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    Tang Junhe put on his slippers and walked toward Yang Xuan, holding a bottle of bruises spray—the small bottle Yang Xuan gave him last time, he looked at Yang Xuan in the dim light and whispered, “Let me spray this for you.”

    “Put it on the coffee table, I’ll use it later after I take a shower.” Yang Xuan changed his shoes, took a change of clothes from his room, and walked towards the bathroom, leaving Tang Junhe alone in the same place.

    The words are just for the sake of perfunctory, and it’s another matter if he remembers to spray the medicine after the shower later. Yang Xuan grew up fighting, minor injuries and bumps are commonplace, that spray bottle was something he bought six months ago when he accidentally broke his ankle playing basketball and has not been used for more than half a year.

    “A bruise and you have to be so concerned?” His half-brother was really spoiled growing up. Yang Xuan thought as he rushed to the shower.

    Yang Xuan has always been fast in the shower, he simply put on a T-shirt and shorts, and then pushed the door and walked out. As soon as he went out, he froze— Tang Junhe was sitting on the sofa behind the coffee table with the spray in his hand, waiting for him without saying a word, and stood up when he saw him.

    At that moment, Yang Xuan was unable to clearly describe what he was feeling. At most, it’s like being gently pricked by a fine needle at the tip of his heart, which tickled and hurt a little. At the same time he also felt a vague pain in his left arm, as if the man’s pounding on his arm at night had started to take effect only at this time. This is probably a psychological effect, he thought, after all, he had never felt any pain in a fight before.

    Yang Xuan rarely took the initiative to open his mouth, his tone is still flat: “Put it there, I will do it.”

    Tang Junhe grabbed the bottle of spray and stood up, looking at it periodically, “I’ll help you spray it, you… I remember you’re not too used to using your right hand.”

    Yang Xuan can think of a hundred taunting words, such as “You don’t need to use your dominant hand for things like spraying, and I’m not as delicate as you are”, but he didn’t say anything. Because he suddenly remembered the scene when he was a child, Tang Junhe helped him write Chinese characters, it was also the time they reached an “I would rather die than use it” deal on the matter of his left-handedness.

    “Then hurry up.” Yang Xuan feigned a tone of impatience, he did not know what attitude to use at this time to treat Tang Junhe more appropriately.

    Tang Junhe jumped up, almost jumping to lean next to Yang Xuan, he grabbed Yang Xuan’s wrist and, with the faint street light outside the window, tried to see the bruise clearly. But the light was too faint and even if he tried to open his eyes wide, he could only see the black outline of Yang Xuan’s arm.

    “It’s too dark,” Tang Junhe looked up at him and whispered his opinion, “Why don’t we go to my room, or your room?”

    Yang Xuan felt a little uncomfortable, Tang Junhe grabbed his wrist and got close to look closely, his warm breath swept up to him, giving him the illusion that they were intimate and the words he just uttered were steeped in intimacy mixed with a hint of ambiguity, making him feel indescribably strange.

    With a slight effort, he broke away from Tang Junhe’s hand, fumbled with the switch on the wall, and turned on the living room’s main light. That strange ambiguous feeling was illuminated by the strong incandescent light, which quickly disappeared without a trace, and only then he felt a little more normal.

    Perhaps he did not expect Yang Xuan to suddenly turn on the lights, or perhaps his eyes were used to the darkness and could not adapt to the blinding light, Tang Junhe’s eyes suddenly squinted, his eyelashes fluttered a few times, and he reached out and rubbed them before fully adapting to the light in the living room. He looked up at the ceiling lights, and could not help but glance at the room of Tang Xiaonian and Yang Chengchuan. He seemed a little nervous, but after trying to think of something to say, he eventually did not say anything.

    Yang Xuan wondered why a mere spray of medicine would make such a solemn matter, he sat down on the sofa, trying his best to make it look as if he was not paying attention, urging, “It’s not dark anymore, hurry up.”

    Tang Junhe also followed and sat down, took the bottle and shook it, sprayed it twice on Yang Xuan’s arm, then stretched out his index finger, wiped it on the skin in a circle. He then grabbed Yang Xuan’s arm, lowered his head and blew it twice.

    That weird feeling came up again without missing a beat, and Yang Xuan put his arm away: “That’s enough.”

    Unexpectedly, Tang Junhe raised his head to look at him, narrowed his eyes and smiled a little, his eyes mixed with a hint of cunning like success.

    Yang Xuan was stunned for a moment, his mind abruptly flashing an idea— this seems to be the first time he saw his brother smile like this after growing up.

    When Tang Junhe smiled, his eyes were curved, the lashes at the end of his eyes were interlaced, and the gloom in his gaze was swept away, giving him a feeling of innocence. Yang Xuan suddenly wanted to reach out and touch his hair, “I wonder if the soft and smooth feel when he was a child has changed”, but the tips of his fingers moved slightly, and he held himself back.

    Tang Junhe fastened the cap of the spray and asked Yang Xuan something, “Why do you work in that billiard hall?”

    “Otherwise?” Yang Xuan glanced at him. He wanted to get up and go back to his room, but looking at Tang Junhe who did not seem to want to go back, he also did not move for a while.

    “I think it’s a little dangerous.” Tang Junhe held the spray, thought about it and spoke, “Moreover, it seems that underage people are not allowed in the bar, but they still hired you, is that not illegal?”

    Yang Xuan looked at his thoughtful appearance, somewhat wanting to laugh and asked rhetorically, “You want to report me?”

    “No,” Tang Junhe explained in a panic, “I was thinking that maybe you could do something else…”

    “Only you with such a face can be seen to be underage.” Yang Xuan did not give him the slightest respect, he leaned backwards and rested on the back of the sofa, loosening up a bit, “Do something else you say, will you find something for me?”

    Tang Junhe hesitated as if he had really thought about it, “I was thinking… How about you teach me how to play billiards? I can pay by the hour…”

    Tang Junhe wondered why Yang Xuan was working part-time—it was clear that he seemed to have everything and didn’t need to make money on his own at all. As early as when he first came to this home, Yang Chengchuan gave him a bank card, he was so generous to himself and naturally Yang Xuan will not be treated worse. But why does he keep doing a part-time job to make money? Tang Junhe thought, no matter what the reason is, Yang Xuan doing part-time work is certainly an attempt to make money.

    Hearing him say this, Yang Xuan really couldn’t help but let out a laugh: “How much is an hour?”

    “You say it…” Tang Junhe is a little embarrassed, “You should decide.”

    Yang Xuan asked meaningfully, “Aren’t you still carrying the IOU?”

    Tang Junhe’s face turned red and he stammered, “I-I-I was in a hurry to go out at night and didn’t bring any money…”

    Yang Xuan gave a low “hum”, as if he laughed again: “IOU to buy chocolate? How desperate is that?”

    “Not buying, but exchanging.” Tang Junhe is extremely stubborn about the word “exchange”.

    Yang Xuan raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “What’s the difference?”

    Tang Junhe looked at him and hesitated a few times before he made up his mind to tell the truth: “If we don’t exchange, she’ll give you the chocolate.”

    When Yang Xuan heard him say this, there was no reaction at first, and only a few moments later did his brow slowly wrinkle up to look at him, “What do you mean?”

    Tang Junhe lowered his eyelashes as if he had done something wrong and whispered, “You may be angry when you hear it, but… I just thought about it carefully, and what I said last time seems a bit wrong. I treat you, not quite the same as Zhou Lin treats me, but a bit like how Ying Hui treats you.”

    When these words came out, Yang Xuan’s calm emotions instantly exploded to a critical point, and he almost looked at Tang Junhe, his half-brother, with his eyebrows knitted in shock— Does he know what he was talking about? Rarely did he have the patience to sit down and ease the relationship with him yet he actually spoke out in such a shocking manner.  Last time he said something like feeling the same as Zhou Lin, but Yang Xuan only felt a little strange and did not take it to heart because he thought his brother was just stabbing himself with his words, but this time, he could not do the same ignorance again.

    Yang Xuan’s expression was completely cold, sizing him up and saying, “You’re crazy, right?”

    Unexpectedly, Tang Junhe himself acknowledges it as if he was distressed: “I think so too.”

    Yang Xuan could not tell whether he was having fun with himself or really struggling with this matter, only to feel that the things happening in front of him were quite absurd, leaving him with no idea what to say, and finally throwing out a simple and brutal sentence: “Don’t fuck with my head if you’re gay.”

    Tang Junhe could see that Yang Xuan was really angry and was at a loss for words, “I-I’m not… I’m not sure…”

    Yang Xuan stood up irritably, and was just about to lift his feet, when he remembered something; he took his wallet out of his pocket and threw the IOU to Tang Junhe: “The IOU is paid, so don’t go to the billiard hall in the future.” After saying that, he walked towards his room.

    Tang Junhe stood up immediately after, and was just about to rush up to pull Yang Xuan, when the door to Tang Xiaonian’s room was suddenly pushed open from the inside. 

    Tang Xiaonian slept very little tonight, full of thoughts of Yang Chengchuan looking down on herself after listening to the concert—A miserable Valentine’s night is really better than nothing but…

    Since his youth, Yang Chengchuan often reveals this sense of superiority from time to time to show off his literacy in front of Tang Xiaonian. But at that time, Yang Chengchuan’s appearance was handsome, even if the inside is rotten meat, the filthy smell is not so obvious. Now he has reached middle age, and is proud to be in a high position, he is always looking down on Tang Xiaonian on almost everything.

    Tang Xiaonian knew she was unable to finish her education, so she stifled her anger and did not say anything, but without letting it out, it kept festering in her chest. She tossed and turned until more than twelve o’clock, unable to sleep.

    Dazed, she seemed to hear someone talking in the living room, but couldn’t hear too well through a door, and raised her head to see that the living room had some light leaking in along the doorway.

    Feeling upset, she got out of bed and pushed the door to see Yang Xuan giving his son a scowl, and the look on his face was exactly just like Yang Chengchuan’s when he was young.

     “Still not sleeping?” Tang Xiaonian, with loose hair, turned her head to look at the closed door of Yang Xuan’s room, and came up to pull Tang Junhe’s arm and reprimanded him in a low voice, “What are you doing in the living room with him in the middle of the night?”

    “I got up to go to the toilet.” Tang Junhe lied.

    Tang Xiaonian obviously was not convinced: “Then why would he give you a scowl?”

    Tang Junhe had just made Yang Xuan angry, and at this point he said listlessly, “No, you’re looking at it wrong, Mom.”

    “I told you to stay away from him, but you do not listen,” Tang Xiaonian criticized, “He’s just like Yang Chengchuan, on the surface there is no fault, but in fact, they are bad to the root.”

    Tang Junhe lowered his eyebrows and said, “I’m going to bed.”

    Tang Xiaonian rubbed his hair not too gently: “Hurry up.”

    As he walked to the room, Tang Junhe thought that the one who was bad to the root seemed to be himself.

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