The tide rose and fell several times, and about half a day, or maybe a day, passed.

  The wind on the sea was gentle and the animals preferred the early summer breeze to the winter one.

  Of course, Oddis feels nothing about this, and if he had the choice, he would have chosen to stay in winter forever.

  In his memory, once such a gentle wind blows, it means that it will be more difficult to catch prey.

  But now, it’s like handling a butcher’s cleaver with ease.

  Oddis licked his paws and rested his other arm on the back of the polar bear cub, who was sleeping with his face buried on his chest.

  That’s the weirdest thing about this bear, surprisingly, he likes the warmth, both in winter and summer.

  It’s bizarre. 

  The current temperature is a little hot for Oddis, especially on his chest and belly which is like holding a small heater.

  But Oddis seemed to ignore the heat and continued to cuddle the sleeping bear, enjoying his time off after a long journey.

  About half an hour later, Qiao Qixi woke up for the second time, he opened his sleepy round eyes, yawned greatly, then got up again and stretched.

  He kicked his hind legs and felt that his sore muscles had recovered, as well as the fluffy fur on his body.

  Qiao Qixi feels like there should be a smell of the sun on top of his snowy white fluffy fur.

  In order to determine this fact, Qiao Qixi rubbed himself very scientifically to the side of Oddis, buried his face into the other party’s fur and sniffed hard, and indeed there was a smell of sunshine.

  There is also the unique smell of Oddis, a smell that heralds security, comfort, and dependence in Qiao Qixi’s heart, and smells wonderful to him.

  Oddis also stood up and stretched, they needed to get out of here as soon as possible, too long without food will affect the state of their migration to the south. It is not advisable to stretch out the journey for too long, especially with a polar bear cub.

  Seeing Oddis step towards the beach, Qiao Qixi immediately put on his own small bucket and at the same time, a bit regretful that the fur on his body that had just dried was going to get wet again.

  Sleepy-eyed polar cub went down to the sea and immediately perked up, keeping up with Oddis.

  In order to shorten the distance between the islands, sometimes they will swim through some reefs, the water below is full of seaweed, looking down from above is strange and scary.

  Those dark shadows come in wisps, and marine animals are in danger of getting caught up in it, so they were extra careful.

  Oddis, of course, will not let the seaweeds entangle the cub, he will use his huge body in front to open up the path, or bypass some of the more dangerous areas, even if those areas can reduce the distance.

  It is known that the sea will have some dark currents and whirlpools, if you are not careful near these traps, not to mention the polar bears, even whales are likely to be in danger.

  Generally speaking, polar bears do not have such dangerous areas in their routes, and they also avoid shark-infested areas.

  And yes, they also pick a day.

  If they smell a strong wind coming, they will not go down to the sea easily.

  This time of year, however, the seas of the Arctic Ocean will be relatively calm.

  It is not a bad time to travel.

  That’s why it’s not easy to be a polar bear, and it’s even harder to be a polar bear with cubs.

  Qiao Qixi, who swam several dozen kilometers in one breath, said to himself that it is not easy to be a cub. The second stage of the journey was already more than 50 kilometers, and before he reached the shore, he was already exhausted.

  After another period of perseverance, the polar bear cub had no choice but to make a wailing sound that drew the attention of the huge polar bear in front of him.

  Oddis, who hadn’t cared for Qiao Qixi in the past, immediately swam back at the sound and was seen diving under Qiao Qixi’s stomach and surfacing to hold the cub up.

  With the help of the buoyancy of the water, Qiao Qixi borrowed a portion of Oddis’s force and continued to swim forward. The difference with the previous is that this time he can paddle slowly and take a break every few minutes.

  This makes it less laborious.

  Compared with the first island where they rested, the second island is indeed a bit farther away, but this island has plants growing on it and a cluster of reefs on the beach, making it a relatively large island.

  Seeing a group of reefs, Qiao Qixi was overjoyed and began to think about what to eat from afar, although the food is not enough, it is better to relieve their hunger first.

  As expected, the island doesn’t have any large mammals for them to hunt. Only the seabirds that are always visible can wrap their bellies, provided they don’t mind.

  But seabirds are considered by polar bears to be the next best thing to food, and Oddis would not necessarily condescend to catch them, perhaps he would rather arrive at his destination hungry.

  But given that he was no longer a free bachelor, even though he was unwilling to do so, he still caught a seabird on the island and carried it to the polar bear cub that was picking oysters on the shore.

  Qiao Qixi looked at the bird for a while—closed his mouth, eyes full of suspicion and wanted to say to Oddis that he should eat this ugly thing himself…

  Oddis smartly identified Qiao Qixi’s meaning to “I won’t eat it”, and so he released the seabird because he didn’t want to eat it either.

  Eating seabirds also requires plucking the feathers, otherwise they will get stuck in the throat.

  Although it looks like a big bird, after plucking the feathers, there are only bones left with no meat.

  Oddis didn’t like it.

  It turns out that the seabird hadn’t been bitten to death yet. Qiao Qixi had to admire Oddis’s skill, and the seemingly rude Oddis, well, could be described as bold and careful.

  It is not that Oddis does not want to do the delicate work but sometimes he may just be lazy.

  One can’t help but wonder which tough mother bear brought out this bear, which really has a personality.

  “Are you an only child?” 

  According to various signs, Qiao Qixi speculated that Oddis should not be an only child and at least have siblings who grew up together around him.

  Because according to reason, Oddis only knew cubs needed care because he experienced it before.

  Then, Oddis’s siblings and mother… Are they still living in this area? And where have they scattered to?

  Qiao Qixi is suddenly curious about these questions, and it’s too bad that he can’t get accurate answers.

  Just like he couldn’t explain to Oddis that he was once a high achiever with a scholarship, “Awesome, right?”

  Things like scallops and oysters don’t provide a sense of satiety, but they do provide nutrition and allow for faster recovery of depleted energy.

  When Qiao Qixi concentrated on eating small snacks, Oddis, who was not willing to bother with it, ate some seaweed for the sake of his belly, and he was not even willing to go for a better taste and only ate large swaths of the easy-to-pick variety.

  His eyes glanced at a handful of purple seaweeds and remembered that Qiao Qixi loved this, so he took a handful in his mouth when he went back.

  Receiving the seaweeds, Qiao Qixi happily fed the other party two heaps of scallops meat, which seemed to be quite liked by Oddis, and were really the only shell seafood the other party could accept.

  The main reason is that the scallops here are large in size and taste good, sweet and juicy, and can be used to rehydrate.

  Oddis finished eating and licked his mouth, squinting his eyes with a look of intent that could be called enjoyment.

  But he only took a taste, and when Qiao Qixi tried to feed him again, he didn’t eat anymore and just rubbed Qiao Qixi’s head affectionately, letting Qiao Qixi eat it all by himself.



  The aerial footage came back with the big polar bear lazily sleeping on the shore while the polar bear cub stayed in the water, in the crevices of the reef, doing something unknown.

  : Hhhhhh, is it digging for seashells?

  : This image is like a big dumpling stuck in a stone crack.

  : Yes, Alexander is digging shells to eat. He even looks very skilled in this area. Just look at him feeding some of it to Odysseus! He looks so used to it! Ah, I’m so envious!

  : Why is Odysseus sleeping?  

  : It should be to replenish his strength, he occasionally had to carry Alexander swimming and it should be very hard for him.

  : Such a cute, poor and lucky two little sweethearts.

  : Thankfully, they have each other’s company, so even if it’s tough, we can see a bit of comfort.

  : I don’t know where Oddis chose the summer coast this time. It shouldn’t be too far away, right?

  Qiao Qixi thought the same thing, “it shouldn’t be too far away, right?”

  After two ocean marathons, he has been afraid that if he continues like this, his fat limbs will develop into solid muscles.

  When he imagined a polar bear with eight abs, Qiao Qixi hurriedly shook off his head —that image did not meet his aesthetic at all.

  Oddis indulged the polar bear cub in the crevice of the reef for most of the day, then went down and took the bear cub by its nape to the shore.

  They are going to sleep a little further away from the beach.

  What just happened on the reef can only be considered a snooze.

  Oddis chose a dry, elevated position with a good view of the surroundings.

  Sleeping with the bright sun on top is a common occurrence, and Qiao Qixi has forgotten what it feels like to be in the dark.

  Even everything in the past feels distant.

  Including their life in the rescue station, it all seemed like a dream.

  It was as if from the very beginning, he had lived on the boundless ocean and ice.

  This means that Qiao Qixi doesn’t hate his new life, and even likes it quite a bit.

  In the dream, he and Oddis arrived at the continent suitable for summer, where the temperature is around -10 degrees, and the highest temperature will reach 10 degrees, a scorching summer.

  All around, polar bears are roaring about the heat and from time to time will need to jump into the sea water to cool off.

  Qiao Qixi: …is it really that hot?

  In his opinion, it is still necessary to wear a cotton jacket when it is 10 degrees.

  Wait, there’s something wrong! 

  He suddenly thought of a problem: “He is still sleeping next to Oddis during this summer!”

  So does Oddis get hot?

  Thus he curiously went to ask Oddis, who then told him that it was hot.

  Apparently, 10 °C is a scorching heat for polar bears.

  Qiao Qixi asked again:  “Then why do you still sleep next to me?”

  Oddis thought about it and looked at him with round and deep dark eyes…

  When Qiao Qixi was about to get an answer, the sound of a flock of seabirds woke him up.

  The cub’s absurd dream is gone. There is no talking polar bear around but only the realistic Oddis who follows his instincts in life.

  No, Qiao Qixi felt that Oddis was not following his instincts, at least in the matter of raising himself, the other side showed a very special character.

  Although he had not been up close and personal with other polar bears, Qiao Qixi was distinctly sure that Oddis was different.

  He hugged Oddis’s neck intimately and thought about the dream he just had, “Would Oddis be hot?”

  The other party in the dream said yes.

  Then why do they still sleep together?

  Dream Oddis has not answered because Qiao Qixi woke up and so, he decided to continue to pester the other party the next time he dreamed again for clarification.

  After a day, the two polar bears, who had fallen into a deep sleep, had a splendid time sleeping on the island.

  Then they continued on their journey to move south.

  When they were first released, they were sent to islands off the east coast of Greenland, and when the ice began to melt, they went a long way north to chase the last of the ice.

  The ground was full of ice and polar bears did not need to swim back and forth.

  Now that the ice has melted, they have to swim to get back to the coast of Greenland, where food is still plentiful, for the summer.

  Fortunately, there were excessive islands in between. After putting in hard work and effort for some time, the polar bears returned to the shore.  

  Oddis and Qiao Qixi also did the same. They swam and stopped, and although it was hard work, they also saw the light of victory.

  The continuous coastline that appeared in view finally gave rise to a sense of security as well as the motivation to step up.

  Is it finally here?  

  Before arriving at the destination, Qiao Qixi thought to himself, “This brother bear’s fat all went to the sea.”

  Oddis is still as steady as ever, no emotional change just because it’s almost there and even less because it’s almost there. Not to mention the fact that it’s almost time to slack off and let the cub swim alone.

  He took care of Qiao Qixi as usual, even more carefully, making sure there was no danger from here to the shore, before swimming over.

  At the moment of arrival on shore, Qiao Qixi dragged his fat body to the ground with a ragged breath, thinking, “I want to sleep for three days and three nights!”

  Don’t wake me up!

  Except for MEALS!

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Qiao Qixi being hold up by Oddis

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