PP Chapter 32.2

    As they were talking, Yang Xuan came down from upstairs and asked the manager on duty while going downstairs, “Brother Wen, what is it?”

    “Ying Hui is looking for you to come over,” the manager on duty raised his hand and patted Yang Xuan’s shoulder, “Go on, I’ll let Jiao keep an eye up there.”

    Ying Hui is the bar investor Xu’s cousin and no one in the entire bar staff does not know that she likes Yang Xuan. Since she came looking for Yang Xuan, Yang Xuan naturally does not have to continue to work this shift tonight.

    “I agreed to keep watch on the billiard hall before eleven o’clock,” Yang Xuan said, turning around to walk upstairs, “I will go up and switch back with Jiao.”

    “Don’t be like that man, please don’t make it difficult for me,” the duty manager was quick to take two steps forward, pulling him by the arm, “She is Xu’s cousin and you know how Eldest Xu speaks, do you want me to lose my job? Besides, Valentine’s Day or not, you’re still on duty so just enjoy it. I’ll deduct your wages if you don’t do your job…”

    The man spoke with a hint of lewdness in his eyes, and it was not difficult to guess what he was speculating about.

    Yang Xuan frowned, “She and I don’t have that kind of relationship.”

    “Yang Xuan!” A sweet female voice came from below the stairs at this time.

    The three of them looked down at the same time—Ying Hui came over at some point and was holding the stair railing with one hand, looking up towards them.

    “Come down first.” She raised her other hand, faced her palm downward and moved her fingers in a scratching motion with a look of anticipation, signaling Yang Xuan to come downstairs.

    “Brother Xuan,” Feng Bo also came over, gasping and leaning against the other side of the wall, “Sister Hui had to come, I couldn’t persuade her…” he said halfway through the sentence and saw Tang Junhe standing next to them. “Hey? How come he is also here?”

    “Come on, let’s go.” The manager on duty grabbed Yang Xuan’s arm and pulled him down the stairs without a word.

    Tang Junhe also followed them down the stairs.

    Yang Xuan came downstairs and said politely to Ying Hui, “What is it? I have to be on duty tonight.”

    “He’s not on duty, it’s cancelled.” The duty manager gave Ying Hui a handful of assists before he left.

    With her long hair draped over her shoulder, her face painted with delicate nude makeup, wearing a brightly colored dress, revealing her white and slender limbs, the moment Ying Hui appeared in the bar, she drew the customers in the hall to keep turning their heads to look over.

    The sound of people booming upstairs, the sound of loud electronic dance music next door, and the expectant and shy gaze of Ying Hui made Yang Xuan feel a little headache— he thought he had made it clear enough last time, but he did not expect that after a few months, Ying Hui would come back with renewed enthusiasm.

    “Let’s go out and talk.” Yang Xuan walked in front. As they passed the bar’s front counter, the bartender whistled an indirect whistle at them.

    Yang Xuan pushed open the door of the bar and walked out, until he walked to the shade of the opposite side of the road, and could hardly hear the faint sound of music in the bar, only then he stopped.

    “Hey, be sensible.” Feng Bo yanked Tang Junhe’s arm from behind, imploring him to stay away from them with him.

    But Tang Junhe, as if he had not heard, went over to stand next to Yang Xuan and waited with him for Ying Hui to speak.

    Feng Bo was furious and came over to grab Tang Junhe’s T-shirt and pulled him to the side.

    Tang Junhe was dragged to the side and stumbled a step, then reached out and pulled the T-shirt out from between Feng Bo’s fingers and looked at him coldly.

    Feng Bo impatiently scolded: “Fuck, someone else is making a confession yet here you are coming up as a light bulb. Just who do you think you are, huh?”

    “I’m his brother,” Tang Junhe countered, looking at him expressionlessly, “How about you, who do you think you are?”

    “You really have the nerve saying that,” Feng Bo mocked as he sized him up from head to toe, “You’re saying he’s your brother, but do you think he sees you the same way?”

    Tang Junhe sneered back without a single thought, “You are in no position to say that.”

    “Heh, you’re talking as if you not just Thirdy’s—”

    Halfway through the conversation, Yang Xuan suddenly turned his face sideways and spoke, “Feng Bo.” The voice was not high, but the meaning of the warning was obvious.

    Feng Bo immediately shut his mouth, and gave Tang Junhe a scowl.

    Over there to calm things down, Ying Hui from behind pulled out a long, exquisitely packaged black box, and handed it to Yang Xuan, “This is for you.”

    Seeing that Yang Xuan did not speak and did not reach out to pick it up, Ying Hui explained, “It’s chocolate, for you to eat.”

    Yang Xuan frowned slightly and looked sideways in another direction: “I thought I made it clear last time.”

    “Ah, yes,” Ying Hui, as if also aware of her abruptness, lowered her voice and whispered softly, “I was thinking that there might be a possibility in trying…”

    “There is no such possibility.” Yang Xuan bluntly refused, this time with a far less euphemistic attitude than the last time.

Translator’s Note:

Hi readers,

I was wondering if you guys reading this novel would be interested if I make advanced chapters? I’m planning to buy a new laptop as a goal for it and I would be delighted if I can make it possible with your help. As of now, I’ve finished my studies and have the time to translate but using my phone for it…is, well, uh so inconvenient. No worries though, I will still update on schedule during Mondays and Fridays. Lastly, thank you very much for reading this story. I hope you all are enjoying reading this as much as I did. 😀

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Thank u for you hard work. Even do my help is very small i hope we can help you a little bit.


Thank u sooo much for ur hardwork🥰


Yes I’m absolutely loving this book! Would love advanced chapters! Thanks again for your hard work ♥️


Thank you for your hard work!


This is making me dislike her. There’s nothing wrong with her liking him but going to his job where her cousin is his boss is just wrong. He already rejected her, if she doesn’t want to give up she can chase him at school or other places. Going to his job is annoying and kinda disrespectful

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