PP Chapter 34.1

    Things got messed up and Tang Junhe panicked a little.

    He wasn’t afraid on the night before he intended to kill Zhou Lin, he wasn’t afraid on the way to be called by the police to make a statement, and he wasn’t afraid when he faced the man’s fist in the pool hall, but he was afraid of Yang Xuan’s sullen look just now. Like a fish lying on the chopping board waiting for the knife to fall, he was apprehensive and had no way back.

    He regretted his impulsiveness, but he didn’t know what was right— who else could he tell but his brother Yang Xuan about this? Telling his mother is not possible, Tang Xiaonian will go crazy, not only would she go crazy, she might even take some extreme actions. Tell his classmate Yin? She was warm and friendly and might help a little, but thinking about the cold violence he had experienced in school before, he couldn’t reveal such an unspeakable secret to a “classmate”. 

    Thinking about it, it seems that he could only tell this to Yang Xuan…his elder brother. Even after witnessing how close he came to becoming a murderer, even after ruining his promising future in the provincial team by stopping him, he didn’t feel a single ounce of prejudice or anger towards him. 

    It is true that Yang Xuan’s attitude toward him has always been indifferent, occasionally may also be mixed with threats and taunts, but for some reason, he was able to sense that beneath the appearance of indifference, Yang Xuan helplessness and tolerance for him is almost as strong as his trust in his brother Yang Xuan, to the point where he always relied on these feelings.

    Perhaps even he himself did not realize that what he gave to Yang Xuan in the gray dusk was not only a sharp fruit knife with a cold light, but also his heart, which is unworldly and full of sincerity.

    Tang Junhe was certain that even if something big happened, Yang Xuan would not leave him alone.

    What’s more, the last time he and Yang Xuan said that he was no different from Zhou Lin, Yang Xuan did not take it to heart while this time he said that he was actually more like Ying Hui, so perhaps Yang Xuan would be greatly relieved. Tang Junhe thought so without optimism.

    He intended to tell Yang Xuan about the stirring and wicked thoughts in his heart, hoping that he can help him to solve the problem—Yang Xuan knows everything, he can definitely help him. Even if he could not help, he could use it to test the attitude of Yang Xuan to him.

    But unexpectedly, Yang Xuan not only did not breathe a sigh of relief, but also did not intend to help him and instead, like his reverse scales were touched, he was instantly cold. Thinking of this, Tang Junhe clenched his palms and tried his best to suppress the uneasiness surging in his heart.

    Together with the apprehension, he was also somewhat secretly grateful. Fortunately, Yang Xuan’s anger came just in time, if he was as calm and collected as before, then it is likely that he would next tell Yang Xuan about his dream and then the occurrence from it…. If he said that thing out loud, then the consequences were really unimaginable, and Tang Junhe only then did feel some fear.

    Maybe an apology is in order? He thought uneasily, perhaps if he apologized, Yang Xuan would not be angry. After all, his gege would never leave him alone.

    Thinking this way, he felt that there was still room to turn things around and quickly made plans to go to the pool hall the next day to apologize to Yang Xuan. After rehearsing the lines in his head, he fell asleep.

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