In mid-January, it was already late winter in N City.

    After almost a full week of snowstorm, it finally stopped at midnight today, with a foot and a half of snow on the eaves, car roofs and bushes…

    At the moment, the large city is in hibernation under the white snow.

    Next Monday is the school’s final exam. Zhang Man brought some physics exercises and planned to go to Li Wei’s house to study with him.

    She carried her school bag, went downstairs to buy two boxes of breakfast and went to the bus stop, feeling a little excited. It was the first time she’ll go to his house after coming back from Z City.

    Zhang Man wore a pair of thick snow boots that creaked on the snow.

    There has never been a winter where the whole world glowed like this one.

    She got on the bus stop to Li Wei’s house in a familiar way, thinking eagerly if it could go faster, and faster.

    Finally, half an hour later, bending over a rugged shoreline, his neighbourhood was just a short distance away.

    Before the bus arrived, Zhang Man saw the youth waiting for her at the stop sign, dressed in black and wearing much thinner clothing than those waiting next to the bus.

    He looked up at the direction of the bus and stood there in a regular manner, as if it were the highlight of the snowy landscape.

    At this time, Zhang Man heard the conversation of a few young girls standing around her.

    “Holy shit! Look, that guy under the stop sign is so handsome!”


    “Look over there, next to the older man in red.”

    “Ahhhhhh!!!  he really is so handsome!!!”

    As she listened to their chatter, pride grew in her heart—the youth she was in love with was the most wonderful person in the world.

    The bus slowly pulled up, and Zhang Man waved out the window.

    The moment the youth saw her, an expressionless face was immediately lit up, and he looked at her with hooked lips and a boundless smile in his eyes, cocking his head.

    Before the bus stopped, Zhang Man eagerly went down from the back door. The edge of the platform was icy and slippery, and she fell forward without looking, into the arms of the youth and was caught by him steadily.

    When he’s not around, she always walks very steadily on her own. But she always seems to have a near fall when he is present.

    — In fact, it’s not like there wasn’t ice when he wasn’t there, but it’s because he was there that she couldn’t be careful about everything.

    “Man Man.”

    The youth held her shoulders to keep her on her feet and took her hand again, interlocking their fingers as they walked towards his home.

    His winter jacket which is made of stiff denim was cold and hard, but Zhang Man did not care and raised her face on his arm and rubbed it affectionately, shaking his hand she asked, “Boyfriend, how long have you been waiting?”

    “Not long.”

    In fact, there are already 7 or 8 buses that passed him.

    Almost as soon as she texted him that she was leaving, he came downstairs. From her departure to his house, how can it take half an hour, but even if the brain calculates clearly, it can’t control the heart that wants to see her.

    After redecorating Li Wei’s house last time, it was much more cosy than before, and the curtains in the living room were replaced with tulle, so even with the curtains drawn, there was still bright sunlight shining in from outside. As soon as Zhang Man entered the door, she lay down on the large leather sofa in the living room, casually hugged a large pillow and rubbed contentedly on the back of the sofa.

    The youth went to the dining room and poured her a glass of water on the coffee table, walked to her side and sat down. Without saying a word, he pulled her over, cupped her chin and tried to kiss her.

    Earlier in the station, he wanted to kiss her but he held back until now because he was afraid she would be shy.

    But who knew that Zhang Man would raise her hands and cover his lips.

    “No, you can’t kiss.”

    She shook her head and set the breakfast on the table, “I’m here to study today, finals are in two days.”

    The final physics paper will have several additional big questions related to the competition selection, although she did not have too much pressure, she still had to brush up on the questions for a few days. This is the case with time-limited exams, besides testing whether the knowledge is good or not, one must also be tested whether he or she is proficient or not.

    Zhang Man thought and quietly blushed.

    This kiss from him… she probably will have to stop it again for a long, long time like that day in the hotel.

    An eager kiss from the youth landed on the back of her hand, his dark eyes flashed with a hint of reluctance, but seeing her firmly shake her head, he had no choice but to give her a gentle bite at the back of her hand.

    He is really helpless with her.

    Zhang Man saw him compromise and rewardingly came over and kissed his cheek: “Good boyfriend, eat your breakfast and let’s go study.”

Translator’s Note:

*Sighs* They’re sprinkling dog food again to this single dog _(:3」∠)_

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Diana Gregory

Dog food~~~ I don’t know how to feel about it but keep feeding me~~~


Aww sweet. One of my fav stories. Thank you!!


This single dog wants more dog food! Thanks for translating this story!!

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