After a while, Li Wei pushed open the bathroom door and came out.

    Zhang Man looked at him, and swallowed her saliva.

    The youth has just finished showering, his white skin is now slightly flushed, his eyebrows are condensed with some mist, and his black hair is dripping water. Although he was still wearing the same one just now, the whole feeling of the person changed instantly.

    Like someone who is too……comfy in home, almost like a big, wet dog.

    He came over with the towel he had just bought, wiping his hair, “Man Man, you go wash up too, I’ve put your towel in the bathroom.”

    Then, he lifted the covers, took the blanket he had just bought out of the bag and laid it on the sheets. He did it meticulously; the corners are made neat and flat for sleeping, clean and comfortable.

    “I’ll go later.”

    Zhang Man took out her phone and handed it to him, coughing awkwardly: “That…my mother said, let you give her a call now.”

    The youth obviously froze. The action of wiping the hair stopped and the water droplets at the top of his hair flowed downward, trickling down his collarbone into the collar.

    Zhang Man’s eyes followed the drops of water, blushing, she turned her face away from him, pushing the phone toward him.

    He smiled and shook his head, took the phone and sat next to her, handing her the towel: “Man Man, I’ll make a phone call and you can help me wipe my hair, is that okay?”

    Zhang Man nodded, sat closer, picked up the towel and gently wrapped it around his head, rubbing his hair back and forth.

    The youth opened her cell phone, called back, and soon got through.

    Zhang Man suddenly became a little nervous, wondering what Zhang Huifang would say to him—she always speaks rough and direct, uh…she would not come up and give him a bad scolding, right?

    Unfortunately, he didn’t turn on the speaker and turned the volume down, so she couldn’t hear it at all, making her anxious enough to scratch her heart out.

    “Hello Auntie……Mmm…Yes, I know……Alright.”

    The phone call lasted about a minute or so, and there were only a few short words on Li Wei’s side, so she couldn’t follow the meaning at all.

    Zhang Man, anxious in her heart, folded the edge of the towel slightly upward to reveal his eyes, “Li Wei, what did my mother say to you?”

    The youth’s dark eyes looked at her for a long time, without speaking.


    She tentatively changed her way of calling him.

    The youth’s eyes definitely carry a smile, yet still shake his head: “Well… I’m not telling you.”

    Zhang Man grinded her teeth and retaliated by rubbing the towel hard on his soft hair a few times to show her anger.


    When Zhang Man washed up, she was surprised to find that the youth had already spread a blanket in the narrow aisle between the bed and the window. He sat on the blanket against the wall and took his own jacket to cover himself— he actually planned to sleep on the floor.

    Originally she had been prepared for two people to sleep together. The bed is so large that two people sleeping on either side will not touch each other.

    The queen room is a queen room for a reason. In fact, she is not such a rigid person. For her, certain things are easy after the first step is taken.

    Besides, it’s not like they’re really going to do anything anyway.

    And, in her heart, she actually felt that she had taken advantage of him.

    The soundproofing of the hotel is by no means good, the violent snowstorm and the whistling wind outside the window can be heard clearly, Zhang Man walked up to him and took off her slippers and stepped on the blanket to try it out.

    The blanket is not thick, although folded twice, it still gives a tight pressure on the feet, as if the bottom of the feet is a cold hard floor, very uncomfortable. Moreover, this passage is close to the window where there is a little wind and as Zhang Man stood for a while, she felt the slightest bone-chilling coldness.

    “How can this work? Sleeping like this all night is no different from sleeping in the station.”

    The youth saw her frowning and thought she was afraid of the fierce snowstorm outside, so he soothingly took her hand and gently squeezed her palm: “Man Man, go to sleep, don’t be afraid, I’m by your side.”

    “No, Li Wei, you can sleep with me, sleeping on the floor like this is not comfortable.”

    Just after Zhang Man finished, she heard a slight chuckle from the youth, who raised his eyebrows slightly to look at her, with a bit of immodesty that he usually never has.

    She blushed and immediately changed her tone, “I mean, we sleep together in bed… you and me. We both sleep in bed…”

    She really wanted to bite her tongue off.

    The youth leaned against the wall, looking at her close at hand.

    The young girl’s long black soft hair was casually tied into a small ball and coiled on her head, with bangs pinned up with a clip, revealing a full forehead. She is very suitable for such a hairstyle, and her already delicate features look better in proportion.

    She just came out of the shower, wearing only the innermost bottom shirt. Her body is slim, the top two buttons are unbuttoned, and the collar reveals her delicate collarbone.

    Her small, slightly red face was tinged with a deeper shade of blood because of shyness, like a faint pink coming out of a white jade, and her lips pouted slightly in chagrin, which was particularly attractive.

    His heart started beating just as hard again with a slight pain and panic as it did when he embraced her previously, and just as it did when he looked at her smile at the door, completely out of control.

    He was somewhat confused.

    Why in the world would there exist such a girl, whether she is smiling or laughing, can pull the tip of his heart and control his brain.

    Li Wei’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down, his eyes darkened slightly, and he took her hand with a gentle force, pulling her down to sit on the blanket.

    Zhang Man let out a soft cry and nearly fell down.

    The youth steadily picked the person up, held her in one arm, and quietly looked into her eyes.

    Her waist is particularly thin, especially now in a thin clothing, making him feel as if he has a full grip.

    Closer, he could smell the faint scent of the body wash on her, knowing that he himself had just taken a shower too, but all he could smell was hers. His entire perception was multiplied with great weight when it came to her.

    The youth’s eyes moved from her eyes to her lips.

    He thought of that darn dolphin in the afternoon.

    –He hadn’t even been treated like that.

    His heart had surged with strong regret at that time as to why he had not acted earlier and was instead preempted by it.

    However, it’s not too late.


    Zhang Man fell into his arms, and saw him staring straight at her, she feels that the atmosphere was simply ambiguous to the extreme, and although she can hear the sound of the wind and snow outside, the “whirring” sound of the air conditioner operating, and the sound of the water running in the bathroom.

    All she could think about, however, was her own heartbeat, which was more violent than the next.

    She involuntarily swallowed nervously, braced herself to bravely meet his eyes, and after a few moments found that the youth’s eyes were slowly going down.

    In the small room, the cramped aisle, on the thin blanket, he held her tightly, his eyes moved down and finally stopped at the corner of her lips…

    In this situation, even if there is no experience, she felt that the next thing should be……

    Zhang Man nervously grabbed the blanket, not knowing what to do, there was a voice inside her heart, fervently shouting for a kiss.

    She had wanted to kiss him for a long time.

    But she has always been this way, sullen at best and full of inner drama again, even if her heart had already thought of whether their child would be a boy or a girl in the future since falling in love with him, she still lacked courage in her behavior.

    As if her body was not her own, she darted her eyes open nervously, staring at the window behind him as if she had found a savior.

    Well… the curtains were embroidered with a cluster of rustic red flowers, one of which was off the line, and the little bit of the sill was exposed in the middle, and the siding was a bit peeling, so it was really old.

    At this point, the youth, very softly, gave a laugh in her ear.

    He suddenly switched to putting one arm around her waist and reached out his right hand to gently cover her eyes.

    “Man Man, you have to pay attention next.”

    He said, tilting his head to find a good angle and cover it.


    Kissing, is the most direct way to express human feelings, is the innate instincts of all primates, but also the most heartwarming, heartbreaking part of romance.

    Zhang Man nervously closed her eyes, all her senses collected, and only her lips became extra sensitive at that point.

    She felt the youth slowly move closer to her, pausing very close to her lips.

    His breath spurted on the corner of her lips with a hot temperature, making her heart suddenly surge with boundless dull pain.

    His hand, which was confined to her waist, trembled slightly, but after a moment, he firmly brought her closer to him.

    At the same time, the youth gently and extremely slowly put his lips on hers, tenderly but firmly, without giving her the slightest possibility of retreat.

    When their lips meet, time seems to stand still.

    The human lips are full of sensitive nerve endings and the gentle touch of each other will be transmitted like strong electric signals to the brain. Like the rich poppy flower that gives a strong stimulation that makes the hearts of both people tremble violently.

    This feeling, which cannot be replaced by any other actions, is so pleasurable that it even makes the heart stop beating.

    Her lips were blocked and Zhang Man’s breathing stopped abruptly.

    She truly felt that the youth’s lips were soft and warm, and like his whole person, carried an indescribable tenderness.

    The bridge of his nose straightened against her face, so he slightly changed the angle and adjusted the kissing position.

    He pressed on for a while, and the restlessness in his heart came up again.

    Her lips were so fragrant and soft that they were still trembling slightly from the tension.

    This is not enough to keep him satisfied.

    …so the youth began to try to stop being still.

    He rubbed his lips against hers with some eagerness.

    “Yeah, that seems, well, better.”

    —It turns out that in this world, there is a deadly softness that transcends the rules of cold and hard physics.

    The youth’s breathing became cloudy and heavy, and his arms around her grew harder.

    He, who is usually firm and sensible, is now finally like an ordinary 16 or 17-year-old boy. In this kiss, his heartbeat is messed up and he becomes the most awkward and inexperienced beginner in the world.

    He can also have things that are difficult to control.


    Perhaps everyone’s memory of the first kiss is like this, as if it were a sweet and soft fruit candy, or a sweet and rich flower.

    However, for Zhang Man, it is more like a cup of mocha in winter—the taste is sweet as chocolate and cream, but a bitter espresso later on.

    After a period of intense sensations, the dull pain in her heart reached its peak.

    After so many years, she finally kissed the youth she had loved for two lifetimes, on a soft blanket, in his arms, on this snowy night.

    At this point, Zhang Man thought of an English word that she had read previously.

    “Crush” has two meanings, “compress” and “infatuation”. The word is subtle, and its two meanings fit together incredibly closely. It was as if a small stone was gently compressing your heart, hurting you so much that you cringe, yet still tolerate it and even want it more.  

    This youth that touches her heart and soul every moment brings her happiness and pain in everything that he does.

    — If time could be chosen to stay at a certain moment, she thought, she would like it to be now.

    Her eyes were already wet and she could not stop herself any longer.

    She reached out her hands, embraced him tightly, and kissed him back boldly, unrestrainedly and youthfully.

    The rubbing of lips against lips heats up the senses, and the two people use their most primitive way of expressing their feelings, as if to say a lifetime of thoughts and tenderness.

    Later, the two were not quite satisfied, and even began to gently nibble and lick. Breathing heavier, their lips tangled in each other was difficult to part with, not giving in to each other.

    The youth, being naturally intelligent, soon found the best way to relieve the knot in his heart—he wrapped his arms around her, his palms over her eyes, his lips licking and biting her lips greedily and frantically, he pried her lips open with familiarity and broke into her slightly trembling teeth, he even hooked her warm, soft tongue and never let go.

    There are no more scruples.

    Her taste, which was a million times sweeter than he had ever imagined, made him want to indulge in it forever.

    The youth, in this moment of confusion, thought that he had received the best birthday present in all his years.


    The first long and deep kiss ended under the crisis of Zhang Man’s lack of breath.

    She gently pushed him away, opened her mouth for a few moments to adjust her breathing, and closed her eyes nervously, not daring to look at him.

    The youth, however, took advantage of the gap and licked his lips, which still tasted of her, sweet and lovely.

    He lowered his eyes and looked at the girl in front of him.

    Her eyes were tightly closed and her eyelashes trembled slightly. Due to breathlessness, she could only open her mouth slightly for support, and her pale pink lips still had some moisture between them, looking a little softer than usual.

    Li Wei’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down again, and for the first time, he failed to comply with her wishes—he didn’t give her much time to adjust and resumed lowering his head.

    The second kiss began.

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