PP Chapter 36.1

    The good thing is that although the first few days of the holidays have been showers, on the day of the camping, the overcast sky finally cleared.

    The night before, Tang Xiaonian was busy preparing the luggage for Tang Junhe, and it almost looked like Tang Junhe was going to travel around the world.

    “Bring some fruit, okay? Eat while riding in the car, don’t just eat snacks, you’ll overheat.”

    “Bring you some bread, and cookies. I don’t know if you can bake something edible for that picnic… a bunch of young students, there’s probably no one who can cook.”

    “And this thermos, I’ll fill it with hot water for you tomorrow, so you take it with you.” Tang Xiaonian pulled up the school bag, carried it, and muttered to herself, “Is it heavy?” And then beckoned Tang Junhe to come over, “Try to lift it, tell me if it’s heavy.”

    Tang Junhe walked over, and carried it, “Not heavy.”

    “Wear a jacket tomorrow, it’s cold at night,” Tang Xiaonian finished, and was about to go to Tang Junhe’s room to find him a jacket when she remembered something else and turned back to Yang Chengchuan who was sitting on the sofa, “With so many things, why don’t we ask the driver to send them tomorrow?”

    Yang Chengchuan nodded, “I’ll talk to Lao Chenshuo later. You don’t have to get so worked up about these things, the children can clean up on their own.”

    For Yang Xuan, Yang Chengchuan has always practiced the “Inaction” approach in raising his eldest son. Although the eldest son was not as good as he had hoped, he was still very uncomfortable with the way Tang Xiaonian had to do everything in regards to Tang Junhe’s education.

    The next morning, several people were still eating breakfast when Yang Chengchuan’s driver arrived downstairs early.

    “In a moment, Yang Xuan and Junhe will take your Uncle Chen’s car to go,” Before leaving, Yang Chengchuan couldn’t rest assured so he also gave a few words of advice. “It rained the other day, so the road on the mountain is slippery. Don’t stray too far and be sensible of your surroundings. In any case, since you two have to stay outside for one night, you have to take care of each other, eat and stay together, especially Yang Xuan, take care of your little brother, you hear?”

    Yang Xuan remained silent and went back to his room after eating and carried his travel bag out.

    Yang Chengchuan sighed. Although on the surface, he always said that Tang Junhe knew more than Yang Xuan, but internally, he still felt that Yang Xuan was a little bit more attentive than Tang Junhe. Although Yang Xuan often disappears for several days without a word of greeting, he will return after a while, so for the busy official Yang Chengchuan, in addition to the results, there is nothing too much for him to worry about his eldest son.

    Tang Junhe, carrying a bulging travel bag, followed Yang Xuan down the stairs. Two people walked out of the building, Yang Xuan pulled open the door of the front passenger seat and sat in, followed by Tang Junhe, who sat behind the driver.

    The driver was smoking outside the car when he saw them coming, and hurriedly put out his cigarette and sat down in the car. When he was about to start the car, he saw through the front mirror that Tang Xiaonian had chased them out.

    The driver backed up the car in the direction of Tang Xiaonian, stepped on the brakes, lowered the window, and asked while pushing the door: “What is it, saozi?”

    “It’s okay, don’t come down,” Tang Xiaonian reached her hand into the back side window and slipped a cell phone to Tang Junhe, “I knew you wouldn’t bring a cell phone with you. This was bought for you but you never bring it. Give me a call when you get to the top of the mountain, okay?”

    “Got it.” Tang Junhe unzipped his school bag and reluctantly shoved the phone into the gap.

    Tang Xiaonian watched the driver drive the car out of the neighborhood, and only then was relieved to go upstairs.

    The driver put the car window up, leaving only a slit, and said to Yang Xuan next to him, “Camping ah?”

    During middle school, Yang Xuan was always picked up by Uncle Chen, so he couldn’t say he wasn’t familiar with him and responded, “Yeah.”

    “It’s worth having a good time there, that place really has ambience.” said Uncle Chen, “Moreover, there’s no need for your father to worry too much since you’re going out together.”

    Yang Xuan did not speak, lowered his head to pull open the glove box, turned out a few CDs from it, pulled out one and put it into the car CD player, and then pressed the play button.

    Uncle Chen drove him for several years and naturally understood the meaning why he did so. It was a silent reminder that he did not want to talk right now.

Translator’s Note:

TX acts exactly like my mom when we have school trip.  _(:3 」∠)_

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