PP Chapter 32.1

    The man’s fist was empty, and his anger grew even stronger, followed by another fist swinging toward Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan came over to stop them, not over to fight with the guests. He was unable to avoid it, so he could only raise his arm to block the man’s fist, leaving a muffled sound as their bones collided with each other, causing the onlookers to feel the pain.

    The holidays are a time of high accidents, and the bar had twice as many security guards on duty compared to weekdays, when the sound of a broken bottle and loud noise was heard, several guards quickly ran up from around the corner of the stairs to deal with the situation.

    “Hey! If you want to fight, go out!” The security guard in the lead pointed at the drunken few with an electric baton and came over with a loud, thick voice and yelled, “The cops are waiting downstairs, whoever fucking wants to go in and squat tonight, you guys go ahead and do it.”

    His body shape is big and thick, and his tone of voice is much rougher than Yang Xuan’s. With his voice, he yelled at several drunks who wanted to make a move.

    “Don’t fight,” the man who swung his fist was pulled by the arm of the woman with heavy makeup behind him, “You’ve had too much to drink…”

    The man shook off the woman’s hand and spat, “Fuck, bad luck!” And raised his hand and pointed at the man across him, “You fucking better watch out these days, I’m not done until I take off one of your legs!” After saying this, he took a few people behind him and pushed aside the people who came around to watch the fun, pulling his face and walking out of the billiard room in a foul smell of alcohol.

    When the ruckus subsided, the onlookers scattered, and the security guard who just spoke looked at Yang Xuan to ask, “Is everything okay?”

    “It’s okay.” Yang Xuan looked as normal, as if the punch just now didn’t hit him in the arm.

    “That’s good,” the man looked back at the stairway, laughing, “You kid, you are still too civilized. When you encounter this kind of trouble, just take the electric baton and drive them out.”

    “He has an arm injury.” Tang Junhe interjected at this point.

    It was only then that the guard saw Tang Junhe behind Yang Xuan and raised one eyebrow in surprise, looking at the strikingly beautiful boy.

    Tang Junhe reached out and held Yang Xuan’s wrist, grabbed it and moved it to the man, pointed to the place where the fist had hit and said, “It’s all bruised.”

    In the bar as a security guard, usually with drunken troublemaker fights, fist fight is a common thing and as long as there is no blood on the surface, no one will take it seriously. The security guard looked at Tang Junhe’s fussed expression and asked Yang Xuan with a smile, “Xuan, who is this?”

    Yang Xuan did not speak, and just collected his arm without moving too much, trying to avoid the hand of Tang Junhe holding his wrist.

    But instead of letting go of his hand, Tang Junhe grabbed it a little tighter and introduced himself, “I’m his brother.”

    “You have a brother?” The man was even more surprised, “I hadn’t heard of it before.”

    “Brother Jiao, can you take him downstairs?” there’s no fluctuation on Yang Xuan’s face; “it’s not safe today.”

    “Okay, then I’ll take him downstairs.” The security guard called “Jiao” by Yang Xuan had no problem raising his hand to take hold of Tang Junhe’s shoulder like he was his own little brother intimately, and bowed his head, “Let’s go, little bro?”

    “I’m not your brother,” Tang Junhe smelled the smell of smoke and sweat on him and coldly broke away from his arm, “and I’m not leaving.”

    “Yang Xuan is my brother, his brother is my brother,” Jiao’s heart is as big as his size and doesn’t mind Tang Junhe’s cold attitude and continues to joke about it, patting him on the back, “Let’s go, your brother’s fist is hard enough. If you stay, you’re dragging his feet.”

    Tang Junhe did not want to go downstairs with him, but his thin teenage body could not resist Jiao’s hard pull. He wanted to reach out and pull Yang Xuan’s arm again, but Yang Xuan turned around and walked in the direction of the windowsill.

    “Don’t worry about your brother,” Jiao held his shoulders and brought him towards the stairs, “your brother is working, you know? If something happens to you later, you’ll have to take care of—”

    “What’s going on here?” Jiao was halfway through his sentence when he was interrupted by a man who was walking towards the stairs.

    “Oh, this is Xuan’s younger brother,” Jiao explained, “There’s too much trouble today, so Yang Xuan asked me to take him down.”

    This man upstairs is the bar’s duty manager today, hearing him say so, he deliberately glanced towards Tang Junhe. “Yang Xuan and his brother, you say? …Anyways, Jiao, since you’re done, go replace Yang Xuan. Eldest Xu and his sister came over and Yang Xuan is probably unable to work this shift today because of Valentine’s Day…”

    “Fuck, how come there’s not a girl looking for me?” Jiao was a bit depressed, then said cheerfully, “All right, then I’ll go switch for him.” After saying that, he turned his head to Tang Junhe, ” you should also go back early, your brother will spend the night with the miss. I guess there is no time to take care of you.” After saying that, he stepped up the stairs.

    “Miss?” Tang Junhe asked the manager on duty.

    “Yang Xuan’s girlfriend.” The man said perfunctorily.

    “Yang Xuan doesn’t have a girlfriend.” Tang Junhe looked at him and corrected word for word.

    His tone was more serious, which caused the manager on duty to look at him again and smile: “Not now, but she will be soon.”

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Hi, sorry for the long delay. I managed to do the translation today on my phone so I immediately posted it here.

ps: I used my phone since my laptop is broken now. XD

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