PP Chapter 36.3

    After all was settled, the staff of the scenic spot let them go, and the thirty or so students walked towards the mountain, laughing and talking.

    Yang Xuan and Feng Bo walked faster and stayed in front. Tang Junhe walked with Li Li and Ding Wenying, a little behind, but always kept a distance that could see Yang Xuan.

    Originally Li Li picked Tang Junhe because of Yin Cong’s proposal together with his sense of responsibility as class monitor. But due to the rumors in the class that Tang Junhe’s mother is Vice Mayor Yang’s mistress, many people were curious and he wanted to take this opportunity to probe Tang Junhe as well.

    After walking for a while, Li Li and Ding Wenying were a little tired, the climbing speed slowed down, and they took the initiative to turn their heads to talk to Tang Junhe: “Yang Xuan is your brother, huh?”


    “With names like that, both a “Xuan” and a “He”, I could tell that your dad really has high expectations for you both.”

    Seeing that Tang Junhe did not answer, but frequently looked up to the front, Li Li asked again knowingly, “Since it’s your brother, why don’t you guys walk together?”

    Tang Junhe heard his hidden meaning and glanced at him coldly, “Didn’t you say you wanted me to come with you?”

    Li Li did not expect him to dump the pot on himself, froze for a moment and snickered, “Then you can go with them too.”

    He was thinking that this statement would definitely make Tang Junhe defeated, after all, Yang Xuan, Feng Bo and a few people would obviously not care about him. To his surprise, Tang Junhe didn’t show the reaction he expected, instead, he immediately accelerated his pace like a burden was lifted, and without looking back, he dropped the phrase “I’ll go first then” and rushed ahead.

    For Tang Junhe, he originally felt that Li Li and Ding Wenying walked a little slow, seeing the distance from Yang Xuan is getting farther and farther away, he was secretly a little anxious, and now that Li Li said so, he could follow him as he wished, falling only a few meters away from Yang Xuan to ensure that Yang Xuan was within his view.

    The group in front reached the camping site first before the sun went down, and did not rest long before leaping to collect their tents nearby.

    Tang Junhe also followed, and while waiting in line, he heard Ying Hui and Yin Cong discussing that Yinyuan temple in the front. Following the direction of their eyes, Tang Junhe turned his head to look over—due to the rain a few days ago, the road to the top of the mountain has been closed, but not too tightly, just between the two plastic cones pulled up a red banner, which reads: “Forbidden to go up the mountain, offenders are responsible for the consequences”, to serve as a warning.

    “It’s too simple,” said Ying Hui, turning her head to look at the banner, “People who want to go up there will go up as soon as they lift their legs.”

    “You want to go up there?” Yin Cong winked at her, pointed to Yang Xuan in front of her, and made a silent gesture, “With him?”

    Ying Hui smiled and reached out to give her a shove.

    Feng Bo heard them discussing the temple, turned his head and winked, “I heard it’s very spiritual, sister Hui.”

    Chen Hao on the side coolly added: “Feudal superstition. Be careful not to let the late Marx come out of the ground in the middle of the night to smack you.”

    As they were talking, the staff brought out a few tents. Yang Xuan, Feng Bo, Chen Hao, and Wangxin Chun will stay together and receive a tent for four people. When Yang Xuan rubbed shoulders with Tang Junhe, he was listening to Feng Bo talking excitedly about setting up the tent, and didn’t spare an ounce of energy to mind him.

    The tents of Yin Cong and Ying Hui were moved with the help of Chen Hao and Wangxin Chun. When Yin Cong turned around and saw Tang Junhe following behind, she turned around and asked him, “Aren’t you with Li Li and the others?”

    Tang Junhe said, “They’re going too slow.”

    “Then you go get your tent first,” Yin Cong suggested, “Wait, I’ll go with you to get it, it’s for three of you, right?”

    Tang Junhe nodded his head.

    The two walked to the location where the tent was taken, the staff in charge moved out a three-person tent, and Yin Cong lifted one side, saying, “I’ll carry it back with you.”

    “I can carry it myself.” Tang Junhe picked up the tent from the middle and walked somewhat strenuously to the camping area.

    He was bent on putting up the tent, and he studied it for a while without distractions, but because there was no manual, and it was the first time he came into contact with this thing, he was a little out of his depth. He turned his head in the direction of Yang Xuan, then walked over and stood silently to the side watching him set the tent up.

    Yang Xuan was skilled at setting up the tent, and most of the time, he only needed Feng Bo to do some basic work on the side. Feng Bo stepped on the edge of the inner tent, looking east and west idly.

    Yang Xuan took the tent poles across the frame and reminded Feng Bo, “Insert the other poles on that side into the frame.”

    “Oh,” Feng Bo responded without rushing into action and simply folded both hands around his mouth and shouted in the distance, “Oi! Did you find where to get the picnic tools?”

    “Found it,” Ying Hui’s voice came from afar, “it’s right there–“

    Seeing no movement from Feng Bo, Tang Junhe went over, squatted down to look at the poles, and then followed what Yang Xuan said, placing it into the frame.

    “Are you ready?” Yang Xuan urged on the opposite side.

    “Ah… What did you say this is for?” Feng Bo answered, and when he looked down, he saw that Tang Junhe was getting up near him, he frowned, “What are you doing here?”

    “The poles are all in place here.” Tang Junhe ignored him and said to Yang Xuan.

    Yang Xuan looked up and saw him. There’s a slight pause in his movements, but his expression didn’t show surprise, he just said, “Come over and help me fix this side.”

    Tang Junhe walked over and asked, “Where?”

    “Here,” Yang Xuan lifted his foot and stepped on the location that needed to be fixed, “step on it.”     Tang Junhe responded with an “Mm” and stepped on it.

Translator’s Note:

Now I know why that brat Li Li has “dark/black” on his name. Tsk tsk.

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