PP Chapter 37.1

    The rocky mountain road is not easy to walk so Tang Junhe crawled on his hands and knees, climbing the coarse and steep mountain side, straining towards the top of the mountain.

    Looking up, one can only see the forest at the top of the mountain which is covered with lush green trees interspersed with dense red maples, hiding the legendary Marriage Temple in a dense manner.

    He did not care about the surrounding scenery but just kept looking up in the direction of the top of the mountain. Even the slightest movement of the wind and grass could make him think that it was Yang Xuan and Ying Fei, which caused a tremor in his heart.

    The rain-soaked leaves reflected a blinding white light under the sunset, resembling the back figure in the white T-shirt he had been staring at today.

    He strode towards the top of the mountain without daring to stop for a moment. He remembered that Ying Hui was wearing an orange dress today, exactly like the slightly swaying red maple at the top of the mountain and even imagined that maybe the two of them are now walking up there while holding hands. Tang Junhe suffered from his imaginary fears, and was once again overwhelmed with anxious panic every time he recalled that scene.

    The sunset that hangs halfway up the mountain is slowly sinking in the west. The cascading clouds of fire in the sky are soaked with afterglow, warmly and gently enveloping the hill on the outskirts of town.

    The teenager who was enveloped in it could not see the sunset, he tilted his head to look over and his gaze only stopped at the imaginary temple of marriage, then he lowered his head again and looked at the rugged mountain road beneath him, panting as he climbed upwards. All he felt was that the sky was getting darker and darker, his shadow was getting longer and longer, and the lush green and red leaves at the top of the hill were gradually becoming a blurred mass, hardly visible at all.

    He climbed to the top with a flourish, standing between the two old trees that were crookedly touching their heads. Chest heaving, he braced himself against the trunk, craned his neck and panted heavily, before seeing the temple they were talking about.

    At the same time, he could discern that there was no one inside the dilapidated temple—it was empty and even a little eerie looking in the dim evening light.

    In the old and run-down temple sits a one-meter-tall stone statue of the Bodhisattva, which is staring at him wide-eyed.

    Tang Junhe fiercely understood that he was tricked. Yang Xuan simply did not go up the mountain with Ying Hui, much less come to this temple to pray! After climbing all the way, he did not even have the slightest doubt about Feng Bo’s words there.

    The anger lasted for only a moment, and a great deal of bewilderment then followed. Tang Junhe turned around in confusion, turned his back to the stone statue of the Bodhisattva, and looked down the mountain. At twilight, by the last light of day, he could barely see the mountain path beneath his feet.

    The bewilderment in his heart spread quickly, as fast as the twilight spread in front of him, and he suddenly could not figure out why he had to risk climbing to the top of the mountain in the first place—was it to stop Yang Xuan and Ying Hui from worshipping this marriage temple? What can be done if they worship, and what can be done if they don’t? Why would he believe in this kind of feudal superstition? What’s more, will Yang Xuan believe in it? Even if he believes, will he come up with Ying Hui, who he has refused several times?

    This series of questions accompanied by the nightfall, like bubbles under boiling water, came up quickly, and then burst silently.

    Almost in an instant, Tang Junhe felt silly and absurd—what was he doing?

    Even if he did math, he had to look at the conditions and assumptions first, but now, he only based it on Feng Bo’s unsubstantiated provocation. He ran up the rugged and steep barren mountain with his head in the air, and then climbed to the top moping around.

    What to do now? He looked down the mountain in confusion, only to realize how high and far he had climbed. A large piece of the mountain was covered with a sunken twilight, telling him that he could no longer see those of his classmates who were halfway up the mountain, nor could he see his brother Yang Xuan.

    Should I go back? But he doesn’t seem to remember which fork in the road he took. When he came to the mountain, he was so intent on climbing up that when he came across a fork in the road, he chose a random path that looked like it would lead to the top of the mountain without thinking, by the time he looked back, he felt like he had no idea which way to go given the vast expanse of the mountain.

    He looked down at the swaying shadows of the trees at the bottom of the mountain and took a few steps downward, almost unconsciously. Due to the tension in his heart, he was a little distracted, and his steps became slow and heavy.

    After descending a few stone steps, his feet suddenly stepped on a piece of loose gravel that was loosely embedded in the middle of the mountain road, the gravel could not withstand the weight of the human body and collapsed in a moment, bringing Tang Junhe who stepped on it to roll down as well.

    “Ah—” Tang Junhe let out a short cry of shock, with one hand panicking to grab something, but he fell too fast, and the wet gravel road was covered with slippery moss so he couldn’t grab anything. At this moment, he could only feel his body keep hitting the gravel— it went up and down in the air, slamming again and again until his mind became empty, leaving only the bone-piercing pain he’s feeling…

Translator’s Note:

I want to kill Feng Bo so bad!

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This really breaks my heart and I really wanted to kick FengBo’s ass


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I wanna slap the silliness out of FB.

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