PP Chapter 37.4

    Stay here? But it’s dark here. He was afraid of the dark when he was a child, and he would shiver when he went to the toilet… Though, what’s the use of being afraid? Moreover, isn’t there a bodhisattva in the temple? Will the Bodhisattva bless himself? This bodhisattva is the one who blesses marriage, so will she bless peace as well?

    Tang Junhe looked back at the tall stone statue of the Bodhisattva, perhaps because of the age and neglect, she looks ancient and convincing, no wonder she is worshipped as an idol by the people under the mountain.

    Tang Junhe did not want to ask for marriage. To him if bloodline is useless, what’s the use of marriage? In his opinion, blood ties are more reliable than marriage. For instance, even if the marriage is sought, and Yang Chengchuan and Tang Xiaonian share the same bed everyday, in the end, they have different dreams 1. On the other hand, blood ties are different, and even if Yang Xuan refuses to recognize him as his brother, he has no way to deny this genetic relationship.

    But the bodhisattva in charge of marriage wouldn’t be like him and not even have a friend, right? Perhaps she could ask her fellow immortals to let Yang Xuan take care of him. Thinking of this, Tang Junhe clasped his hands against his chin, abandoned materialism and prayed in front of the Bodhisattva with full devotion.


    Dusk seems to be suddenly descending, and Yang Xuan felt even more anxious in his heart. The mineral water bottle in his hand was pinched and deformed, and the subtle plastic sound was like a feeble groan.

    How come I still haven’t seen anyone when I’m almost at the top of the mountain? Could it be like what Feng Bo said, he went down long ago and then hid? Where to hide? Or…he got lost?

    Yang Xuan remembered that his younger brother grew up not recognizing the road. The second day when he first arrived at his home as a child, he tried to escape and went out, and was finally found by him after crying with snot and tears all over his face. If he’s lost, that would be a good thing, since the mountain isn’t so big, he’ll look for each and every fork in the road, and he’ll definitely find his younger brother sooner or later.

    But what if… he’s not lost? What if he had lost his footing and fallen somewhere?

    Yang Xuan choked on his breath, his heart diffused a pervasive panic and fear. After a few seconds, he took a deep breath to stop the thoughts in his head, and then accelerated the pace of his feet.

    But the more restrained he was, the more that thought kept pouring into his head, and he clenched his fists, squeezed a cold sweat, and tried his best to adjust his breathing.

    “No…” He reassured himself. Didn’t they say there was a Bodhisattva on the mountain?

    Bodhisattva will bless his younger brother, right? He is still so young, not much older than when he was a child1. In fact, he does not know what his younger brother has experienced. For Yan Xuan, Tang Junhe’s thoughts are strange, his words are strange, and he always stares at him with strange eyes.

    And he’s also so gullible… Just look at what happened earlier, with Feng Bo’ so clumsy lies, how could he easily believed them, how stupid is he, ah?

    Although it was of little use, Yang Xuan tried to think of something else that would give him a little peace of mind.

    Near the top of the mountain, Yang Xuan felt his pulse quicken—if his brother wasn’t here, he wasn’t sure how he would react.

    He didn’t dare to pause for a moment to walk up. When he passed the two old crooked trees, he stepped on the gravel under his feet and nearly slipped because he was walking too fast, and instinctively reached out to support himself on one of the trees to stabilize his body.

    Then he saw the tiny dark figure curled up in a ball in front of the dilapidated old temple.

    Through the heavy night, Yang Xuan immediately recognized that it was his younger brother, Tang Junhe.

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Aaahh so excited how will things progress. Thank you for the translation and update. Amazing work. 💖

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