PP Chapter 34.3

    Tang Xiaonian is very sensitive and saw at a glance that her son was out of sorts. Through a few days of observation, she judged that this symptom of not thinking about food, seems to be lovesickness.

    My own son has fallen in love early? 

    Tang Xiaonian watched Tang Junhe like an enemy and interrogated him indirectly. “Is there a pretty girl in your class?”

    Tang Junhe perfunctorily said, “I don’t know.”

    “The last time I went to a parent-teacher meeting, I didn’t see any good-looking parents,” Tang Xiaonian continued to hit him sideways, “Besides, even if they look pretty they should also have good grades.”

    Tang Junhe was distracted: “Mmn.”

    If being soft doesn’t work, Tang Xiaonian will use a hard approach. “I won’t allow you to fall in love early, understand? It will have an impact on your grades. When you go to college later, I will not care who you like.”

    Tang Junhe was listless: “No one likes me anyway.”

    Tang Xiaonian just thought he was fooling her and didn’t let down her guard at all. In fact, when she was young, she had many suitors, and when she went out to eat, she would be accosted by talent scouts. Her son’s looks also drew on the merits of herself and Yang Chengchuan, and his grades were outstanding, so naturally, there were many young girls at school who would be attracted to him.

    Tang Xiaonian took it for granted, she didn’t even realize that Tang Junhe had experienced cold violence on campus and had blocked his social needs early on, and was aloof and cold to everyone. Most of the young girls who go to school are also reserved, and only a few people come forward to approach such a difficult person.

    She just felt that Tang Junhe’s introverted personality was all caused by Yang Chengchuan. The words of the expert on TV ten years ago had come true, Tang Junhe had grown up in an environment without a father and was really lacking in social skills, Tang Xiaonian thought with hatred.

    Finally, the start of the school year has finally arrived for Tang Junhe.

    The night before the holiday ended, Yang Xuan really came back. Tang Junhe was packing his bag for the next day and listening to the movement outside with his ears open, when Yang Chengchuan came knocking on the door. “Junhe, come over here. I want to talk to you two.”

    Tang Junhe walked to the study, pushed the door in, and saw Yang Xuan sitting on the edge of the sofa with his back to himself, crossing his two long legs while listening to Yang Chengchuan. He walked over and sat next to Yang Xuan, a small distance away from him.

    Both sons are extraordinary in appearance which should be an enviable thing, but Yang Chengchuan did not feel relieved at all. He felt a headache—these two sons, neither of them can ease his mind.

    “You’re going to be a senior this year. Isn’t it time for you to be sensible?” Yang Chengchuan was straightforward, “Yang Xuan’s problem remains the same. It’s not that he can’t learn, he just refuses to learn. “He looked at Yang Xuan, but Yang Xuan did not look at him, still the same bored and idle look.”

    “Of course, if you really refuse to learn, I have no choice but to send you abroad when the time comes. Even if your grandfather had struggled for half a lifetime, his ability is still there,” Yang Chengchuan was upset for a while, and didn’t bother to use his usual cultured tone as he spoke. If he didn’t, how can he relieve his anger? He continued, “But sending you abroad also needs passing IELTS and TOEFL scores. Don’t treat it this time as nothing. After sending you abroad, whatever it is you want to do when you graduate, it’s still all up to you.” 

    Apart from Yang Xuan, the other two in the room do not know whether he heard it or not, but Tang Junhe panicked. Yang Xuan is going abroad? Wouldn’t we be far apart then?

    “Junhe, you should help out your big brother if you can. You got good grades without me and your mom worrying about it. Attending a good college on your own is something to be proud of, both for me and your mom, and for yourself.” To Tang Junhe, Yang Chengchuan’s tone was a bit more restrained. “Of course, if you also want to go abroad, you can tell me. I’ll send you out to receive the best education in the world and expand your horizons. I think this road is also good.”

    Yang Chengchuan said this, but it did not put Tang Junhe’s mind at ease—he could not accept such financial support from Yang Chengchuan.

    Yang Chengchuan then said, “As for you two brothers… don’t worry about us elders. It’s only natural for us to help you. You two should also help each other.” He sighed. “In the future, after you get married and start a business, you will know that nothing is closer than family ties. So yeah, Yang Xuan won’t be living in accommodation this semester, so since you both don’t want the driver to pick you up, Yang Xuan, you can take your younger brother with you to and from school in the future, or tomorrow I’ll buy a bike for Junhe and you guys can go to school together?”

    Tang Junhe shook his head for a while.

    Yang Chengchuan mistakenly thought he was refusing to go to and from school with Yang Xuan, so he advised, “Going to school with your big brother is safer for you, if you encounter that kind of thing again last time, you two can…” 

    “I don’t want a bike,” said Tang Junhe, looking at him, “Yang Xuan can take me.”

    Yang Chengchuan was a little surprised, but since his youngest son said so, there was a desire to ease their relationship, so he gave an order to his oldest son, “Then Yang Xuan, since your brother said so, you will take him to and from school every day from now on.”

    Yang Xuan pulled the corners of his mouth at Yang Chengchuan and was noncommittal.

    As soon as Yang Chengchuan saw his refusal to listen to his advice, his anger came up again and reprimanded with a stern face, “Behave like an elder brother!”

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