PP Chapter 31.1

    Hearing him say so, Hui Zi really lifted his legs to go, and before leaving, he raised his hand and patted Yang Xuan’s shoulder to say, “Then I’m going, wish me luck.”

    Yang Xuan pinched his cigarette and watched as Hui Zi walked toward Tang Junhe, then Hui Zi looked down and said something to Tang Junhe. Tang Junhe’s gaze shifted away from Yang Xuan’s body and turned to Hui Zi.

    Yang Xuan saw his brother tilting his head to reveal the slightly convex Adam’s apple on his neck. His eyes were guarded and cold when he looked at Hui Zi, completely different from the kind that looked at him.

    Yang Xuan regretted it a little, maybe he shouldn’t have just said that.

    Hui Zi sat down, sitting on the plastic chair to the right of Tang Junhe and turned his head to smile and say something to him. The coldness on Tang Junhe’s face seems to have eased a bit, as he occasionally opens his mouth to say a few words.

    Yang Xuan felt that he might have underestimated Hui Zi—that man has always been mixed with those kinds of places, and his flirtation skills are so good that he might be able to conquer a minor who has never been involved in worldly affairs. An imperceptible hint of disgust passed between his eyebrows and his expression became somewhat gloomy.

    After a short while, Tang Junhe first got up and left, and before he left, he took a special glance in the direction of Yang Xuan. Seeing Yang Xuan staring at himself, he didn’t seem surprised, but instead puffed out his cheeks.

    As Tang Junhe left, Hui then also stood up and approached Yang Xuan, with a trace of frustration on his face. Yang Xuan’s irritation dispersed a little. He flicked his fingers with a long period of cigarette ash, and looked at Hui Zi expressionlessly.

    “Ugh, it didn’t work out.” Hui Zi stood next to him and also lit a cigarette and smoked it, “You know what he said to me?”

    Yang Xuan bit on his cigarette, and vaguely said an “hmm?” 

    “He said that the last person who asked him that was almost killed by him.” Hui Zi seemed to find this statement very new, lamenting depressingly, “Saying it quite like that, are all kids nowadays so feisty?”

    The corners of Yang Xuan’s mouth twitched, as if he had laughed, “What he said was true.”

    “Huh?” Hui Zi turned his head to look at him with a little disbelief, “Really? How do you know?”

    Yang Xuan faintly said, “I was present.”

    Hui Zi choked on his cigarette and coughed a few times: “You really know each other!? Don’t tell me you’re really his brother???” He stared closely at Yang Xuan’s face, and said, half confused, “But… seeing it closer, you two really look a bit like each other.”

    Yang Xuan did not respond, just looking at the first few tables playing billiards.

    “Hey, sorry buddy,” Hui Zi raised his hand to rub the back of his head and lowered his voice again to ask, “So what happened then, how come he failed to kill that person later?”

    “Later,” Yang Xuan said in a deep voice, “I beat the man up, so he(TJ) couldn’t kill him(ZL).”

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