The two shared their breakfast and walked to the study.

    Zhang Man spread out the exercise set and prepared a pen and paper, intending to do a time-limited practice exam.

    Before she started, she reminded him of their agreement: “Li Wei, no kissing while studying on the desk, okay?”

    It cannot interfere with her solving the problems.

    “Mm.” The youth turned his face away from her reluctantly and flipped open a thick stack of papers.

    The additional questions on this exam will be more advanced than all the previous big questions, and the content exceeds what they have learned so far, approaching the level of the physics competition preliminaries.

    Zhang Man is buried in a mechanical analysis of the problem, and quickly finds the key to the solution between the hinged wooden rod, the conveyor belt and the stacked three or four wooden blocks. She outlined a slip of Newton’s second law, angular momentum, torque and kinetic energy theorem equations.

    She finished one and glanced at her watch.

    Nice. Less than eight minutes have passed yet, she had no problem doing seven or eight big questions within an hour.

    The room was quiet, and the warm sunlight of the early winter morning shone unstintingly in from the large floor-to-ceiling windows, hitting the two people engrossed in their studies.

    Li Wei looked at the papers that he hadn’t finished reading yet two days ago. It shows that several theoretical physics scientists from the University of California published a review of black strings and p-branes more than twenty years ago.

    Unlike the rapidly changing fields of computers and electronics, the basic framework of theoretical physics was in fact laid down almost decades ago, and there have been no huge breakthroughs or progress in recent years.

    In the 20th century, men with dynamic minds and talents offered untestable speculations about the nature of the world.  They have left the world with confusing and daring conjectures one after another, waiting for those who come after them to confirm or disprove them.

    The youth lowered his eyes and read through more than twenty pages of the review, finally putting down the paper after seeing the long list of References at the end.

    He turned his head and looked at the girl who was writing furiously on the side.

    When she’s serious, she likes to frown and puff out her cheeks slightly, without even noticing it herself. His eyes traveled down from her thick bangs, along the bridge of her upturned nose and down again, stopping at her slightly pouting lips.

    It was the same pinkish lips that he had dreamed about all night.

    This made his heart itch densely again.

    He hooked the corners of his lips, raised his hand, and accidentally threw the papers, which were full of notes and had already been committed to his mind, to the ground lightly.

    It landed right under Zhang Man’s chair.

    Under the respected title of the paper, the names of several well-known scientists are arranged in the shape of an inverted triangle, lying innocently on the cold floor.

    The youth raised his hand and poked Zhang Man’s arm with the end of the pen, “Man Man, can you pick it up for me?”

    “Uh-huh.” Zhang Man didn’t care too much and finished reading about the next question. While thinking in her mind, she moved her chair back and squatted down to pick up the pile of papers.

    However, the moment she squatted down to reach the paper with her hand and her body below the desk, the youth on the other side of the desk suddenly bent down and pressed her chin to kiss her over.

    Suddenly, catching off guard…

    He cupped her chin with his left hand, pressed the back of her head with his right, and kissed her eagerly.

    First time strangers, and second time friends… It took him a long time to comprehend it last time, but this time he made a move as soon as the opportunity arrived.

    Within a few seconds, Zhang Man began to pant, she was kissed silly by him, and was about to struggle, but the youth already removed himself from her slightly by a finger.

    With a boundless excitement and ambiguity in his eyes, the knot of his throat rolled up and down. He looked directly into her eyes so tenderly and impatiently, and explained softly, “It’s not on the desk.”

    His breath is hot.

    After saying that, he came over for another kiss.

    Zhang Man froze and was kissed in a daze before realizing that he was talking about the agreement she had just made a while ago.

    What he meant was that he didn’t break the rules.

    And it seems to make sense?

    With this kiss, which was too intoxicating, even a person with a more determined heart would surely melt into a puddle of water.

    Zhang Man agreed with his thoughts in her heart. She then gently hugged the youth’s shoulders and responded gently.

    In the quiet morning after the snow, behind the large floor-to-ceiling windows, under the wide mahogany desk, the girl sits helplessly on the floor, and the youth bends over and kisses obliviously.


    Zhang Man finally managed to find the time to finish the set of papers with difficulty.

    She flattened her mouth and glared at the culprit: “I was going to do two sets of papers today, but now I’ve only finished one, it’s all your fault!”

    As soon as the words left her mouth, the youth beside her laughed low and deep. He came over to take her hand curtly and touched the corner of her lips soothingly, his voice incomparably gentle: “Mm, I’m to blame.”

    That’s what he said, but the expression on his face was not the slightest bit apologetic, but rather delighted.

    He came up to her ear again. “Man Man, don’t worry. I’ll give you practice papers tomorrow. I finished the contest questions early, and they’re probably the same set of questions that will be used there, so I’m sure they’re not too far off.”

    Zhang Man then put down her heart, and counted it as him having a conscience.

    But the youth continued to pull her along again, saying something underhanded: “This will save us a lot of time to do other things.”

    He feels he has always made use of his time and sought efficiency.

    Zhang Man reacted, her face flushed red and she gasped, “No way! I have plenty of time to spare, why should I save it?!”

    She puffed out for a while before she remembered something and fished out a bright yellow paper charm from the inner pocket of her school bag.

    “Li Wei, my mother and Uncle Xu are getting married after the New Year. Uncle Xu’s mother went to the temple to ask for a few peace charms and gave my mother three, one for each of us! Here, this is for you, put it in a hidden corner of the house.”

    Yesterday, she heard Zhang Huifang say that originally Uncle Xu’s mother was only going to give two, but Uncle Xu asked her to give three.

    In Zhang Man’s hand rested the small peace charm as she looked seriously at the youth and bent her eyes. “You must put it away properly! This peace charm will surely bless you with a lifetime of peace and joy and free from any further pain and misfortune.”

    –This is also her greatest wish in this life.

    The youth was slightly stunned and solemnly accepted the paper charm.

    Materialism and superstition are sometimes not in conflict and even most of the outstanding scientists in Western history had their own fixed beliefs.

    Li Wei pinched the small paper charm in his hand, and somewhere in his heart, he felt warm.

    He used to have no fixed beliefs, but from now on he has one.

    It is this girl who solemnly handed him a peace charm in front of him, which can protect him for a lifetime.

    He moved up and kissed the corner of her lips, parting them at the first touch.

    Like a devout believer in worship.

    — At this moment, the two people who are completely engrossed in love do not have the slightest idea that the peace charm will bring forward all the conflicts and pains, before guarding the peace. And fate, in places they can’t see, will often be around the corner, hideously trying to return to its original place.

Translator’s Note:

Today, me and my family will celebrate my mother’s birthday~


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