PP Chapter 37.2

    Yang Xuan helped Chen Hao and Wangxin Chun set up the tent and was about to walk back, when he was suddenly called by Ying Hui.

    “Yang Xuan, there is a problem with the cooking utensils,” Ying Hui pointed out, looking at him, “can you come with me to take a look?”

    “What’s wrong?” Yang Xuan followed her over.

    “The last person who came over broke a few barbecue grills, and that uncle said there were still some in the warehouse, but he couldn’t move them alone, so I was thinking,” Ying Hui said hesitantly, “why don’t we both help the uncle move them?”

    “Tell Chen Hao to come over,” Yang Xuan added, “I’ll go with him.”

    Ying Hui couldn’t bear to give up this opportunity to be alone with him, so she deliberately drafted her words and fought for it: “In my opinion, it’s not very necessary for Chen Hao to be…”

    “How will you move?” Yang Xuan looked at her impassively.

    Ying Hui looked down at the dress she was wearing, regretted it, and had to change her mind again, “Okay, then I’ll call him over…”

    Looking at the back of Yang Xuan and Chen Hao walking away, Ying Hui sighed. Yin Cong came up from behind her and frankly voiced out her opinion, “Huh? What’s with your “sigh”? Girl, you should only sigh if he’s going to ask you to do this kind of hard work!”

    Ying Hui laughed bitterly and made a hopeless face at her.

    Yin Cong grabbed a barbed wire and looked at it a few times before suggesting, “This is a little dirty when it dries, let’s go wash it, shall we? There’s a spring over there, it’s very close.”

    Ying Hui bent down and looked at the barbed wire on the ground and nodded, “Then call a few more people and go together.”

    By the time the boys moved the cooking utensils to set up, the sun had almost set. Yang Xuan walked toward the tent he had set up, bent over and picked up his travel bag. He then took a bottle of mineral water and drank a few mouthfuls before walking out with the bottle and going around to the side next to Feng Bo, who was playing with his phone with his head down.

    He sipped his water and looked at the three-person tent set up a short distance away. A bulging travel bag was placed next to the tent, and a light gray sports jacket was casually resting on it.

    Yang Xuan tightened the cap of the bottle, swept a glance around, and pointed to ask: “Where is the person?”

    Feng Bo looked up from his phone screen, looked at him somewhat uncomprehendingly, “Who?”

    Yang Xuan lifted his chin toward the travel bag.

    Feng Bo reacted, and laughed before he spoke: “Oh, you’re talking about him? Thinking about it makes me laugh, ha ha ha ha ha…”

    “What’s wrong?” Yang Xuan interrupted him.

    “Do you remember when I told you that he had a crush on Ying Hui, but Ying Hui still did not believe it? I just tried something and he really…”

    Yang Xuan said impatiently, “Cut the crap.”

    “Ouch! Listen to me slowly Brother Xuan, okay?” Feng Bo turned off the phone screen, describing the scene an hour ago in graphic detail, “I just told him that you went up the mountain with Ying Hui, and guess what? He… ha ha ha—”

    Yang Xuan’s brow was slightly knitted, but Feng Bo did not pay attention to it and was happy with himself. “Hahahaha! He actually took it seriously! Whoosh! He leapt out! I didn’t even get the chance to say more… Brother Xuan, don’t you think he’s stupid!? It was written on the banner that no person is allowed to go up, did he not take himself as a person…pfft” Feng Bo laughed while looking toward Yang Xuan and with just a glance, he was stunned by Yang Xuan’s expression, his laughter stuck in his throat.

    Yang Xuan’s expression instantly went cold, glaring at him as he asked, “So where is he now?”

    Feng Bo said in a daze, “I, I don’t know…”

    “Fuck.” Yang Xuan cursed an expletive, stood up and walked in the direction of the banner.

    “Hey, Brother Xuan, Brother Xuan,” Feng Bo grabbed his phone and ran to catch up with him, and hurriedly explained, “I think he should have come down by now and just didn’t have the face to see us. Maybe he found a place to hide…”

    “This could get people killed, you know!” Yang Xuan glanced at him coldly, and his face was livid causing Feng Bo to be frightened. He had never seen such a look on Yang Xuan’s face before, and he mumbled. “No, no, no, don’t worry so much… I… I have been up on this mountain before, as long as you pay attention to the road, it’s not that dangerous…”

    “So this banner is just for show!?” Yang Xuan coldly snapped, then walked up around the side of the plastic cones.

    “Brother Xuan, are you really going up? It’s so dangerous up there…” Feng Bo was halfway through his sentence when he realized he really had lost his mind, and hurriedly silenced his voice and followed Yang Xuan.

    But Yang Xuan walked too fast, he ran and crawled to catch up but all to no avail, plus the gravel road is indeed not good, after a near fall, he held the mountain wall and gasped sharply as he looked up at Yang Xuan, who had gone far away without looking back.

    “To go so far as to…” Feng Bo looked at the back of Yang Xuan, and muttered incomprehensibly. He clenched his fist for a moment and punched the mountain wall, neither light nor heavy, and said in a sullen voice, “How can it be so easy to kill people…”

Translator’s Note:

“How can it be so easy to kill people…”

Because human body are so FRAGILE! You stupid boy!

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Thank you for translating! Can’t wait for the next update!

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F*ck Feng Bo really is evil dumb bastard. I even ever had good feeling about him *peh* that s*n of a b*tch!!!!

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This idiot FB is pissing me off.

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