PP Chapter 36.2

    Before reaching the destination, Uncle Chen spoke again: “You two brought water? There is mineral water in the car, want to take a few bottles?”

    Yang Xuan answered “Brought it.”

    “Junhe?” Uncle Chen asked, turning his head sideways.

    Tang Junhe nodded and said, “Mm.” His gaze contained a vague expectation, this was his first time camping in the mountains, and he was especially excited about picnics and staying in tents.

    “Junhe hasn’t been there before, right?” Uncle Chen looked at him with a smile and asked.

    Tang Junhe nodded again, “Mm.”

    Uncle Chen found it somewhat amusing that the brothers who looked somewhat similar and seemed to have some common ground in their personalities looked worlds apart. The older one is nonchalant about everything, the younger one… although looks indifferent from time to time, there will occasionally be a look of innocence and curiosity from him that is different from his peers.

    The bus was parked at the agreed location, and Tang Junhe, carrying a heavy school bag, got on the bus after Yang Xuan.

    As soon as he saw Yang Xuan, Feng Bo’s spirit came up and shouted, “Brother Xuan sit here, us four will sleep in a tent at night!”

    Yang Xuan sat down and gave an indifferent “En”.

    Tang Junhe walked down the aisle between the two rows of seats and saw that all the seats around Yang Xuan were occupied, so he raised his chin and looked towards the back, and was about to walk over to an empty seat, when Yin Cong held up his arm under his eyes and beckoned, “Sit here with us, we’ve got a seat for you.”

    Yin Cong and Ying Hui sat behind Yang Xuan and Feng Bo, and the seat she gave to Tang Junhe was in the row next to them across the aisle. Tang Junhe looked down at the position where she put her school bag, and visually estimated that he could see Yang Xuan from this seat, so he nodded his head and said thanks.


    The students in the third class got on the bus one after another. As Ying Hui said the other day, except for a small number of students who couldn’t come, most of them had a positive attitude towards this camping trip. After all, in the past, class parties were held in restaurants or KTVs, so there was no way to be open and wild, but this time there was no one to control them in the mountains, so they thought it would be a different kind of wilderness experience.

    Before departure began, the people on the bus had already blown up over the topic of who was sleeping in a tent with whom at night. The solidity and fragility of friendship is exposed at this time, a few people with good relations naturally huddle, leaving a few people who are left alone in a more awkward situation.

    Tang Junhe was one of those few who hadn’t made a decision yet, but unlike them, he didn’t feel embarrassed. If he could not stay with Yang Xuan, he could stay with anyone, and if there’s a slim chance, he can also stay by himself. No matter the result, it was evident that Yang Xuan would not stay with him.

    When everyone arrived, the class leader counted the number of people who had signed up before they set off.

    The conversation about living in a tent had come to an end, and the few people who had been left alone naturally chose to pair up and team up, temporarily developing a close friendship.

    Tang Junhe pulled on his hood and was about to sleep against the back seat when someone came up next to him and tapped him on the shoulder. When he turned around, he saw that the class leader Li Li wanted to talk to him, so he took off his hood and looked at him.

    “Why don’t you come with us?” Li Li is a fair and gentle boy, and an absolute good student in the teacher’s eyes. Before Tang Junhe transferred to the third class, the top position in the class was always occupied by him. He pointed to himself and the physics class representative next to him, Ding Wenying, “The three of us will stay together and find a three-person tent when the time comes, is that alright with you?”

    Tang Junhe looked at him and nodded.

    Li Li smiled at him, “Then after you get out of the bus, you follow us.”

    The bus initially drove through the traffic congestion in the city center, swaying and stopping. It took half an hour for it to break free from the traffic and get on the highway. The bus went faster, and many people closed the window next to them to keep the wind out and fell asleep against their seats.

    Shortly, however, the majority of people in the bus fell asleep, leaving a few spirited people chatting in whispers, their voices hidden in the hum of a speeding vehicle.

    It took about two hours to drive the bus to its destination. The people on the bus had all woken up and came down in twos and threes, standing in place waiting for several leaders to come up and deal with the staff of the scenic spot.

    The staff handed the tickets to Feng Bo, and raised his voice and said to the people behind him: “The other day it rained, so pay attention to the steps, do not walk indiscriminately for it may be dangerous. Do not proceed onwards when you reach the camping place. The road above is all gravel, you can go up on a sunny day, but you must not take risks in this weather, do you hear me clearly, students?”

    The students, who had slept well on the way, nodded their heads and replied in a long, unanimous voice, “Loud and clear—”

    The man looked at a few more lead students and cautioned, “Please don’t go up there, no one can be held responsible if something happens.”

    Yin Cong interjected with her head tilted, “Such a pity, I heard that you can pray in that temple at the top of the mountain, is it true?”

    Feng Bo turned around and mocked, “What do you want to pray for? A hundred years of good fortune or an auspicious pregnancy?”

    Yin Cong lifted her leg and kicked him: “Fuck! I pray to get into university, okay!”

    “It’s a Yinyuan Temple, OK?…” Feng Bo twisted his waist to avoid it and laughed, “It can’t help you get into university.”

    The staff member heard Yin Cong mention this, and hurriedly spoke out to stop her from this idea: “No matter what you pray for, don’t go up, safety first. Don’t do anything to cause trouble, you guys.”

    Yin Cong smiled and said, “Don’t worry, big brother, we are educated in materialism, we don’t believe in any ghosts and gods.”

Translator’s Note:

I feel like Yin Cong is really the best friend of Tang Junhe not Ying Hui lol

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