PP Chapter 36.4

    “What’s the fuss about?” Feng Bo obviously could not trust Tang Junhe, so he walked to the side, checked the position of the poles, looked up and asked Yang Xuan, “Brother Xuan, is this the way the poles are connected?

    Yang Xuan was bending the poles to fit them in place, hearing his retarded question, he didn’t even look at it and said, “How else can I connect it then?”

    Feng Bo choked, and did not dare to voice a rebuttal. He just scowled at Tang Junhe and sulked.

    Yang Xuan quickly propped up the inner tent and began to build the outer tent, squatting down to use pegs to secure the corners to the ground, Tang Junhe followed suit and helped him place the remaining two pegs.

    After doing some more fixing, Yang Xuan walked to the tent, checked some details, and squatted down to try the zipper on the door. Tang Junhe walked up to the door, probed inside and asked him, “Can I go in and take a look?”

    Yang Xuan side-stepped to give him space: “Look.”

    Tang Junhe walked in, turned around, and tried to pull the side window twice.

    Yang Xuan half squatted, lowered his head to reinforce one of the corners and asked casually, “Who do you live with?”

    Tang Junhe pondered and said, “The class monitor, and the physics class representative.”

    Yang Xuan replied with an “En”, and wanted to say something more when Feng Bo came forward and yelled, “Brother Xuan, that brat Hao can’t set the tent up, you should go see it.”

    Chen Hao and Wangxin Chun were setting up that tent for the two girls. Hearing this, Yang Xuan answered, bowed slightly, walked out and said before leaving, “You… wait,” and then was pulled away by Feng Bo.

    With such vague words and unclear directions, none of it makes sense. But Tang Junhe just instinctively felt that Yang Xuan’s words were addressed to him, so he sat on the damp-proof mat and waited. Anyway, if Yang Xuan asked him to wait, he would always wait since Yang Xuan would definitely come back.

    Waiting for an unknown amount of time, the twilight is getting thicker, and the shadows on the ground gradually elongated with the westward sloping sunset. Tang Junhe was a little tired of sitting, so he walked out of the tent and looked outside.

    People from the class came up one after another and were sitting on the ground panting and chattering. Not many people were eager to set up the tent, and most were waiting for the staff to come and help.

    Tang Junhe went out, carried the three-person tent over and began to try to set it up. He only watched Yang Xuan set up once and remembered all the steps, but the tent required assistance in order to set it up. When he tried to do it himself, it was inevitable that some of it looked awkward.

    Seeing Tang Junhe running around a tent, Li Li and Ding Wenying, who were sitting on the side, found their conscience and came over after a break, asking somewhat distrustfully, “Is this the right way?”

    Tang Junhe did not answer, and went about his business. The two men had never pitched a tent, and had planned to be lazy, but when they saw Tang Junhe was having fun, they also rolled up their sleeves and started helping.

    It didn’t take long for the tent to be pitched. Tang Junhe raised his chin and looked around and still did not see the figure of Yang Xuan, he began to get a little restless and walked toward the tent that Yang Xuan had set up, wanting to continue to sit there and wait for him but as soon as he got close to the tent, Feng Bo came over and stopped him with his arm outstretched. With an unpleasant tone, he said, “Why are you entering our tent? Don’t you have one of your own?”

    Tang Junhe had no intention of arguing with him, but simply asked, “Where is Yang Xuan?”

    Feng Bo sat down against the tent, and slumped his shoulders, “What’s it to you?”

    “He told me to wait for him here.” Tang Junhe said, also crouched down against the tent and continued to look for Yang Xuan’s figure.

    Feng Bo snickered, “How come I didn’t hear Brother Xuan tell you to wait for him, are you hallucinating or something…” While he was talking, he turned his face and saw the red “Forbidden to go up the mountain” banner in the distance which gave him an idea. He then reached out and pointed to a banner not far away: “See that road? Yang Xuan and Ying Hui went up the mountain.”

    Tang Junhe didn’t quite believe it and asked suspiciously, “Isn’t it forbidden to go up the mountain?”

    Feng Bo laughed a few times and drawled, “That depends on who allowed it and who did not, Ying Hui wants him to go, can he not go?”

    Seeing that Tang Junhe still had some doubts, Feng Bo reached out to touch his arm again, “Hey, do you have a crush on Ying Hui?”

    Tang Junhe just swept him a cold glance and threw out the words he spoke earlier, “What’s it to you?”

    “You have no chance of winning against Yang Xuan.” Feng Bo was uncomfortable in his heart by Tang Junhe’s glance but that did not stop him from continuing his lie, “You honestly don’t think there’s nothing going on between those two, do you? Don’t look at Brother Xuan on the surface like that ah, that is called playing hard to get, okay? Otherwise, why did Ying Hui agree to go to the temple of marriage as soon as he said so?”

    As soon as he heard this, the anxiety in Tang Junhe’s heart grew more and more restless—Yang Xuan has been out of his sight long enough. If it is really like what Feng Bo said, that Yang Xuan and Ying Hui went to the mountain, to that marriage temple, then… Tang Junhe with such thoughts propped up his hand on the ground to stand up and before he could fully stand, he ran towards the mountain road in a panic.

    Feng Bo did not get a response and was about to turn around and look at him with a provocative gaze. But he saw his expression clearly and was stunned for a moment—Tang Junhe’s complexion changed dramatically and he stood up without looking back and ran with all his might.

    “Hey!—” Feng Bo watched him running wildly with his legs, and subconsciously yelled out before coming back to his senses. He pulled a handful of grass from the ground and threw it out, cursing words one after another, “Fuck! You really have a crush on Ying Hui, huh? Tsk, what’s born out of a mistress is also a mistress.”

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