PP Chapter 32.3

    Ying Hui didn’t expect that what was waiting for her would be such an indifferent answer and she was a bit stunned for a moment. When she came back to her senses, she was so aggrieved that she was almost in tears.

    Yang Xuan saw her with tears and patiently explained, “It has nothing to do with you, it’s my own problem. I’m sure you’re aware of my family’s situation.”

    “But, there will be a time for you to have a girlfriend and get married,” said Ying Hui, almost choking up, “I don’t believe you’ll be like this for the rest of your life.”

    Compared to her emotional state, Yang Xuan could almost be described as impersonal, and he calmly said, “Those things that come later will be discussed later.”

    The people passing by turned their heads towards them, and only then did Ying Hui realize that she was being a bit aggressive. She calmed down a bit before she whispered in a slightly petulant tone, “You have to take the chocolate. It’s so hard to buy.”

    Yang Xuan remained indifferent, “I don’t like chocolates.”

    Ying Hui insisted this time, “If you don’t take it, then I won’t take today’s rejection seriously.”

    Yang Xuan’s patience had run out, and just when he wanted to say “as you wish”, there came an abrupt and crisp voice from behind: “I like chocolates.”

    Ying Hui looked towards the source of that voice in some confusion and saw Tang Junhe looking at her, with an expression that didn’t look like he was joking.

    “Fuck! Why are you adding to the mess?!” Feng Bo straightened up from the trunk of the tree and was just about to reach out and slap him when he saw him walk over in the direction of Ying Hui.

    “Ah?” Ying Hui did not expect that the love chocolate she was about to give out would be cut off halfway, and froze, “Do you want to eat this?”

    Tang Junhe nodded towards her almost somewhat sincerely and asked again, “Is it okay? I want to switch with you.”

    As a face-con, Ying Hui has a good feeling about good-looking people, so even if she is not too happy with such an insensitive Tang Junhe, she can’t pull the face to be mean to him, plus she can see that Yang Xuan will never accept this box of chocolates, so she rolled her eyes and said in a different way: “You can have it then, treat it as if Yang Xuan gave it to you.”

    “It was you who gave it to me,” Tang Junhe said more seriously, “and it was me who wanted to exchange it with you.”

    “Oh…” Ying Hui failed to steal the concept, and could not retract the words of giving out chocolates, so she had to hand them to him and promised, “Okay, it’s for you, but you don’t have to make an exchange with me.”

    “No. I have to exchange it, hold on.” Tang Junhe took the chocolate and ran towards the bar.

    Ying Hui turned her head to look at Yang Xuan with some confusion: “What is he going to exchange with me ah?”

    “I don’t know, I am going up on duty, you guys should go home early.” Yang Xuan finished and also walked toward the bar.

    Walking inside the building, Yang Xuan saw Tang Junhe standing at the bar, saying something to the waiter while pointing at a row of delicate boxes at the front counter. Yang Xuan felt that his brother really did not follow the usual rules. He often could not even figure out what was going on in that person’s head.

    Yang Xuan withdrew his eyes and walked toward the second floor.

    Outside the bar, Feng Bo leaned over daintily, “Sister Hui, are you giving up this time?”

    “You shut up.” Ying Hui glared at him.

    Feng Bo shrugged and looked curiously at the bar again, “I say, do we really have to wait for him?”

    “Wait,” Ying Hui said indifferently, “I am quite curious what he will exchange with me.”

    After a few minutes, Tang Junhe pushed the door from the bar, with another exquisite box in his hand, Ying Hui recognized that it was the wine heart chocolates sold at the front desk of the bar when she was just waiting for Yang Xuan at the front desk for a couple of moments out of curiosity.

    The packaged wine heart chocolate is worth a lot of money. What Tang Junhe said just now about exchanging it with her turned out to be no joke.

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