PP Chapter 37.3

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    When his forehead hit the protruding debris, Tang Junhe had a momentary fainting period before his body was thrown hard against the coarse tree trunk. He was stopped by the old crooked tree which was sky-high and thick, and had grown here for hundreds of years, with its trunk leaning sideways in the twilight, blocking Tang Junhe who had fallen down from the mountain.

    Tang Junhe only felt that the world was spinning. Instinctively, he crawled up with one hand holding the trunk of the tree, and with the other hand covering the corner of his forehead that had a throbbing sensation, he let out a stifled grunt of pain.

    The palm of his hand was a little wet and greasy—it was probably bleeding, like a cut from a sharp stone. His expression was a little tangled with pain, and his nose wrinkled up.

    After covering it for a while, he took his hand away and took a look at it through the dim sky—sure enough, there was blood, and a lot of it.

    Not only the forehead, it seems that his body also suffered a lot. His elbows have cuts and scrapes, his T-shirt is hooked to broken rags and his legs…well, it probably has no serious injury. After all, he is wearing pants and at most, would only be skin injuries.

    He braced one hand on the ground, trying to stand up, and then immediately sucked in a breath of cold air—the palm of his hand also had a wound, a number of tiny gravel embedded in. He lifted it up and looked at it carefully, stretched out his other hand to wipe the grit off the center of his hand, brought it up to his mouth and blew twice, then used his fingers to brace himself on the ground and barely stood up.

    —Nope. The ankle is not right either, it hurts like hell.

    Broken? Tang Junhe knelt down to look closer, but the sky was too dark for him to see the injury clearly.

    There is gravel everywhere, and neither squatting nor sitting are comfortable so Tang Junhe can only grit his teeth and drag his right leg, which is not very flexible, to limp to the stone steps in front of the old temple, and then turn around to sit down.

    Blood tickled the corner of his forehead and trickled down his temple, snaking down the side of his face. He raised his hand and rubbed it haphazardly with the back of his hand, sniffled, and looked at the rugged mountain road beneath his feet.

    The moon rose, silvery white, bent into a silver hook. The cool breeze blew along the gaps between the branches of the trees, the sky was as cold as the moon, and tiny goosebumps rose on Tang Junhe’s arms. He hugged his arms tightly to try to keep himself warm.

    When the wind blew, the leaves rustled and swayed, and scattered droplets of water fell and landed on his face. He craned his neck, through the dense foliage and saw the gray-blue night, there were wisps of gauzy clouds floating, looking like cotton candy he ate when he was a child – his brother Yang Xuan bought him one of those, it was white, fluffy, and once eaten, it would stain his face.

    He felt a little hungry.

    However, even at the bottom of the mountain, with those classmates of his, there’s probably only bread for him to munch on. He didn’t like them, and they didn’t like him either. But those don’t matter; he’s long since gotten used to them all.

    He should’ve brought his school bag and jacket with him, then he wouldn’t have been afraid of anything, thought Tang Junhe. Not having his cell phone with him, his mother may get anxious tonight.

    What to do tonight? Walk down the mountain? But the mountain road is so dark, it is impossible to see clearly, and he does not know the way…

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