked by the gravel, and then was stunned for a moment—the wound, which was congealed with blood, was exactly hit on top of the dark scar that was left when he was a child, in the exact same way.

    His eyes moved to the two fluttering eyelashes and stared for a few seconds before withdrawing his hand and grabbing the collar of his T-shirt. Without hesitation, he took the clean white T-shirt off his head with a yank.

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Sorry guys, the delay was due to me having a cold in this weather.  


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