PP Chapter 30.3

    Looking over from Tang Junhe’s position, he could only see Yang Xuan’s angular side face, the slightly taut muscle line of his arms, and the occasional muscular waistline beneath his black T-shirt.

    Tang Junhe ate his ice cream, looked at Yang Xuan, and then looked at the billiard balls and peered at Yang Xuan’s side from head to toe, and wrote down all the rules that could be seen on the billiard table.

    When there were four or five billiard balls left on the table, five or six more people came around the corner, walked straight over and stood next to their pool table.

    Yang Xuan straightened up, glanced in that direction, and said to several people next to him, “Sorry Miss, I may not be able to do it.”

    “It’s okay, it’s okay,” the woman said, “it’s just a joke bet, how about you join us for dinner tonight?”

    “Your treat, huh?” Mohican-guy said coolly from the sidelines.

    “I’ll treat as I please.” The woman craned her neck to glance at him.

    “I have to be on duty at night, I can’t go.” Yang Xuan finished, placed the pool cue to the wall and walked toward another table.

    Passing by Tang Junhe, Yang Xuan swept a glance at him, with some warning in his gaze.

    Tang Junhe, however, deliberately pretended not to see it and concentrated on finishing the remaining bites of his ice cream, and then while Yang Xuan was talking to his guests, he went downstairs with the wrapper in his hand.

    When Yang Xuan finished entertaining guests, and then looked at the row of plastic chairs against the wall, there was no longer the figure of Tang Junhe.

    Perhaps it was only on the spur of the moment that he came over, Yang Xuan was inexplicably relieved.

    Most of the people who come to the billiard hall for fun are young gangsters with nothing to do, most of them are students from nearby vocational high schools, and sometimes some people drink too much, and inevitably will provoke and cause trouble. And his half-brother, seemingly naive and obedient, is in fact a constant source of trouble, and he does not want to be distracted from him at the time.

    But in the next few days, at about 4:00 p.m., Tang Junhe would appear at the corner of the stairs and then walk to the row of plastic chairs against the wall and sit down, eating ice cream while looking in the direction of Yang Xuan. Then he sat there for about half an hour, finished eating the ice cream in his hand, and would walk away without saying a word.

    Yang Xuan was looking at him a little annoyed. In particular, some of his acquaintances often let him play billiards on the table, being watched by that line of sight, he had to muster twelve minutes of concentration to fully focus.

    Maybe a verbal warning is in order. On the fourth day, Yang Xuan thought so.

    Unexpectedly, on the fifth day, Tang Junhe did not come, and again on the sixth day, Tang Junhe never came. Yang Xuan felt a bit strange, did his half-brother finally learn how to judge the situation?

    On the seventh day, however, Tang Junhe appeared on time again. Yang Xuan leaned on the windowsill and thought about it, and understood that – yesterday and the day before yesterday was the weekend, Tang Xiaonian was at home on leave, so naturally, and she would not easily let Tang Junhe go out.

    Yang Xuan was making up his mind and wanted to walk over to practice the idea of verbal warnings, when a familiar customer who came to play billiards almost every day came over and raised his hand to his shoulder and came close to his ear to say, “Hey, why is that little boy always looking at you?”

    This familiar customer is also a vocational high school student, seems to be called something like “Hui Zi”, no idea what he’s studying and in any case, from the appearance alone looks like a total player. He also has a vine tattoo on his arm and a varying number of earrings hanging from his left and right ears. Those who are usually around him are not only some dressed up girls, but sometimes there are also some boys who look thin and quiet.

    This “Hui Zi ” always plays billiards in the afternoon, and in the evening will go to the bar downstairs to drink. Almost every day, he gains a “new darling“.

    Yang Xuan smelled the heavy men’s perfume on him and was somewhat uncomfortable, but didn’t show it on the surface, and just said, “I don’t know.”

    “No way, you did not notice?” Hui Zi looked in the direction of Tang Junhe, and then turned his head to Yang Xuan and said, “Hey, you do not fancy him, do you?”

    “How is it even possible?” Yang Xuan pulled the corners of his mouth and gave a disbelieving smile.

    “What’s impossible?” he bumped Yang Xuan’s shoulder and whispered, “In fact, you can try it with men, it’s pretty cool, really.”

    Yang Xuan’s expression looked withdrawn. He touched a cigarette out of his pocket, lit it with a lighter and exhaled the smoke before saying coldly: “He is my younger brother.”

    “Huh? Do you also have a hobby of recognizing your brothers? I didn’t see that.” Hui Zi harrumphed a few times.

    Yang Xuan did not make a sound, turned his head and glanced at him, there was no joke in his eyes.

    Hui Zi froze for a moment, and then laughed dryly a few times before saying, “Don’t be like that, I just see that he looks pretty, thinking that if you’re not interested, I’ll ask to try, perhaps he will…… who can’t say, right?”

    Yang Xuan smoked a few puffs, thought about it and said, “If you want to ask to try, go ahead.”

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I can’t believe yang Xuan is letting another guy hit on tang junhe! My poor baby! Thanks for the chapter ♥️

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