PP Chapter 32.4

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    “You really want to exchange with me ah?” Ying Hui laughed shyly, “Forget it. Just take it. It will be like my treat. Anyway, Yang Xuan did not intend to receive it so you can return that back to the bar.”

    “I said I would exchange it.” Tang Junhe insisted.

    “Then exchange it, why give it for free,” Feng Bo reached out to take it and said, “I received it for her, you two do not owe each other.” After saying this, he turned back to Ying Hui and said, “Let’s go, sister Hui, don’t hope for more.”

    Ying Hui reluctantly looked up at the billiard hall on the second floor with a “Mmm”, and then said to Tang Junhe, “Then we’re leaving, bye.”

    Tang Junhe nodded and also went in the other direction. It’s been two hours since he left home, and Tang Xiaonian will be home soon, so he has to get there before Tang Xiaonian does.

    While walking forward, Feng Bo frequently looked back at Tang Junhe and speculated, “Sister Hui, that boy doesn’t have a crush on you, right?”

    Ying Hui was immersed in the grief of rejection and sullenly said, “What?”

    “Why else would he exchange chocolates with you?” He took the box of wine heart chocolates and turned it over and over, “This stuff is not cheap.”

    Ying Hui denied his speculation: “If you have a crush on someone, you don’t exchange them, you give them away, okay?”

    “Sending words is too obvious, ah…” Feng Bo continued to give his own speculation to find reasons, “It doesn’t look like he has the guts to give away chocolates, so he can only use the guise of exchange.”

    Ying Hui said with a lack of interest, “No matter if it’s true or not, I’m not interested in having a relationship with his brother anyway.”

    Yang Xuan stayed at the bar until 11:00 p.m and changed shifts to get ready to leave work and go home and then suddenly was called by the bartender at the front desk: “Yang Xuan, your brother and you are also love rivals huh?”

    Yang Xuan was unsure: “Huh?”

    “I saw him buy a box of wine heart chocolates for Ying Hui,” the bartender grabbed one of the boxes at the front desk and shook it at him, “it’s not cheap.”

    Yang Xuan asked casually, “How much is it?”

    “578, the point is he didn’t bring any money you know,” said the bartender, pointing her finger at the credit book on the side, “and here’s an IOU.”

    Yang Xuan took the box of chocolates and looked at it, and after a moment said, “I’ll pay for him.”

    “What’s the deal?” The bartender laughed jokingly, “Your brother is your love interest?”

    Yang Xuan did not bother to explain to her, took out his wallet and said casually, “He’s free to like whoever he likes, I’m not robbing anyone from him.” He counted six hundred and gave them to the waiter at the front desk and said, “Sister Yi, help me write off the bill.”

    “I always envy people who have a brother when I was a child… alright, this bill is settled.” The bartender accepted the money and gave him back a hundred, “Alas, it is not easy for this little brother to earn money, so I will give you a discount.

    Yang Xuan did not say anything, took a look, folded up the IOU and stuffed it into his wallet.

    Out of the bar, Yang Xuan took a car home. The evening today is crowded, it’s 11:00 pm already but you can still see a lot of couples in pairs. Taxis were almost full of people, and Yang Xuan walked forward while looking at the roadside cars, walking for almost half an hour before he was able to find one.

    It was almost twelve o’clock when he arrived home, the whole building was quiet. Yang Xuan took the elevator upstairs, took out the key and unlocked the door, then pushed the door into the house. Changing shoes, the sound of a door opening came from behind him, which sounded particularly clear in the dark and silent room.

    Without turning around, Yang Xuan knew that the sound of the door opening was coming from Tang Junhe’s room.

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Eun Seo

I am curious for the next chapter.

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