PP Chapter 31.3

    After turning around, the charming sound of singing in the bar floated out. Today is Valentine’s Day, and the resident singer was singing love songs one after another.

    Before going up the stairs, Tang Junhe took a curious glance towards the bar on the first floor, where grown men and women sitting face to face seemed to be passing love out of the corner of their eyes. It turns out that whether you like someone or not, you can see through their eyes, this thought came to his mind, and then he could not help but think about the look on his face when he looked at Yang Xuan.

    “Will it be the same as those people’s eyes?” As he walked up the stairs he thought nervously, “So what I feel for Yang Xuan is love?” But they are relatives, half brothers from the same father.

    The billiard hall is much more lively than usual, each pool table is surrounded by a lot of people and Yang Xuan is still leaning against the windowsill. On days like this, he was called over to stop fights more instead, and the ones who needed more attention were those who would fight and cause trouble when they were drunk.

    Seeing Tang Junhe appear from the stairway, Yang Xuan’s eyebrows furrowed, “Why is he here at this time? How did his mother, Tang Xiaonian, let him out at night?”

    The row of plastic chairs had been filled with people and Tang Junhe could not find a place to sit down and instead walked in the direction of Yang Xuan. Yang Xuan stared at him, and there was some warning in his gaze.

    Tang Junhe came closer and seeing that he kept staring at him, he explained with a twinkle in his eyes, “I was a little bored at home alone, so, I thought I’d come and take a look.”

    Yang Xuan said coldly, “Go back, this is not the place for you.”

    “There is no such rule.” Tang Junhe stood next to him and retorted in a small voice.

    He stood very close to himself and was half a head shorter, Yang Xuan smelled the vapor coming from his undried hair and the smell of shampoo, mixed in with the dirty air was so fresh that it was out of place. He repeated it again and said in an aggravated tone, “I said, go back.”

    Tang Junhe was also stubborn and bit the bullet, “I’m not going back.”

    “If something happens, I won’t care about you.” Yang Xuan said almost threateningly.

    Tang Junhe, however, took this as a tacit agreement and nodded as if relieved, “Mmm.” There was even a hint of happiness in his tone.

    That familiar sense of irritation again along the nerve endings spilled up, Yang Xuan unconsciously tapped his fingers on the window sill one by one.

    Growing up, he had never encountered such a tricky thing. In the past, when he encountered things, he could either settle them with a hard fight, or he could fix them with a cold refusal.

    But this half-brother of his was different —cold threats were useless, cold eyes were useless, would beating him up hard help? Maybe, but thinking about the light scar on his head, the two lightly fluttering eyelashes, and the clenched fist like solid ice, he couldn’t really lay a hand on him.

    –That’s his half-brother.

    Tang Xiaonian’s intentions are so sinister that Yang Xuan could not help but guess that perhaps she planned to play such a game back then, calculating that the blood between them brothers could not be easily cut off, so she sent Tang Junhe to their home ten years ago and paved the way for a decade later.

    “Bang”, not far from the sound of breaking bottles, the sound of cursing and swearing immediately followed, Yang Xuan frowned and walked toward that restless table of a few people.

    A few people who were about to start a fight were red-faced and spewed profanity out of their mouths mixed with alcohol, one of them took an empty bottle and tried to smash it over another person’s head, but as soon as he raised his arm, Yang Xuan raised his hand and held it down.

    “Fuck, mind your own business.” The man turned his head to yell and curse, “Let go! Or I will beat you together!”

    “Go out and fight.” Yang Xuan said.

    “What did you say?” The man frowned impatiently.

    “I said, go out and fight. The billiard hall is not a place to fight.” Yang Xuan looked at the man and calmly said.

    “Fuck! What the hell are you telling him!!” The man on the other side picked up a bottle and smashed it against Yang Xuan’s head.

    Yang Xuan loosened the man’s arm, tilted his head to avoid the force of the bottle and just when he tried to reach out to block it, a pool cue reached over and hit the man’s arm heavily. The man was not prepared for a moment and shrank in pain, the bottle then fell and hit the ground, splitting into pieces.

    “Who the hell are you!?” The man looked at Tang Junhe, who was leaning over at some point and was holding a pool cue. The man waved his fist and was about to smash it into Tang Junhe’s face, but at the same time, Yang Xuan yanked the man’s fist behind him first, and the man’s fist barely grazed Yang Xuan’s right ear, with a harsh wind that made his ears ring for a moment.

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